Issues addressed with Miva Merchant 5.5 patch core-14:
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Issues addressed with Miva Merchant 5.5 patch core-14:

New Features
* Added a new framework which enables Store Skinning through the use of CSS files.
* Added a new export module: Export Attributes to XML File.
* Added a new import module: Import Data from XML File.
* Added a new option under User Preferences: Display Hover Effect on Batch Edit Lists. This option enables/disables the CSS hover effect on all Batch Edit lists.
* Category/Customer/Order/Product Export modules received the following overhaul: Added a progress bar to show the number of exported records.
* Added an auto-refresh feature.
* Added an option to email the exported file once the export is done.
* Added an option to export the Header Row.
* Added an option to allow users to check all/uncheck all custom fields for Product Export.
* Category/Customer/Product Import modules received the following overhaul: Added a progress bar to show the number of processed records.
* Added an auto-refresh feature.
* Added an option to export a log file of the import progress.
* Added an option to email the exported log file once the import is done.
* Added an option to control whether the import should skip the first row (Header Row).
* Repositioned the columns to match the order they were exported in.
* Added logic that checks the import files more effectively to get the total number of import columns.
* PayPal Website Payments Pro: Added a new Payment Wizard.
* Added new feature/service: PayPal Pay Later.
* PayPal Pro now has two internal module tabs: PayPal Settings and PayPal Pay Later Settings
Bug Fixes
* Admin Issues: Fixed a critical error where assigning/unassigning pages from an item did not properly create/remove the Managed Template entries.
* Fixed a number of bugs throughout Miva Merchant where Boolean fields were not properly initialized. This would cause errors under certain versions of mySQL.
* Fixed a bug that caused fatal errors for Group Users with Customer Update privileges.
* Fixed a bug in the Streaming Update system where under certain instances the Updates Available state was not properly set.
* Fixed a bug in the Product Batch Edit screen where the Product_Offset variable was hidden twice.
* Fixed a bug in Customer Export module where the header row was always ending with a comma.
* Fixed an issue with the Category Tree component which under certain instances caused the version history to disappear.
* Fixed an issue in Store Morph where adding HTML into Template Notes broke the page templates.
* Fixed some CSS issues in the Miva Merchant Setup script.
* Fixed the Next/Previous behavior in the Payment Configuration Wizard where in some instances they was jumping to improper steps.
* Updating a category without a parent no longer causes Fatal Errors under mySQL.
* The Store Offline message now properly shows up in the Left Navigation menu when the store is offline.
* Hitting the Update button on the Order Details screen no longer causes validation errors.
* Unassigning the Affiliate component from pages should now remove the Managed Template references to that item.
* Category Tree component no longer re-creates the template file after it has been removed.
* Runtime Issues: Fixed a bug with the Product Attributes component where the attributes displayed on Category pages retained attributes from previous products.
* Fixed a bug in which under certain conditions, customers could checkout without meeting the Order Minimum Quantity/Price.
* Payment Module Issues: Fixed a critical bug in Authorize.Net payment module where Processing orders in PreAuth/PostAuth mode was causing various errors.
* Fixed a bug in LinkPoint where certain charge totals were not calculating properly causing LinkPoint to respond with errors.
* Fixed a bug in Innovative Gateway where enabling the option (in the gateway) to send customer invoice emails wasn't working properly.
* PayPal Website Payments Standard can now process Transaction Verification Variable list dynamically.
* Export Products to Flat File: Product Export should now also export the product inventory settings.
* Product Export should now export Current Stock Level and Adjust Stock By (defaults to 0).
* Fixed a bug where Product Description field failed to export in Provisioning Format.
* Import Products from Flat File: Fixed a bug where the Inventory Settings were not being validated properly.
* Fixed a bug where the Inventory Settings were not being imported properly.
* Fixed a bug where invalid characters entered for product code were accepted in the import process.
* Fixed a bug where some spreadsheet apps formatted the Boolean fields to decimal in turn breaking the import process.
* Fixed some variables that were not properly converting Boolean fields.
* Added two columns to control the stock level: Current Stock Level and Adjust Stock By.
* Custom Product Fields: Added code to cache the custom fields of the last requested product/customer, which results in a dramatic performance boost for most applications.
* Fixed some HTML issues.
Other Changes/Improvements
Payment Modules:
o The following Payment Modules have been removed: debit-it! - Amerinet
o Moneris e-SELECT Payment Service
o e-ValuCheck
o Merchant Partners Payment Gateway (globcomm)
o Lynk Internet Processing
o CyberSource ICSv2 Payment Services
o MIVA Payment (CyberSource)
o Paradata Payment Service
o PayQuake
o E-Commerce Exchange/QuickCommerce
o R-P-G (Rodopi Payment Gateway)
o U.S. Merchant Systems
* Improved the new Miva Merchant Payment signup.
* Renamed Miva Merchant Payment (GlobalCommerce) to Merchant Partners Payment Gateway.
* Renamed Linkpoint to First Data Global Gateway.
* Renamed Verisign Payflow Link to Payflow Link.
* Renamed PayPal Instant Payment Notification to PayPal Website Payments Standard.
* Updated the PayPal Wizard information links.
* Added the ability to pass Host defined partner codes to PayPal.
* Updated the Miva Merchant Set up Payment image.
* Reworked the Payment Configuration Wizard flow setting PayPal as the secondary recommended payment method for Miva Merchant.
* Store Morph: Added confirmation to remove Page Item process that warns users to remove all tokens before removing the item.
* Added Required Item list for Frameworks. If an item on this list has been removed, the framework will fail to install.
* Added Page ItemList to the CSS Framework control file. When this framework is selected, the items in this list will be automatically installed if needed. Items in this list will also be assigned to pages as needed by the framework.
* Added a new member to the Product Attributes component: "formatted_price". This member displays the product attribute/option price with Currency Formatting.
* Added a new member to the Product Attributes component: "formatted_cost". This member displays the product attribute/option cost with Currency Formatting.
* Product Attributes component now uses Price Group Adjusted Price for the attributes/options array "price" member.
* Other: The Domain Settings Information tab now lists the Server IP address.
* The CSS and Default frameworks can now be removed.
* Added a reload mechanism to the Streaming Update feature. When an update has been installed, the Left Navigation should now be reloaded.
* Provisioning tag ProductAttribute_Add_Template should now always use the Attribute Template code when assigning the Attribute Template to a product.
* Removed Code and Prompt parameters from Provisioning ProductAttribute_Add_Template tag as they are always copied from the Attribute Template.

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