Posted by Wayne Smith on 09 July 2010 07:34 AM
This patch fixes several critical bugs affecting PR7 stores.

Bug Fixes:
  • #4740: Checkout by Amazon strips phone number from Miva Merchant order
  • #5489: When applying a framework, Customer Field settings are not reflected or updated
  • #5546: USPS not generating rates for Vietnam
  • #5547: Attribute template options cannot be sorted
  • #5551: PR7 update sets "available" column to 0 in converted OrderPayment records
  • #5553: Search for Country Under Store Name - runtime error
  • #5554: Amazon Doesn't Copy Address Line 2
  • #5557: Manage Orders showing "backordered" for line items, even with positive stock
  • #5560: Manage Orders - Inventory levels not "restocked" when an order canceled/deleted
  • #5561: Import from Flat File - Not Loading All Records
  • #5577: Text-Based Email Notification Module(s) - USPS Shipping confirmation emails (plain text) improperly display ®
  • #5582: MMUI View Order's tracking link does not contain a target="_blank" attribute
  • #5588: Chase using Authorize/Capture - s0x_OrderPayments 'available' field set to 0 instead of order amount
  • #5589: Google Checkout not returning international rates
  • #5591: SMTP output corruption with extremely long lines
  • #5594: Chase Payment Mod - AVS fails when Other State/Province > 2 characters (international)
  • #5598: UPS Label Printing - Select any "Pick Up" option instead of "Drop Off" causes error msg
  • #5602: All the export modules add 2 extra blank lines at the end of the file when emailing the results
  • #5605: Google Checkout returns free Shipping Methods if the shipping module failed to calculate rates.
  • #5607: Google Checkout fails to return shipping methods within the 10 second window on slower servers.
  • #5608: Google Checkout displays ® for the USPS shipping methods.
  • #5610: Checkout by Amazon incorrectly uses product price as weight if the basket item has options.
  • #5617: Canadian Tax - list different HST tax rate for each Canadian province
  • #5619: Manage Shipments: Clicking on "Tracking" to sort redirects to HTML index page
  • #5620: google checkout w/ CSSUI
  • #5622: Admin - warning message incorrect after too many failed login attempts
  • #5624: M5 counterpart to MIVAVM bug - Need work around Notification Server not working in admin
  • #5635: JSON: OrderItemList_Load queries do not properly calculate the "total" of OrderItems with options
Other Changes:
  • A new function, ShippingModule_Enabled_Methods( module var, methods var ) has been added to shipping modules implementing API version 5.61 or greater. This function returns all configured methods for the shipping module.
  • All Miva Merchant provided shipping modules have been updated to implement ShippingModule_Enabled_Methods().
  • A new function, ShippingMethodList_Load_Enabled( shipping_methods var ) has been added to lib/util.mvc. This function queries all installed shipping modules and builds a list of enabled methods. Modules of API version 5.61 are queried using ShippingModule_Enabled_Methods(). Older modules are queried by creating a dummy basket.
  • Modules which require a list of possible shipping methods, such as Checkout by Amazon and Google Checkout, now call ShippingMethodList_Load_Enabled for more reliable querying of enabled methods.
  • Google Checkout has been modified to improve performance to avoid callback timeouts.
  • The Canadian VAT module now allows per-province configuration of the HST rate.
  • A bug in the handling of the <Shipping> and <Billing> tags in the provisioning tag <CustomerFields_Update> has been fixed. The allowable values for this field are now "Defaults", "Optional", or "Hidden".
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