Miva Browser Verification is almost here - are you ready?
Posted by Wayne Smith on 06 August 2018 09:20 AM

Have you added email addresses for each of your users who log into Miva?

Browser verification is a new security feature designed to keep the data on your ecommerce site safe and secure. Existing Miva admin users will begin verifying their browsers with the release of Miva 9.11 on August 14. Communication by email is a crucial component to the process.


Steps to ensure you’re ready for Browser Verification are easy:

  • Add an email address to each user’s Miva account by August 14. (Users may also register their emails directly themselves.)
  • After the update is installed, all users will be required to go through the browser verification process. Each user will be prompted to enter a six-digit code that will be automatically delivered to the email on their account after they log in for the first time. If their account does not have an email address, the Domain email will be used as a fallback.
  • Whenever users log into Miva on a different browser, they’ll repeat the process.
  • Users won’t need to verify the browser again for a year or unless cookies are cleared.


Users who don’t have an email address (or can’t access the email account) on file won’t be able to log into the Miva platform after August 14. If a user without an email on file attempts to log in, the verification code will be sent to the email listed under Domain Settings as a fallback.


Avoid confusion – register all user emails today!




Looking for more information?

• Whats New Version 9.10

Browser Verification Guide


Important Note: If you use an external platform that authenticates to Miva via an API connection through a Miva user profile – for example, Synchro, ShipStation, Stone Edge, ShipWorks, Dynamic Order Export, etc. – please click here to be sent instructions on how to enable these users to continue to connect to Miva after the 9.11 update.

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