Production Release 7 Release Notes for RC3 (beta) users
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Wayne Smith on 05 March 2014 07:53 AM

Bug Fixes:

    • #5504: Confirmation Email modules need to register their feature changes with the store.


    • #5505: Import Products from Flat File is assigning zeros for price and weight when adding new products.


    • #5507: Frameworks don't export images when parallel to CSS files that reference them.


    • #5508: Sample URLs are being displayed as encoded attribute values.


    • #5509: Order deletion log message logs an entire serialized order.

    • #5510: Customer Batch Edit: Shipping Address Line 2 state is not retained when switching tabs.


    • #5511: merchdb.dat password key needs to be rotated and moved out of MMLSK-released files.


    • #5512: cmp-cssui-hdft: Table name conflict with cmp-mv-hdft.


    • #5513: cmp-cssui-head: Drops MMUI table sNN_GlobalHEAD on uninstall


    • #5514: cmp-cssui-head: Contains incorrect upgrade code.


    • #5515: cmp-cssui-html: Uses table name sNN_MMUI_HTML.


    • #5516: cmp-mv-attributemachine: ComponentModule_Render_Start uses non-standard JavaScript encoding.


    • #5517: prodexp: SQL Injection on g.FlatProduct_Export_LastProduct.


    • #5518: cswizard: Stores should be created using CSSUI.

    • #5519: mmui-uatr.mvt: Unwanted
      was added around product_attributes item reference.


    • #5520: cswizard: Informational text about the passphrase says 8 characters is the minimum length.


    • #5521: cswizard: Does not create SHIPMENT_PICKLIST.


    • #5522: cswizard: Does not register default frameworks.


    • #5523: cswizard: Does not set "framework" column in Stores.


    • #5524: cswizard: Creates encryption keys with empty passphrases.


    • #5525: is outputting un-encoded ampersands in link URLs.


    • #5526: MMUI UATM template contains inconsistent HTML input tags.

    • #5527: Unused
      and excessive whitespace on CSSUI AFCL template.


    • #5528: Redundant rules in cssui.css


    • #5529: MER-DBP-OSP-00002 error code is being used in two different functions.


    • #5533: Order shipment provisioning functions need more descriptive error messages.


    • #5534: Wombat RC2 did not create svship column in sNN_PayPal


    • #5535: Wombat RC2 did not create owship column in sNN_PayPalPro

Other Changes

    • Updates Production Version to 7 and sets Upgrade Stream to Production


    • Contains Upgrade Advisor changes from feature-upg-5

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