Wombat-RC2 release notes
Posted by Wayne Smith on 08 April 2010 07:19 AM
Release Notes

Detailed information about the Wombat beta may be found in the Miva Merchant Community Forums.

Bug Fixes:

#4733: PayPal Pro express not sending order details
#4781: Amazon Checkout can only accept PROD Codes of 40 characters in length or shorter
#4929: Amazon Simple Pay - quotes in store name cause invalid signature
#5065: Buysafe bonding charges are being charged tax, but they should not be
#5069: Default CSS framework (not CSSUI) strips Affiliate terms and link from ACED
#5291: cmp-cssui-links component is checking for the "checkout" param twice.
#5292: CSSUI appears to ignore the SEO Short Links rule for the Storefront link
#5293: After deleting a module, control should return to the module batch edit screen
#5294: PayPalPro returns no report fields
#5295: Order_Backorder_Items provisioning function generates invalid provisioning error code
#5296: Cannot configure default variant through provisioning
#5297: Order_Backorder_Items provisioning function is sending multiple order item notifications
#5298: Lookup popups intefere with autofill
#5299: CSSUI does not install the attributemachine component on PATR page.
#5300: Product Import module does not set the product inventory out_track field.
#5304: Runtime >> Customer/Affiliate Sessions are not properly clearing the cookies.
#5305: Edit Product > Inventory Variants > Browser crashes when viewing all variants
#5306: Edit Product > Inventory Variants > The lightbox does not stretch across the full width of the window
#5307: v55 Compatibility JavaScript code isn't compatible enough
#5308: The shipment fulfillment emails are missing the tracking link.
#5309: The copyright dates should be updated.
#5310: ComponentModule_Content is called for deactivated modules
#5311: Runtime >> The MMUI Order History List uses links that go to insecure pages.
#5312: Runtime >> The CSSUI Order History List uses links that go to insecure pages.
#5313: Canadian VAT not calculating properly
#5314: Cannot enable product inventory and set stock level in the same tag
#5316: No provisioning for domain SEO settings
#5317: Order_Add sets incorrect option_id for OrderOptions referencing non-existent attributes
#5318: OrderShipment_Add does not work with non-existent product records
#5319: Order List components do not pass lookup fields in sort links
#5320: remove.mvc not removing tables
#5321: does not allow the order's date to be specified
#5322: InventoryProductSettings_Update does not set proper defaults for non-present optional tags when enabling inventory
#5323: PayPal IPN - Shipping Address that's entered on PayPal's side, does not come back to Miva Merchant.
#5324: Future PRV_Tag_Date dates are generated with incorrect daylight savings time adjustment
#5326: Chase transactions show both approved and declined in Manage Orders
#5327: chasepaytech: Admin Authorizations are actually Auth + Capture if configured to do so
#5328: Transaction amounts are displayed unformatted in the Payment drop down list on the order detail screen
#5329: should make room for imported orders, if possible
#5330: cbamazon does not prevent basket modification after transferring control to Amazon
#5331: cbamazonr can be used to convert any basket into a placeholder order
#5332: Leaving the framework confirmation screen makes all tab links point to Add Store screen
#5333: Checkout by Amazon OrderPayment records are not updated to include shipping/tax
#5334: cbamazonr displays fatal error when the order has already been processed
#5335: Checkout by Amazon may trigger fulfillment modules more than once
#5336: Payment module and encryption key reference counts are not properly maintained
#5337: mod10: Cannot remove methods
#5339: AttributeTemplates.d.refcount not updated
#5342: DB_OPENVIEW_Range callers are handling errors incorrectly
#5343: Cannot swap between attribute templates via product update provisioning
#5344: No global body tag control in CSSUI stores by default
#5345: Lack of the MMUI Messages component IN CSSUI restricts simple access to SFNT content
#5346: SkinsComponentModule_Export fails to export content from more than one item
#5347: Pages' IDs, codes and names are not available to the template language at runtime
#5348: When modifying a page during uninstall, a module must remove references to all its items
#5349: Framework install code fails to apply templates for components with multiple items
#5350: Export Products from Flat File > Ignores the Other Delimiter option.
#5351: Typo in JavaScript function imp_continue()
#5352: NTFD page outputs 200 Success Status code (was: Need to create page-level custom HTTP header component)
#5353: Export Products from Flat File > The Auto-Refresh feature is no longer functional.
#5354: prodimpt: taxable and active are overwritten when updating Products and those columns are not assigned
#5355: g.clientside_url and g.json_url creation relies too heavily on server configuration
#5356: prodimpt: Inventory Active, Quantity and Adjust By fields are overwritten when updating Products and those columns are not assigned
#5357: prodimpt: If the Product Inventory record was inactive, enabling the Inventory via the Flat File is not functioning properly.
#5358: prodimpt: A block of leftover code appears to have been misplaced.
#5359: prodimpt: Inventory Adjust Quantity field is no longer working.
#5360: JSON: ProductList_Adjust_Inventory does not explicitly activate inventory when setting product count
#5361: JSON: PaymentMethodFieldList_Load does not strip whitespace from field codes, causing Authorize.Net CVV field not to appear in admin
#5362: prodimpt: Setting the Track Product Inventory field to "No" does not remove relevant records.
#5363: Passphrase dialog appears off the right edge of the screen
Other Changes

A new database function, OrderItemList_Backorder_Dates has been added to lib/dbeng/orders.mv. This function allows multiple OrderItem records to be marked as back ordered with individual in-stock dates while triggering a single change notification.

Fixed a bug that prevented shopping session cookies from being properly cleared.

New provisioning tags and allow manipulation of the default variant for a product.

New database functions ItemModuleList_Load_Page_Active() and ItemModuleList_Load_Page_Store_Active() added to features/tui/tui.db.mv

New provisioning tag allows provisioning of SEO settings

A new option has been added to PayPal IPN and PayPal Pro to allow the PayPal Shipping Information to overwrite any previous values in Miva Merchant.

A new global variable, g.Merchant_Local_Timezone, is now initialized in lib/config.mv. This variable contains the return value of timezone() when running a 5.06 or earlier
MivaScript engine, or "local" when using 5.07, which allows mktime_t() and time_t_xxx() callers to take advantage of new dynamic daylight savings time code in the 5.07 engine.

The autocomplete algorithm in new AJAX UI elements has been redesigned to generate less server load.

Security and functionality enhancements from module-cbamazon-3 are incorporated into this patch.

The provisioning tag can now be used to change the attribute template referenced by a product attribute.

The ID, code, and name of the current page are now available through the StoreMorph tokens page:id, page:code, and page:name for all pages.

A new component, cmp-mv-body, provides a generic template that may be used to control the body tag for both CSSUI and MMUI. The item exists but is unused in a default installation. To use this component, you must manually create a "body" item that references it and modify the page templates to reference the item instead of directly
drawing a tag.

A new component, cmp-mv-content, provides one or more templates that may be pulled into pages. New CSSUI installations register a "content" item and assign this item to the

SFNT page. Upgraded CSSUI installations will not be modified.

A new component, cmp-mv-http-headers, and default item http_headers allow HTTP headers to be controlled on a page. This component is used to output a 404 Not Found error on the NTFD page.
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