Issues addressed with Miva Merchant update core-7:
Posted by Wayne Smith on 20 March 2009 04:29 PM
Issues addressed with Miva Merchant update core-7:

* Clicking Update on the Encryption settings screen no longer generates a fatal error when the Encryption Prompt field has been changed.
* The Create Store wizard now contacts the license manager via https POST rather than http. This ensures a secure connection and decreases security risks.
* The Synchronize Products screen for Miva Marketplace no longer generates fatal errors if the login process fails.
* Tax modules that required shopper input on the Order Information screen such as the Shopper Selected Sales Tax, no longer lose the value of that input on the following screens.
* If a shopper enters a space before their text on the Search page in your store, such as " book", rather than "book", the leading space will now be ignored, and results for the intended search text will be found correctly.
* When importing products from a flat file, "taxable", "active" and "track inventory" fields can now be imported using the following values: yes/no, true/false, 1/0.
* When importing products from a flat file, attribute templates that are copied to a product (as opposed to being referenced) will no longer be imported twice.
* Secondary feature types of modules that have been deactivated will now be installed properly into your store.
* Domain-level Module Reference Counts were altered improperly in earlier versions of Miva Merchant 5. They are now adjusted to display their proper value.
* The Miva Submit wizard now requires the administration interface to be in secure mode.
* The Basket and Invoice store screens, and the Order Information screen of the administration interface, no longer show a one cent discrepancy between the total and items.
* The Edit Customer screen now responds to a failed call to a customer module by displaying a MER-ADM-00001 error with description "Unknown Error Action = Screen = CUST"
* Clicking Update on the Miva Marketplace tab of the Edit Product screen no longer causes a fatal error.
* On Affiliate screens, Add buttons now appear, even when Affiliate modules are assigned to the store. Assigning Affiliate modules to the store now does not cause an error on the Add Affiliate screen.
* Clicking the "Terms of Use" link in the Miva Submit wizard now correctly displays the Terms of Use.
* Updating Quickcommerce configuration no longer returns "Array index must be a positive integer" error.
* The copyright and license agreement in the administration interface now correctly reflect the company name of "Miva Small Business, Inc., a division of Miva, Inc."
* The invoice page will now correctly display errors returned from attempting to send fulfillment emails at the top of the invoice page, rather than a fatal error resembling
Error Code: MER-UTL-00002
Description: Error connecting to 'smtpserver': Error looking up 'smtpserver'
Other Information:
* The prices for products with multiple Price Groups are now displayed properly.
* On the Affiliate Configuration screens, required fields are now correctly displayed in a bold font.
* The "Voided/Adjusted By" values are now shown consistently on the Affiliate Earnings screen, under Edit Affiliate.
* The Miva Marketplace Configuration screen now requires a valid Miva Marketplace account instead of silently failing.
* When shoppers check out with nothing but a free item in their basket, Miva Merchant no longer returns a fatal error, MER-00001. The error occurred only in stores where the administrator had not selected the "Require Shipping for Free Orders" option.
* When attempting to upgrade one module with another having a different module code, the error message now correctly states the module name.
* The Layout tab on the Create Store and Edit Store screens have been removed.
* If an assigned, but deactivated, module is present on a configuration page, the store administrator can now assign or unassign modules without encountering an error. The list of modules, which formerly disappeared, now appears correctly on the Modules tab of the configuration page.
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