Miva Merchant 4.21 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith on 08 July 2009 12:01 PM

Miva Merchant 4.21 Release Note

Bugs Fixed:
1. Setup - Raised the version requirement...It now requires a minimum of 4.02.

2. USPS Global Priority Mail API change - Required us to change one of the field names.
3. USPS -
A. MvLOCALIZED misspelled in 2 places
B. Now displays rates for shipping weight less than 0.5 lbs.

4. UPS - Changed UPS Fuel Surcharge Link to call a miva server which redirects the users to the newest UPS Fuel Surcharge URL.

5. Flat File Import -
A. When doing a replace on a product and specifying an inventory adjustment it ADDED to the current adjustment instead of replacing it.
B. Activate product Inventory field did not work no matter what value you specified for this field.

6. MMP Wizard -
A. is no longer displayed with insufficient group privileges.
B. Added a new privilege for Miva Marketplace MMCF. Controls both Miva Marketplace and Miva Mailer privileges.
C. Changed Miva Marketplace Signup wizard to use MMCF privilege instead of PROD.

7. MMP List Category Wizard - needed a small code change in MMP_LCW_CategoryUpdate_Build_Product product URL field. It was using g.Product_Code instead of Products.d.code as one of the parameters in the URL.

8. MMP Configuration - Synchronize listed products link is no longer displayed if the user has invalid merchant password.

9. Shopper Selected Sales Tax - had a spelling error when calculating rates for OTHER Basket Charges

10. PayFlow Link - URL has been changed, CVV2 field we were passing PayLink has been changed.

11. CyberSource - Certificates are no longer being searched in the old ics/opt/keys/ folder. Has been changed to search the CyberSource/Folder.

12. LinkPoint - Upgrade code needed to be revised not to cause confusion if the previous LinkPoint Module was a patch.

13. AuthorizeNet -
A. Upgrade code needed to be revised not to cause confusion if the previous AuthorizeNet Module was a patch.
B. JCB & Diners Club were not showing up in the wizard and there were some layout problems.

14. Miva Payment Wizard - had a line added at the bottom of service selection step ---
* Cancellation must be made within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

15. PayPal - Now sends out shipping and tax totals as 0.00 to avoid double charges on PayPal side.

16. Affiliates - Commissions with 4 decimal points now add up correctly after the order was placed, previously they disappeared from the balance.

17. Inventory - Hide Out of Stock no longer displays Add Product button on product display pages.

18. Logging - Logging for action calculate tax, action calculate shipping, action customer login, action customer email password needed code changes to
log properly.

19. Elf Logging - Now supports a new format called ELF2.

20. Price Groups - Merchants will no longer see an error caused by deleting the group that had a customer assigned to it deleted.

21. Customers - Merchants will no longer see a runtime error when deleting a customer --- Module_Customer_Delete is defined with 1 parameter and was called with 0

22. User Interface - Added a new setting to Stores >> Settings >> Require Shipping For Free Orders --- This setting will require customers to select a shipping method forcing the customer to pay for shipping costs only. If this setting is not checked the order could be 100% free.
A. Added this field to Upgrade.
B. Added this field to Provisioning.

23. A configurable CVV2 message field was added to all payment gateways that support CVV2.
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