Miva Merchant 5.5 PR7 Release Candidate 3
Posted by Wayne Smith on 04 May 2010 08:27 AM
Release Notes

Detailed information about the Wombat beta may be found in the Miva Merchant Community Forum Click Here.

Bug Fixes:
  • #1220: Runtime >> Create Affiliate Account >> After an account is created, refreshing causes duplicate records
  • #4942: Need to update PayFlow Pro XMLPayRequest URL.
  • #4954: Google Checkout needs control over the Default Shipping Method
  • #4992: It's possible to create a circular category hierarchy in the admin
  • #5001: Attribute template options copied to to a product cannot be sorted
  • #5003: USPS trademark symbol should be changed from an ascii char to an entity
  • #5040: CSS UI: css directories and files have wrong permissions
  • #5050: Runtime error when applying MMUI/CSS framework to CSSUI
  • #5055: Affiliates are shown their logins inside an editable field on AFED
  • #5069: Default CSS framework (not CSSUI) strips Affiliate terms and link from ACED
  • #5090: PLMT "Back" button goes forward, not backwards
  • #5113: Item Dialog: Option autocomplete does not work for attribute templates
  • #5176: Runtime > Edit Affiliate > Payment Date is not formatted.
  • #5184: Runtime >> Affiliate Links is overwriting g.Affiliate
  • #5236: Customer Fields component uses insecure JavaScript source URL
  • #5260: Managed Orders >> Payment Modules that go offsite to capture transactions should not be available
  • #5277: Upsell_Product_Count field missing from multiple upsale templates
  • #5283: We need to update the frameworks before Wombat goes to production.
  • #5303: ampersand in shipping method causes Amazon Order to fail
  • #5365: Paypal Pay Later explanation link is wrong.
  • #5366: UPS is still using the old mmp.miva.com URL
  • #5367: We need to add Import Attribute Templates back to Flat File Product Import.
  • #5368: New GOOGLE_settings database columns not created in Wombat beta
  • #5371: setup.mv: Code which pre-populates UpgradeInstalledPatches was not merged from feature-upg-4
  • #5374: Inventory Variants filter select boxes show through any modal dialog window in IE6
  • #5375: PayPal Pro was missing the build_ident tag.
  • #5376: CSSUI Product List component not sending correct offset values
  • #5377: CSSUI Product List component not setting old g.Offset
  • #5378: Flat file import modules allow invalid email addresses for password recovery email field
  • #5379: Admin_Open_Store does not load any information about the UI module
  • #5380: Store_Open: g.Store_Framework_Inuse code is inefficient and inexact
  • #5381: WombatRC2 Upgrade - Address field does not turn red
  • #5382: Chase: Runtime error when processing orders through the Legacy Order Processing.
  • #5383: Newly created CSSUI stores get no default frameworks
  • #5384: MMUI Default templates (and default_fw) should include attributemachine references
  • #5387: No errors when submitting invalid values on MMUI Order History Lookup by Billing Information
  • #5388: Warning text contains " " sorting Products in Edit category
  • #5389: Order Total column for MMUI Order History List missing dollar sign
  • #5399: Images in CSS files not exported if the URL uses ./ or ../ relative locations
  • #5390: PayPal Website Payments Pro fails to install.
  • #5392: MMUI default_fw does not update PROD > Related Product List Layout
  • #5394: MMUI default_fw does not contain ORDH, ORDS, or ORHL pages
  • #5395: attributemachine: Possible load infinite loop
  • #5396: Wombat beta 8 (and potentially future patches) does not deploy setup.mvc correctly
  • #5397: css_fw does not contain order history pages or ACLN
  • #5398: Flat file import modules force log to either be emailed or saved
  • #5399: Images in CSS files not exported if the URL uses ./ or ../ relative locations
  • #5400: CSS files that do not contain url() declarations are exported as empty files when saving a framework
  • #5401: When saving a framework with multiple CSS files, contents are glued together
  • #5402: CSSUI: When logged in, "Order History" link in header links uses non-secure URL
  • #5403: cmp-mmui-vieworder: Configuration screen has useless "Advanced" and "Point + Click" links
  • #5405: attributemachine component is not assigned to all relevant pages when upgrading an MMUI store.
