Core-17 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith on 15 April 2009 01:48 PM
Release Notes:

Number Based Sort
* Reworked the Number Based Sort feature.
* Improved the way Number Based Sort resolves conflicts. Removed validation of duplicate entries.
* Hitting the Enter key on any box now works the same way as the Update button.
* Hitting the Tab and Shift-Tab keys on any Number Based Sort box should now cycle to the Next/Previous Order box.
* Added the Number Based Sort feature to Product Attributes and Options.
* Added the Number Based Sort feature to Related Products.

* Best Sellers should now sort properly based on the number sold counter.

* Added a new tab to Edit Product screen - Categories.
* This tab allows you to assign this product to multiple categories at once.

Product/Category META tag improvements.
* A new tab has been added to Edit Store - META Tag Settings.
* These settings give you the ability to add custom Product/Category META tags. You could then change the contents value for those tags in your Product/Category META settings.

* The Category Tree item is no longer added twice when a new store is created.
* Category Tree Header & Footer no longer installs the cattree item twice.
* Added Product/Category/Customer Custom Fields to provisioning.

* Fixed a bug with payment modules that go offsite, place an order and don't come back; causing the inventory to be improperly refunded when store owners delete expired shopping carts.
* Order Minimums no longer take Basket Charges into account to meet the minimum required amount.
* Product List Layout component should properly terminate td's and tr's when generating multiple columns in expanded mode.
* Added a new option in Edit Store >> Customer Fields settings - Primary Address. This option controls whether the Shipping or Billing Customer Fields are shown first in runtime.

* Textarea fields are now stretched to fit the entire size of your window.
* You can now use the Tab key inside the Storemorph Textarea fields to format your code.

Module Updates

New Payment modules
* Amazon Simple Pay.
* Checkout by Amazon.

* AuthorizeNet no longer uses a commerce library for transaction processing.
* Fixed a bug where some unencoded data caused errors if a customer entered a comma into any of the Ship To/Bill To fields.
* Added a new payment field to Edit Order screen, Transaction Status. This field describes the transaction as Authorized or Authorized & Captured.

Google Checkout
* Fixed an issue where free shipping coupons were not handled properly.
* Stripped special characters from the Shipping Name as they caused Google Checkout to intermittently drop the Shipping Method List.
* Added a help link for Integrating with Google Analytics.

* The Product Description that gets passed to LinkPoint Gateway is now limited to 120 characters.
PayPal Website Payments Standard
* Added a new option that controls prompting shoppers for a Shipping Address (on PayPal side).

PayFlow Pro
* Fixed a bug where the request_id field (required for communicating with the gateway) was not always unique which caused Order Processing errors.
* Added code to verify that the credit card type is properly reported in the Admin interface if the user selects one card type, but enters another.

* U.S.P.S. Online Rate Calculation
* Added two new Shipping Methods. USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope and USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box.

* Import Categories from Flat File
* Added Custom Fields support for Categories.

Export Categories to Flat File
* Added Custom Fields support for Categories.

Import Products From Flat File
* Added Custom Fields support for Categories.
* Fixed a bug where Boolean fields were not properly accepting valid values.

Sales Tax
European VAT
* Added a new field - NonTax Description. This field controls the "Tax free delivery outside EU" text.

Microsoft Live Search
* Changed the initial module setup to provide more status and instructions, especially for installing the template changes when the automatic install doesn't work correctly.
* The module now tracks when changes are made that (might) affect the published data feed. When there are such changes, notifications are displayed in several places in the admin until the next publish is done.
* When publishing the data feed, skip products with a price of zero. At the end give a count of those products skipped.
* Modified the handling of the Image URL field in the publish file as follows:
* If there is no full size image, use the thumbnail.
* If there is also no thumbnail leave the field empty.
* If there is an image that starts with http:// or https://, do not prepend the base_url.

Custom Fields
* Added support for Custom Category Fields.
* Product Field Values now support more than 254 characters. Text larger than 254 characters is now stored in value_long field.
* Customer Field Values now support more than 254 characters. Text larger than 254 characters is now stored in value_long field.

Developer Notes
* If DB_Type_Char function receives a value higher than 254, it automatically converts the field to MEMO type.
* Fixed a bug that prevented popup errors containing single quotes from being displayed.
* Altered the Custom Product Field Values indexes to be unique.
* Altered the Custom Customer Field Values indexes to be unique.
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