Miva Merchant 10.00.03 Is Now Available
Posted by Wayne Smith on 04 November 2020 04:28 PM
Bugs Fixed

Bug ID        Component Description

MM-10048   Template Subsystem When multiple branches exist, assigning, unassigning and then reassigning an item to a page results in invalid template_id values in non-working branch page settings
MM-10164   Core Runtime Shadows Runtime: losing track of the current quantity in BASK screen
MM-10179   Module: stdschtasks Pre-Calculate Discount Prices task improperly calculates customer specific discounts and creates a large number of entries in sNN_DiscountSignatureXPriceGroup
MM-10180   Module: cmp-cssui-custfields Address Validation: Multiple address records being set when choosing a validated address and 'same as xxx' checked
MM-10186   Administrative Interface SQL error when viewing Business Account: orders tab.
MM-10187   Attribute Templates Inventory kit builder, batchlist does not display Binary attribute template options correctly.
MM-10189   Framework Import/Export Frameworks saved while in a non-primary branch cannot be applied.
MM-10190   Module: orderworkflow Order Workflows - JavaScript Error is preventing Update Button from Saving Changes
MM-10193   Module: marketplaces Amazon Marketplaces: Order shipment updates fail on Endicia tracking types
MM-10199   Module: cmp-cssui-prodlist Product List components are not implementing Point + Click settings with framework
MM-10201   Module: orderworkflow Order work flows, JS error when saving a workflow that does not set any conditions.
MM-10202   Module: square Square Token Refresh scheduled task causes empty payment credential update notification email to be sent.
MM-10205   JSON API Order Notes Created via the JSON API are not clickable in v10
MM-10206   Module: templatefeed Iterator template saves a serialized version of the iterator_template structure as its source
MM-10207   Module: templatefeed Changing to category or customer mode for templatefeed breaks the item for that page
MM-10210   Template Subsystem Original page template is blank when creating a store in MM10
MM-10222   Module: marketplaces Marketplaces: Amazon: Orders fail to import when using PostgreSQL
MM-10223   Module: readytheme ReadyTheme Function 'Load_Image' no longer works in Miva 10
MM-10225   Administrative Interface Transactions Batch List Date column is displaying the order date not the Transaction date
MM-10226   Template Subsystem JSON_ChangesetChangeList_Load_Query needs additonal tie breakers for the default sort
MM-10228   Patches mm9_placeholder.png is not included in the standalone patch.
MM-10238   Framework Import/Export Framework export will not export images if they're not in the Images table
MM-10266   Module: paypalcp Orders are created for declined transactions in some cases
MM-10293   Module: discount_saleprice Sale Price fails to assign product to price group when adding a sale price from the batch list
MM-10295   Module: discount_saleprice Sale Price custom field list query causes duplicate records in list when using subscription term discounts
MM-10304   Module: discount_saleprice Discount sale price should display rounded pricing values

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