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Miva Merchant 9.07.01 has been released
Posted by Wayne Smith on 07 November 2017 02:09 PM

Miva Merchant 9.07.01 Release Notes


MMTextEditor Changes

  • MMTextEditor settings have been moved from the Settings tab of the Users screen to User Preferences:
    • mmtexteditor.richtext replaces the "Default to Rich Text Mode When Available" option
    • mmtexteditor.linenumbers replaces the "Line Numbers Visible By Default in Source Mode" option
    • mmtexteditor.spellcheck replaces the "Browser Level Spell Check Enabled (If Supported)" option
    • All of these preferences are Domain-level boolean values and can be added to a user's preferences on the Preferences tab of the Edit User screen
  • A new user preference, "mmtexteditor.enabled", allows the 9.07 rich text editor to be disabled completely on a per-user basis


 Other Changes

  • Facet values are no longer progressively loaded based on the selected values of higher priority facets. Instead, each facet is now queried with all other applied facets in effect.
  • The product list component no longer honors facet parameters or loads possible facet values unless the "facets" item is assigned to the page.

Bugs Fixed

25302: MMTextEditor: MMTextEditor: Background color, foreground color, and font size cannot be replaced in certain edge cases

25303: Attribute Templates: Attribute Templates: Products tab can take a long time to load

25304: MMTextEditor: Feature Request: MMTextEditor: Add ability to completely disable MMTextEditor and fall back to a generic HTML TextArea

25307: MMBatchList: MMBatchList: Sort By Ascending/Descending menus do not scroll when content overflows height of menu

25311: Scheduled Tasks: Resumed tasks that return an error enter infinite loop

25314: Administrative Interface: Setting Maxasynctasks =-1 causes runtime errors in admin and runtime

25416: Module: cmp-cssui-searchfield: Search value needs to be encoded

25426: Module: reviewbaskets: Typo in Delete Baskets button on Review Baskets batch list

25428: Search: Searching should split on spaces within the search value and search for each word individually

25429: Module: marketplaces: Remove the UTF8 byte order mark from the following files

25430: Database Layer: Sort operations should update appropriate lastmodified/cache_ver values

25432: Facets: Checkbox custom fields when used as facets should display the field value as 'Yes' instead of '1'

25433: Administrative Interface: New Payment Module column makes order list loading unbearably slow

25442: Wish Lists: Attributes are not displayed in the correct display order when viewed from wish lists

25443: Scheduled Tasks: ScheduledTasks_Spawn_AsynchronousTask should NOT wait for the async lockfile if the async task fails to spawn

25444: Module: templateorderemails: Abandoned cart emails get sent for empty baskets

25446: Module: mailchimp: MailChimp should be sent order datetimes

25448: Scheduled Tasks: ScheduledTasks_Spawn_AsynchronousTask should verify a store is open before executing any scheduled tasks

25451: Module: templateorderemails: Abandoned basket email scheduled task should be created by default.

25459: Core Runtime: Search field has two class attributes

25460: Module: mailchimp: MailChimp should be sent product image URLs

25461: Utility Library: Image_ResizeIntoBoundingBox honors non-integer width/height and results in an ever-growing list of sNN_GeneratedImages entries

25462: Administrative Interface: Canceled items do not get removed from order subtotal

25495: MMTextEditor: JavaScript error in FireFox when you undo to a completely empty mmtextarea

25505: MMTextEditor: Background color does not get applied if the last item in the selection is a blank newline (chrome and Firefox)

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