Updated TaxJar Module (Version 1.0007) - Now Available
Posted by Wayne Smith on 27 April 2020 08:37 AM
A new TaxJar Module is now available to download.

Click Here to get it!

Version 1.0007

Released 4/24/2020


Order Items do not take into account whether or not they are cancelled


Version 1.0006

Released 1/14/2020

TaxJar Nexus Region region code should be optional always for international regions



Version 1.0005

Released 12/13/2019

New Features

  • Users can now manage their Nexus Regions within Miva Merchant by using the third Nexus Regions option: ‘Calculate Using Miva Merchant Configured Nexus Regions.
  • Using ‘Calculate Using Miva Merchant Configured Nexus Regions’ will send a list of Nexus Regions and allow usage of multiple international TaxJar Nexus regions
  • Users are now able to manually update their Nexus Regions using the button in the Nexus Regions batchlist, in addition to the old location in Utilities

Bugs Fixed

  • TAXJAR-40: Clear cached sales tax data when shipping method changes
  • TAXJAR-43: Support for Multiple International Nexus Regions
  • TAXJAR-44: Clear cached sales tax data when basket subtotal changes
  • TAXJAR-46: All tax categories are not being downloaded correctly
  • TAXJAR-51: TaxJar settings, Last updated fields get reset to Never after switching tabs.

Version 1.0004

Released 10/2/2019

Bugs Fixed

- recalculate taxes and update taxjar order can cause order subtotal to be incorrect.

- product_tax_code field is not correctly populated for inventoried variants.

- Rate call and taxjar insert/update don’t always get the same product tax code

Version 1.0003

Released 5/29/2019

Bugs Fixed

- incorrect customer parameter being passed for transactions

- Pass plugin parameter for tax and transaction API calls

Version 1.0002

Released 5/21/2019

Bugs Fixed

   30918: "Not authorized for route 'GET /v2/nexus/regions'" error with a valid production API token on new install

   30919: Product tax codes are not sent when creating TaxJar transactions

   30920: TaxJar customer IDs are not sent when creating TaxJar transactions

   30921: Transactions should be created regardless of nexus when "Automatically Create TaxJar Transactions" is enabled

   30923: Prefix transaction_ids with store code and order number

   32144: Instead of a new item, distribute discounts proportionally among

   32148: Track and transmit item-level sales tax to TaxJar when creating transactions

New Features

   30924: Feature Request: Configurable timeout and fallback rate calculation

   30922: Feature Request: Identify Marketplaces orders when creating transactions


Version: 1.001

Bugs Fixes

 - non-inventoried attributes don’t have the attribute price added to the call for tax calculation.

 - insert taxjar order from admin causes fatal error when product discounts are present.

 - Add the store's address to the Tax Jar Settings table

Version 1.000

Inital Release including functionality for:

- SmartCalc Real Time Tax Rates

- Trasnactions (pushing orders to TaxJar)

- Product Categories

- Nexus Locations

- Manually Updating or Deleting Transactions in TaxJar

- Historical Order Import (via Batch Report)

- Updating or Nexus locations and Product Categories

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