  • #5407: USPS Online Rate Calculation is allowing bolded fields to contain empty values
  • #5408: Fatal error when canceling application of a framework
  • #5410: CSSUI Design Your Look wizard contains runtime error on first step
  • #5411: CSSUI >> The footer on the Customer Login (LOGN) page is in the wrong place
  • #5414: CSSUI >> Lookup Order History page has the wrong title.
  • #5415: CSSUI Customer Fields default template fails to hide the address field when set to hidden
  • #5416: Order Encryption allows creation of keys with whitespace as prompts
  • #5417: CSSUI >> My Account (ACLN) page has an incomplete title.
  • #5418: CSSUI >> Invoice (INVC) page has an incomplete title.
  • #5419: Edit Store >> Maintenance Mode tab >> Warning and Maintenance Messages should be top aligned.
  • #5420: CSSUI >> Maintenance mode warning message does not appear on any pages.
  • #5421: MMUI Navigation Bar component's account link always points at LOGN on INVC
  • #5422: CSSUI >> Affiliate Login >> Invalid login error provides too much information.
  • #5424: CSSUI Product List component needs HTML formatting
  • #5425: upslabels: When Customer Supplied Package is selected, dimensions are required
  • #5426: MMUI: Inline CSS styles make tracking links invisible
  • #5428: Orders with all items backordered are shown as status "Pending"
  • #5429: HTML elements are off
  • #5430: CSSUI >> Not Found (NTFD) page has an incomplete title.
  • #5431: Manage Orders: Payment module authorization/capture errors are not decoded
  • #5432: Unable to delete rates from European VAT module
  • #5433: FedEx: Cannot assign/unassign methods
  • #5434: Upsale search returns no results
  • #5435: PayFlow Link fails to create orders (Wombat Beta 8 session management?)
  • #5436: CSSUI >> Upsell Missing Product Attributes Single (UATR) >> Missing text.
  • #5437: CSSUI >> Upsell Missing Product Attributes Multiple (UATM) >> Missing text.
  • #5438: CSSUI >> Inventory >> Product Out of Stock (POUT) screen displays the wrong title.
  • #5439: CSSUI >> Search (SRCH) page has the wrong title.
  • #5440: Back Order Confirmation HTML Email should not be a fulfillment module
  • #5441: Google Checkout takes shoppers to "Order has already been processed" screen.
  • #5444: USPS: Wizard configuration sets secure URL to an empty string
  • #5445: ToggleDetails.js outputting invalid JavaScript if billing or shipping is set to hidden
  • #5446: ToggleDetails.js not seeing billing/shipping as identical for auto-hide
  • #5447: cmp-mmui-custlink: "Welcome back" link goes to ACNT for newly created stores
  • #5448: cmp-mmui-navbar: "Account" link goes to ACLN for upgraded stores
  • #5449: MMUI: ORHL page is inaccessible for new installs
  • #5450: Saving a framework fails to save component images.
  • #5451: Need to add an exception to Module Validation for cssui.
  • #5454: Import Categories from Flat File META custom field data is not deleted when specified
  • #5455: Import Products from Flat File resets low and out of stock levels to "Default" when skipped
  • #5456: Export Attributes to XML File fails to output provisioning code in the update format
  • #5457: Customer, category, and order export modules do not validate the user-defined email address field
  • #5458: SEO settings functions aren't encoding ampersands when generating traditional links
  • #5459: MMUI Sitemap component has duplicate Miva Merchant footer link in its default template
  • #5460: Products with required attributes which contain colons (:) cannot be added to the basket
  • #5461: css_fw: ORHL page has broken header reference
  • #5462: css_fw: ORHL "Zip Code:" prompt for lookup form appears wrapped over two lines
  • #5463: LOGN, ORDL, AFCL and ORHL templates don't use the Login button item
  • #5464: css_fw: Missing component files
  • #5465: cmp-mmui-orderlist: Component does not reset to point + click mode from advanced mode via provisioning
  • #5466: CSSUI Category Tree component was never saving custom fields as assigned
  • #5467: CSSUI Product List component does not hide purchase buttons in expanded mode
  • #5469: "Update Customer Record With This Information" option needs to have a clear:both CSS rule
  • #5470: MMUI: Sitemap page doesn't support css_fw
  • #5471: Edit Product: Cannot assign an attribute template to a product if it has a colon (:) in its code
  • #5472: CSSUI Affiliates component's default template has the terms fields in the wrong place
  • #5473: setup.mv references support.smallbusiness.miva.com
  • #5474: CSSUI Product Display component outputs excessive whitespace in its template code
  • #5475: USPS Shipping Label fields should be bold faced.
