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Knowledgebase : Miva Merchant Scripting FAQ

Title: Downloading, Installing and configuring Miva Script Compiler Solution: Instructions for installing and using the Miva Compiler on Windows. 1. Download the MivaMerchantScriptCompiler-v5.13.exe off our website at
Bugs Fixed ---------- 6411: 5.07 and newer assemblers generate MvLOCALIZED code that crashes 5.06 or older engines 6441: sha256 with openssl < 0.9.8 6449: Win32: file_read and [fs]time() create non-existent files 6454: 3.x Configuration causes segmenta...
Welcome to the robust world of the Miva Merchant templating language! This book is aimed at helping you learn more about Miva's Store Morph Technology and it's templating language. Miva Merchant, with STORE MORPH TECHNOLOGY (SMT), provides full c...
This is covered in our online documentation located here:
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