Miva Merchant 4.12 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith on 08 July 2009 10:50 AM
Miva Merchant 4.12 Release Note

Miva Merchant 4.12, released October 2001, requires the Miva Engine 3.91 or higher to be installed and running.

New Features:
1. Tax Module: CertiTAX
For the e-merchant and for the traditional merchant who use the Internet to sell products and services, CertiTAX offers a convenient, effortless way to collect and remit sales and use taxes. Taxes are calculated and applied automatically to transactions as they occur, calculating taxes in the United States and Canada. Validates addresses, determining if an address is within a certain city jurisdiction or not. Also includes line item level calculation.

2. Sales Tax Wizard
The new wizard guides the user step-by-step through selection and configuration of the Sales Tax Calculation.

3. New Domain Features
A new domain level security option, Upload Settings, lets the administrator limit the Image Extension Types that can be uploaded. Notification provides a method for Miva Corporation to notify users about Security Alerts, Software Update/Upgrades, and Special Offers. Includes a user-selectable notification schedule.

4. Affiliate Headers and Footers
Affiliate Login Header/Footer, Create Affiliate Account Header/Footer, and Edit Affiliate Account Header/Footer have been added to the KCUI Layout.

5. UPS OnLine® Rates & Service Selection Tool
Reintroduced the UPS shipping configuration module which provides Miva Merchant users many shipping methods, selection of a Rate Chart, whether to use Residential Rates, and the amount for Handling.

6. Affiliates Commission Option
This option allows the merchant to select whether the Default Commission Percent of Order will be based on the entire order amount (including tax and shipping) or the Subtotal (excluding tax and shipping).

7. Activate/Deactivate Modules
Rather than deleting a module to perform certain activities, it can now be deactivated. Administrators and IHPs can enter the appropriate Action Codes in provide.dat for Post-Setup Provisioning.

8. Optional Mail Method
Optional commerce library methods can now be used for sending all Miva Merchant Emails as an alternative to SMTP.

Fixed Items
1. Corrected display problems in the administrative interface related to privileges.

2. Modified Statistics Best Sellers list to retain names of products that are deleted.

3. Made changes to prevent a store from being added when certain database failures occur.

4. Fixed some problems with headers and footers in KoolCat user interface.

5. Fixed problems in the setup wizard that allowed the setup process to create partial installations of the data structure if the permissions were set wrong on the
server. It now returns an error.

6. Fixed problems in State Based Sales Tax that caused problems if users tried to use blank state codes and codes that resolve numerically to 0.

7. Fixed problems with the maxstores domain database settings.

8. Fixed problems that caused admin functionality disabling feature not to work properly with the wizards.

9. The software now rounds the basket total to two decimal places, fixing problems with certain payment processing modules and correct some orders being off a penny. This had occurred when certain tax rates calculated to three decimal places.

10. All uploaded files now reside in subdirectories of the main data (or script) directory which prevents admin users of one store from potentially overwriting data for another store.

11. Made changes to Canadian VAT; added HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) and the option of including GST into the total taxed by PST. Also, Out of country orders are no longer charged GST.

12. Fixed numerous bugs in provisioning as well as adding some new Action and Module codes.

13. Miva Merchant user interface now properly displays error messages related to failures to send email.

14. Fixed various problems in attribute templates including a bug that caused it to be unusable by those upgrading from Miva Merchant 3.x: one that caused problems when trying to delete attribute templates, and one that caused fatal errors under rare circumstances when trying to assign attribute templates when there were enough attribute templates to cause the id numbers to reach multiple digits.

15. Fixed problems that caused stale data to remain in databases for attributes and options when products were deleted.

16. Fixed numerous upsale bugs.

17. Fixed problems in order information screens where attribute information was not displaying properly.

18. Fixed a problem in the LinkPoint module that sometimes truncated LinkPoint generated order numbers.

19. Fixed some problems related to users with limited privileges using the first/back/next/last buttons on products, customers, and categories screens.

20. Fixed a bug that allowed customers to enter an invalid value (non-zero decimal number) for the quantity of an item in the basket contents, resulting in zero
quantity. a decimal number less than 1 (not zero).
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