  • #5476: Manage Orders > Add Items auto-complete is generating JavaScript error in IE 6.
  • #5477: MMUI Default Framework is not enabling the quantity purchased field.
  • #5478: Manage Orders: IE6 runtime error when viewing an order with payments.
  • #5479: prodexp - doesn't respect the delimiter choice in the header.
  • #5480: Fatal Error when Adding an Affiliate Payout for an individual Affiliate.
  • #5481: Generate Shipping Labels: Address dialog "Country" field defaults to Afghanistan
  • #5482: cusimpt: Does not validate customer login
  • #5483: Runtime >> CSSUI >> Edit Affiliate >> Link URL is an editable field.
  • #5484: cmp-cssui-buttons: Does not reset button code to "simple" mode when applying cssui_default_fw
  • #5485: Runtime >> CSSUI >> Search button in the global header is not rendered by the buttons component.
  • #5486: Unable to create a store after WB2 and fresh install
  • #5487: cssui-logn.mvt should be included in RC3.
  • #5488: cssui_default_fw is missing many template updates
  • #5490: prodimpt: If inventory is enabled for a store and you do not import inventory settings, error messages are logged
  • #5491: prodimpt: No error message if an invalid attribute temlpate code is specified
  • #5492: RC3 Should create the CSSUI Default Framework if it doesnt exist.
  • #5493: Upsell Batch Edit >> Enter key no longer works for the Search field.
  • #5494: Managed Orders >> Batch Edit >> Sorting the Customer Name column provides odd results.
  • #5495: Payment Configuration Wizard is displaying invalid characters
  • #5496: Export Customers to Flat File has static height defined for the custom field options
  • #5497: Import Products from Flat File log is outputting incorrect errors
  • #5498: We need to ensure that RC3 installs the relevant frameworks if they're missing.
  • #5499: cbamazon: Shipping Method descriptions use Amazon service levels instead of Merchant configured descriptions
  • #5500: Circular Category validation message has a spelling error.
  • #5501: cssui_ordl.mvt needs to be included in RC3.
  • #5502: Deleting Inventory Variants in IE6.0 is not functional.
Other Changes
  • cmp-mv-http-headers now supports provisioning
  • Two new functions have been added to cssui_seo.mv: SEOSettingsOrderHistory_URL() and SEOSettings_OrderHistory_URL_with(), which generate order history links using the current store's SEO and secure URL settings.
  • admin.mvc now sets g.Store_Module_UI, which contains the path to the module file providing the current store's UI
  • Full module records for Tax, Currency, and UI modules are now available in g.Store:tax_mod, g.Store:currncy_mod, and g.Store:ui_mod
  • A new option has been added to the MMUI Navigation Bar component which controls the destination of the "Account" button when a customer is logged in when using Point + Click settings.
  • Newly created MMUI stores now receive an "Order History" link below the customer "Log In" link, which directs shoppers to the ORHL page.
  • Category parents are now validated for circular heirarchies at the database layer, in Category_Update. If a circular heirarchy is detected, the update will fail. Module developers may call Category_Validate_Parent( category var ) to perform the heirarchy validation separately.
  • The default shipment picklist template now forces a page break between shipments when printed.
  • Implemented the buySAFE Buyer Preference feature.
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