Issues addressed with Miva Merchant update core-6:
Posted by Wayne Smith on 20 March 2009 04:27 PM
Issues addressed with Miva Merchant update core-6:

* Runtime errors, which were caused by adding a Price Group with markup from cost, have been fixed.
* The feature Upsell Multiple Products should now upgrade properly to reflect the fixes from previous releases.
* Inactive components no longer run in the store.
* Modules having more than one feature of the same type (such as two shipping features) can no longer be installed. If such a module is encountered, an error message will be displayed informing the administrator of the problem.
* Modules can now upload system modules properly (that is, modules having the feature type of system).
* Items can no longer be deleted when they are assigned to one or more pages.
* Order Minimums now work properly under MySQL.
* SystemModule_UIException() now interprets return codes properly for UIExceptions() and is now loaded before the Maintenance Mode check.
* The system and logging modules are now properly loaded before the Shopping Interface is placed into Maintenance Mode.
* Module refcount now works properly with multiple feature types:
o You can no longer uninstall a StoreModule that is inactive. To uninstall an inactive module, activate it first, then uninstall as usual.
o The first feature type token in the Module Feature Hash is considered the primary feature. This is the feature from which the module will be installed/uninstalled. The install/uninstall process will be disabled in the configuration for all the secondary feature types with the exception of components.
* Inventory is now being adjusted properly when the administrator deletes all expired baskets.
* Module_Upgrade_Store() now receives a proper value for module_version.
* If the process of deleting a module fails, you no longer see certain fields displayed with no values.
* Creating a store via provisioning no longer packs the domain tables. Administrators are now required to pack the domain tables manually before upgrading from 4.x to 5.x.
* The feature Upsell Single Product now takes either upsell:desc or upsell:descrip to output the product description.
* Macedonia has been added to the Country List.
* This core-6 update fixes several page templates that originally used improper encoding standards.
* Now, when modules with multiple feature types are installed, they are assigned to a store from the primary feature type screen. After the core-5 update, if the secondary module features had not been assigned, the checkboxes that would have enabled the store administrator to assign them would be dimmed, so that they could not be assigned. At that point, when a store administrator would click Update on a configuration page for a secondary feature of a module, the entire module would be uninstalled from that store, and associated data would be lost. After this core-6 update, MIVA Merchant now correctly installs the secondary feature types in a store, for all modules that are assigned to the store. Components were not affected by the original issue, and will continue to be handled correctly after this core-6 update.
* Previously, installations that used gzipped tar files (a way of packaging and compressing files, similar to a Zip file), did not correctly create a modules/system subdirectory. With this core-6 update, the subdirectory is correctly created.
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