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Miva Merchant 9.11.00 is now available
Posted by Wayne Smith on 14 August 2018 12:02 PM

Miva Merchant 9.11.00 Release Notes


Other Changes

This patch enables browser verification for all administrative users.




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Miva Merchant 9.10.01 is now available
Posted by Wayne Smith on 16 July 2018 09:35 AM

Miva Merchant 9.10.01 Release Notes


Bugs Fixed

26925: Administrative Interface: Image_FindOrInsert_RenameFile_NoDuplicates needs to determine the image type before determining the image dimensions

26932: Administrative Interface: Rich text editor does not function when the Administrative interface is protected by HTTP authentication

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Miva Merchant 9.10.00 is now available
Posted by Wayne Smith on 10 July 2018 11:03 AM



New Features


Browser Verification

• When logging in from a new device/browser, a verification code will be emailed to the user. The user must enter this code to authenticate the browser they are using.


Default Groups

• New default groups have been created to make things easier for users.


Two-Factor Authentication

• Administrators and users with a developer license are now required to enable two-factor authentication. When logging in, if they do not have two-factor enabled, they will be directed to a new screen that forces them to enable two-factor authentication.

• Administrator users will have the option to reduce their privileges instead of enabling two-factor.

• Additional two-factor methods:

• YubiCloud

• WebAuthn/U2F support

• Backup tokens


Other Changes

User/Group Improvements

• Groups are now managed at the domain level instead of in each individual store.

• The Add Userdialog has been modified to make it easier to create non-administrator users.

• It is now (deliberately) more difficult to create an administrator user. Two-factor authentication must be enabled in order to give a user the administrator privilege.

• Removed the "create other users" privilege


Time-based One-time Password

• TOTP settings are now configurable only through provisioning

• Two-factor codes are now collected on a separate screen

• Domain-level two-factor enablement flag has been removed • User email and cellphone fields have been added


Subresource Integrity

• Output integrity and crossorigin attributes for all JavaScript in admin and many JavaScript files in clientside


Bugs Fixed

25202: Setup Script: Remove remove.mvc from distributions

26415: Module: customfields: Module: Custom Fields: Read_Product_ID/Code functions should support multi-text fields

26527: Module: customfields: Custom Fields: Add / edit product screen: Multi-text custom fields values are not saved between tab switches

26549: Core JSON: JSON_Image_Upload does not log successful uploads to the admin activity log

26550: Core JSON: JSON_ProductImage_Upload does not log successful uploads to the admin activity log

26551: Core JSON: JSON_Framework_Upload does not log successful uploads to the admin activity log

26552: Customers: Customers: Shipping / Billing Information screen is susceptible to stored cross site scripting

26553: Digital Downloads: Product: Digital Download Settings screen is susceptible to stored cross site scripting

26554: Administrative Interface: Forced Password Changes are not being logged in the admin activity log

26555: Module: stdschtasks: Module: Standard Scheduled Tasks: Add / edit scheduled task screen is susceptible to stored cross site scripting

26570: Customers: Customers: Address Add / Edit Dialog is susceptible to stored cross site scripting

26608: Administrative Interface: Upload of Digital Download files should check for the DDLS modify permission

26610: Digital Downloads: Digital Downloads: The upload button on the edit product screen should only show when the user has the DDLS modify privilege

26743: Module: ptbship: Editing a table to show a redundant ceiling does not display error

26744: Module: wtbship: Editing a table to show a redundant ceiling does not display error

26745: Module: canvat: Incorrect sorting on the Canadian VAT tab

26746: MMBatchList: MMBatchList: Record_Changed should take item as a parameter in order to determine the correct column

26779: Core JSON: JSON_ModuleList_Load_Query should not error when Module_Load_Features has no results

26878: Administrative Interface: License validation error screens have unencoded outputs




Two Factor Authentication -

Browser Verification -

User Groups -


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Miva Blog - How To Convert Your Entire Miva Store to HTTPS
Posted by Wayne Smith on 05 May 2016 10:18 AM

HTTPS has always been a core part of any ecommerce website. If you’re accepting personal information online, including credit cards, you must have an SSL Certificate to encrypt the data. Typically, a website was only served over securely (HTTPS) on Account and Checkout Pages. General shopping and browsing was done over unencrypted HTTP. Over the past couple of years, that is starting to change. Google now prefers the entire site to be served over HTTPS to protect the visitor. They are even giving sites that are all https a small ranking boost. 

