Miva Merchant 4.13 Release Notes
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Miva Merchant 4.13 Release Note

Miva Merchant 4.13, released May 2002, requires Miva Engine 3.92 or higher to be installed and running.

New Features:
1. Miva Mailer

Create personalized mailing lists to send announcements to subscribed customers and affiliates. You can choose to display mailing list prompts for customers and affiliates to sign up to your lists. Include personalized information in your Email, such as Login, first and last names, Email address, and an unsubscribe URL. The Miva Mailer server will send your Email to every Email address in your mailing list.

Note: If HTML is used in the Email content, Miva Empresa 3.94 is required.

2. Five New Payment Modules
The following new payment modules do not require a commerce library, but will instead use SSL. (SSL is supported in the current 3.94 Miva Empresa engine.)
• U.S. Merchant Systems - Accept Major Credit Cards ------ InfoNox

• R-P-G (Rodopi Payment Gateway) comes with all the features you need to automate online credit card processing yet gives you the control you need to track payments and customize reporting. Merchants can use the system to submit, authorize, capture and settle credit card transactions without the need for a separate transaction terminal or processing software.

• Innovative Gateway Solutions ------ Igsgroup

• eValuCheck provides a secure on-line paper check payment solution, allowing consumers to pay for purchases by paper check. e-ValuCheck provides savings and benefits to consumers, merchants, and their banks.

• debit-it! - Full Service Online Electronic Check Processing from AmeriNet provides secure online checking account debit transactions that are as easy as paying with a credit card. Debit-it also gives companies confidence that a check will clear, through a rapid verification system that AmeriNet operates from a vast networking and database operation in its Clearwater, Florida facilities.

3. Export Product Data in several formats
Export the core product fields in a format to Import (back) into Miva Merchant, upload to Miva Marketplace Mass-Listing Wizard, and for Miva Merchant Provisioning.

4. Miva Marketplace Products Mass-Listing Wizard
Provides a method to upload data for many products simultaneously to Miva Marketplace, using one or more delimited text files. The new Export Product Data exports your store’s product codes based on your selections in and creates place holders for the Miva Marketplace fields.

5. Additional Miva Marketplace fields
UPC (Universal Price Code) and ISBN (International Standard Book Number) fields have been added to products listed with Miva Marketplace. Some Miva Marketplace venues use the ISBN and UPC to compare prices among shopping sites.

6. Tracking Miva Marketplace Activity
Miva Merchant Affiliates can now track your Miva Marketplace orders and visits. The affiliate will be for tracking purposes only, and you will not actually make any payouts.

7. Import Multiple Product Categories
During Product Import assign a product to multiple (existing) categories, separating category codes with commas.

8. New Domain Notifications
Additional Notification types from Miva Corporation have been added to notify users of Tips & Tricks, Documentation Updates, and E-Commerce Newsletters.

9. Pre-Provisioning
Allows provisioning prior to login when the pre-provide.dat file is present in the data directory. Includes all the commands, action and module codes that are in Provisioning.

10. Display Affiliate Login checkbox
Provides the ability to display or not display the Affiliate Login link when the Affiliate Program is activated.

11. Implemented Strict Validation for Codes
Added an option to Domain Settings (in Site Configuration) which restricts data to alpha numeric characters, the underscore ( _ ) and hyphen ( - ) for all code fields, such as the product and category codes.

Fixed Items
1. Price Table Based Shipping accepts negative values

2. The affiliate database, affsess.dbf, no longer erroneously adds records when the Affiliate Program was not activated (which had caused the file to grow quite large).

3. Previously, the affiliate code associated with the basket creation was assigned a commission, even if another affiliate later referred the shopper (and the basket was still available). Now, the affiliate code referral that is closest in time to the Order, will receive the Commission.

4. Disabling inventory on a per-product basis (unchecking Track Product) will now delete all inventory values associated with that one product. (Disabling Inventory
globally still retains all information.)

5. Having an item in the basket, with Generic VAT tax rate of 0.00% no longer causes a fatal error during checkout.

6. Deleting an order now clears all associated data from the order databases.

7. Exporting to QuickBooks no longer causes a fatal error when additional nonproduct charges (other than Shipping and Tax) are present in the Orders.

8. Previously, setting the AuthorizeNet Control panel option "Require Password for Every Transaction" ON, would cause a Miva Merchant error. This has been corrected by sending the password on all transactions.

9. LinkPoint and CyberCash Payment modules did not track the status of the Pre-Auth/Sale flag at time of purchase. Instead it relied on the current value. Now sets a flag at time of purchase.

10. Check and Uncheck boxes now properly flags the system of a change, preventing possible data loss.

11. Clarified wording for UPS OnLine® Rates & Service Selection Tool registration.

12. Improved the explanation in error message for Import Products From Flat File.

13. If all wizard modules are removed, the Store Statistics now properly continue to display on the Main screen.

14. The Domain Admin Phone Number is no longer a required field during the DOMAIN_UPDATE action during Provisioning (in provide.dat).

15. FMT and SUBSTR operators, which will be deprecated syntax in the new compiler engine, were removed from this release. The SUBSTR operator has been replaced with the substring function.

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