Quickbooks Error:The query request has not been fully completed.
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Why am I getting the following error when I synchronize products? "Quickbooks Error: The query request has not been fully completed. There was a required elements (xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx) that could not be found in quickbooks."

Miva Synchro has a database file in your Miva Merchant storefront that keeps track of two things for the synched products: 1. The Miva Merchant Product ID and

2. The QuickBooks ListID, a code in QuickBooks that is unique to each product. Miva Synchro uses this database file to cross-reference the synched products to determine which Product ID in Miva Merchant is associated with which ListID in QuickBooks.

When a product in Miva Merchant does not already have an association to a ListID in QuickBooks, that database file is updated with the appropriate ListID and those two items are not considered 'synched'.

If, for example, you have updated a product in Miva Merchant, and you then synchronize with QuickBooks, Miva Synchro will find that updated Product ID, determine which QuickBooks ListID it matches, look that ListID up in QuickBooks, and make the necessary changes.

Occasionally, though, Miva Synchro may do a search on a ListID and get a response back from QuickBooks saying that the ListID does not exist. Miva Synchro will then display a QuickBooks error message, like the one above. The "required elements" in the error message is the ListID that QuickBooks cannot find.

Why would a ListID not be found in QuickBooks if it was already there? Well, for one, QuickBooks does not return search results for ListID's that may be associated to inactive QuickBooks items.

If a product in QuickBooks is inactive, Miva Synchro will be told that it does not exist.

Also, if for some reason you change the QuickBooks Company File you are synching with, and you do not reset the Miva Synchro Connector module in your Miva Merchant storefront, the database files will have old data from the previous QuickBooks Company File.
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