Miva Merchant 4.18 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith on 08 July 2009 11:49 AM

New Features:
1. Evalucheck has some minor configuration enhancements.

2. LYNK Systems now passes the order number.

3. AuthorizeNet module is now AIM Certified and compliant with the latest AuthorizeNet API.

4. AuthorizeNet has two new credit card methods, Diner's Club & JCB.

5. MMUI login now displays Welcome "Bill_To_FirstName Bill_To_LastName" instead of Ship_To_FirstName Ship_To_LastName.

6. MMUI Sub-Categories no longer disappear from the left Category Tree when a customer selects a product in that Sub-Category.

7. PayPal now has Currency Format options.

8. PayPal now has additional information passed with each transaction, which fills out all the billing fields (address, city state, zip...)

9. Miva Payment now has 3 radio buttons for configuring the server URL. Test Mode, Production Mode and Other. The Test Mode will contain a URL to Miva Payment Test Server, Production will contain Production Server and other is one specified by the user.

10. Miva Payment now sends and logs the Store License Number to billing system during Miva Payment signup.

11. Miva Payment now uses it's own hard-coded States List so if merchant remove all their states they will still be able to signup for Miva Payment via the wizard.

12. Miva Mailer now has All, Assigned, Unassigned buttons for customers tab.

13. Verisign Payflow Pro now sends the First Name, Last Name with each transaction to Verisign.

14. Verisign Payflow Pro now sends the Order Number in the Comment2 field with each transaction to Verisign.

15. Verisign Payflo Pro now uses the Sale mode transaction type configured in Payment Configuration Settings of the Payflo Pro payment module as well as the previous Authorize_Only transaction type.

16. ICS2 now uses Ecerts just like in Miva Payment.

17. ICS2 now has the Generate certificates button just like in Miva Payment

18. Miva Marketplace is now a feature instead of a module, has been completely re-written. New wizards have been added.

19. Miva Marketplace Statistics now has the ability to reset statistics.

20. Miva Marketplace now has three new privileges - MMP Configuration, MMP Products and MMP Reports.

21. LinkPoint payment module now has CVV support.

22. LinkPoint payment module now passes customer IP address with each transaction so that merchants can block IP addresses from their LinkPoint account that are committing
23. State Based Sales Tax now has a global setting to base the tax on Shipping State or Billing State of customer's information.
24. Ship To/Bill To Information no longer validates the state, meaning if the merchant has removed the state code 'BLANK', Shipping & Billing States becomes Alaska and therefore previously they caused all of Billing Information to be validated. This no longer happens.

25. PayQuake Payment Module is now AIM compliant.

26. European Currency module now has Euro as the default currency. Also enhanced the configuration to reflect on this new change.

Bugs Fixed:
1. Fixed a few bugs dealing with Evalucheck, PayPal and Paylink that caused problems for some merchants dealing with return URL’s.

2. Fixed a bug in MM v1.x Importer that prevented users from importing their 1.x store into their existing store by refreshing the screen in an infinite loop.

3. Fixed a bug in Store Settings that prevented users from having "Require Shipping" - "Require Tax" features working properly. They were requiring customers to select shipping methods even though shipping methods were already selected.

4. Verisign Payflo Pro now has 2 additional fields, Vendor and Partner. These fields are now
configured in the Payment Configuration Settings of the Payflo Pro module.

5. Verisign PayFlo Pro now passes Vendor and Partner fields when processing an order.

6. Fixed a bug in which orders with a total price of 0 displayed fatal errors on the invoice screen and in the order information screen.

7. Fixed AuthorizeNet CVV2 field that was using improper API version number.

8. Updated FedEx shipping module to reflect on their new API.

9. Added code to FedEx to fix its problems with ground and home delivery shipping methods.

10. Fixed a bug in Canadian VAT, which prevented a basket charge from being recorded if the value of the tax was less than 0.

11. Fixed a bug in Canadian VAT, which prevented tax from being calculated if the Store Country was "CA."

12. Fixed a bug in Affiliates Feature, which caused Affiliate Link Image to be non-secure even though the site was using secure URL's.

13. Fixed missing default font tags for MMUI Affiliate Headers & Footers.

14. Fixed Price Table based Shipping Rounding Bug in version 4.07 and above of Miva Engine.

15. Removed FedEx Freight from the module since it requires product dimensions to get rates.

16. Fixed a bug in FedEx, which used the same Drop Off Type for all transactions instead of using the configured Type.

17. FedEx no longer displays invalid rates for countries Outside US. The rates are now restricted to US only.

18. Fixed a bug in UPS, which displayed rates even if the destination country was not US.

19. Disabled ability for customers to use 9-digit zip codes if UPS, FedEx or USPS shipping methods are used. It now just uses the first 5 numbers if 9 are entered.

20. Changed Miva Payment signup wizard so it no longer generates certificates automatically. User will have to press the "Generate Certificates" button in the advanced admin, or run through the wizard.

21. Changed Miva Payment so that the currency can no longer be changed from USD.

22. Fixed the problem with ICS2 and Miva Payment CVV2 fields from not being captured properly.

23. ICS2 and Miva Payment now include leading zeros when customers select Credit Card Expiration Date on Payment Information screen.

24. Fixed a bug in LinkPoint Provisioning, which did not apply carriage returns for the digital certificate at the end of each line.

25. Fixed an upgrade issue where if Admin Sessions database has more than 100 records, the upgrade script locks up trying to update that file.

26. Changed all store statistics occurances of a privilege that doesn’t exist "RSTA" to use g.Admin_User_Administrator.

27. Fixed the MMUI global header and footer from not having a font tag.

28. Removed MaxLength limitation from "Non-Secure URL to Miva Merchant" input field.

29. Fixed a bug in which when a store gets deleted the encryption keys get left behind.

30. Fixed a bug in Eselect Moneris payment module, which caused a runtime error in the batch reports due to a missing open_data call.

31. Updated ICPS to be 4.14 API compliant.

32. Upload popup would not function properly if filenames with a ‘&’ character in them.

33. After someone chose a shipping/payment method, tax would then be included in the basket.

34. A Canadian Province was missing.

35. Basket_Last_Update records get deleted in Order_Create_From_Basket function

36. Fixed a bug which caused FedEx>>2nd day and Priority Mail to both display the same shipping charge.

37. [ups] Rates occasionally differed from UPS Calculated Rates by .01

38. A Wizard_Module_FieldError() call is made inside of Module_Store_Validate()

39. UPS now validates Country / State.

40. When upgrading from version less than 4.00 Affiliates feature would not work.

41. Typos/missing info for CVV2. add "3 or 4 digit" text and "back or front"

42. Corrected some attribute template and UpSale issues.

43. Fixed a Miva Payment processing order error.

44. Fixed a rounding error with tax and order total.
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