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I am using the UPS Shipping Calculator in Miva Merchant. When I checkout on my storefront the menu labeled "Ship Via" is empty. Also, there is no continue button at the bottom of the page. Why is this, and how can I fix it?

The UPS Shipping Calculator uses a special file on the server called a "Commerce Library." A commerce library is a file that is stored on the server which allows for secure transactions with other website using Miva.

The error that you are seeing is usually caused by the fact that the commerce library is not installed on the server.

Now, because these files are generally shared and stored in a central location on the server, individual merchants usually don't have access to them. They can only be enabled and modified by someone with administrative access to the server.

Usually, this would be one of Miva's Hosting Partners (or your host provider).

It is a good idea to contact your host provider and ask them to install the commerce library on your server for you. If they need information on where to get the commerce library files for Miva, they should contact Miva Technical Support directly.

For UNIX/Linux Host Providers:

Here are some basic instructions for installing commerce libraries. Make sure that you have the commerce libraries available before starting. To get the FTP site, login, and password for the Miva Commerce Libraries, contact Miva Technical Support.

1. Download the Miva Commerce Libraries to a temporary directory. This can be on the server or on your local machine.

2. Copy the files to a central location on the server. Miva recommends that it be a folder: "/etc/miva" Here, you can store all commerce libraries, and they will be easy to find in case there is a need for support.

3. Edit the miva.conf file in a text editor. VI is what most people use. The miva.conf file is located in the /etc directory. (For standard mode, it will be located parallel to the Miva Empresa binary inside the site's CGI-Bin.)

4. Add the following line to the miva.conf: = The actual name of the UPS Commerce Library.

5. Save the miva.conf.
That should complete the installation of the UPS Commerce Library on a Unix/Linux based system. For more detailed documentation, please click here >>>.

For Windows Host Providers:

By default, the UPS commerce library is already installed on the server. If it needs to be reinstalled, follow these instructions.

1. Download the commerce libraries onto the server. They should be placed in the following folder: C:\Program Files\Miva\Miva Empresa NT.

2. Access the Miva Engine Tab for the site that needs the commerce library installed. To do this, open the IIS Control Area, right-click on the site that you are working with, click "Properties."

3. In the window that appears, click the tab labeled "Miva Engine." In the window that pops-up, click "Add..."

4. There will be a "Commerce Libraries" button; click it.

5. In the "Method" field, type: UPSRSS and click the browse button next to the field labeled "Library."

6. Browse to the *.dll file that you downloaded to the location above, select it, and click "Open."

7. Click "OK," "OK" again, and one more time.

Close IIS, and that will comeplete the installation of the UPS Commerce library on the Windows platform server.
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