While serving every page over HTTPS adds some additional server overhead and can cause the page to load slightly slower, the additional time should be unnoticeable to the visitor.

This tutorial will walk you through step by step how to convert your Miva store to be entirely served over HTTPS. While the actual implementation and changes are relatively simple, making sure everything is done correctly is extremely important. If done improperly there are negative customer experiences which can occur, such as getting insecure warnings on pages and negative SEO consequences which can damage your rankings – both of which you want to avoid.


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End of Life Software and Non Compliance Fee Change Updates
Posted by Wayne Smith on 06 May 2015 02:54 PM

As Miva has evolved, we’ve built a unique, hybrid Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that allows our customers to retain the control and independence of distributed software, while having the easy upgrades we’ve all come to expect from SaaS platforms. It’s time we refine and formalize our policies on when software is officially EOL (End of Life), and update our Non-Compliance Fee (NCF) policies accordingly.

Most Software-as-a-Service platforms don’t give you a choice when it comes to upgrades – you simply login one day and your platform has been upgraded for you, whether you like it or not, and whether it negatively impacts your business or not.

Miva has chosen a different path. While providing the type of seamless upgrades and updates people have come to expect from Software-as-a-Service, we don’t force you to upgrade before you’re ready. The downside to this path is that, often times, people will choose to run out-of-date software; and in this day and age, it’s simply not a wise, safe or prudent choice to run out-of-date software. 

We specifically created and use the Non-Compliance Fee program as an economic incentive program to encourage people to update their stores regularly.

For example, in my opinion, it is simply not safe to run any version of Miva Merchant prior to 5.5 Production Release 8 Update 7 (which was released on October 16, 2012, over two and a half years ago), yet we still have many customers who choose to run Miva Merchant 5.5 PR8 Update 6 or older (including people still running 2.x stores, which was released way back in 1999).

Going forward, Miva Merchant software will be considered EOL (End of Life) when either of these 2 circumstances are met:

1. Software has been officially Non-Compliant due to normal software releases, from the perspective of PCI software updates, for more than 12 Months. In other words, 15 months after the release of a new update, software will officially become EOL.


2. Software that is Non-Compliant due to a security release, from the perspective of PCI software updates, for more than 3 months. In other words, if we mark an update as a security-focused update, per the terms of PCI compliance, older software will be considered EOL 4 months after the security update is released.

What impact does Miva marking a product as End of Life have on you, the merchant?

First and foremost, it means we will not, under any circumstances, release a patch, update or upgrade for that version. The most common use cases would be either an API change by a provider (say for example USPS changes its rating API, we will not be releasing an updated USPS module to work on any EOL version of Miva Merchant).

Second, when there are system-level security changes (such as POODLE in 2014), we will not be releasing a patch or engine upgrade to keep EOL software fully operational on modern Operating Systems.

Non-Compliance Fee program changes:

Currently, we have a varied Non-Compliance Fee program that means you pay a different fee depending on if you’re hosted by a third party or directly with us; and, if you’re hosted with us, your fee varies based on the plan you have.

Going forward, we’re standardizing our Non-Compliance Fee program to a flat rate program. Your NCF will be $50 per month, if you’re running Non-Compliant but non-EOL’d software; or, it will be $100 per month, if you’re running Non-Compliant and EOL’d software.



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ReadyTheme Developer Videos
Posted by Wayne Smith on 27 October 2014 09:30 AM

For anyone looking to build ReadyThemes (or you just want to learn more about how the new ReadyThemes works) We just released 5 new developer videos which walk through the Base Developer Framework as well as a overview of the main ReadyTheme features and functionality

We'll be continuing to add new ReadyTheme videos however, if you have any areas you would like to see more video content (or written documentation) on let me know and I can add it to our queue.

Some other helpful links:

ReadyTheme Documentation -

Base ReadyTheme Framework -

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