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UNIX/Linux server with a CGI wrapper
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I am using a UNIX/Linux server with a CGI wrapper, like suEXEC. When I test the Miva Empresa installation, it crashes the server. How can I fix this?

In the Apache webserver, suEXEC allows for separate users to securely execute CGI programs. When using suEXEC while having Miva Empresa installed on the server, special steps during configuration must be take.

Please Note: In many cases, the use of web server administration software (such as PLESK or Ensim) may include the installation of suEXEC on the server CGI-bin.

When installing Miva Empresa for use with an Apache web server you will need to follow these configuration instructions:
• Miva Empresa must be installed in each site's individual CGI-Bin. This installation is similar to Standard Mode Installation.

• Permissions & Ownerships of the Miva Binary MUST be the EXACT SAME as those on the CGI-Bin directory. This includes both User & Group Ownerships.

• Miva Configuration file can either be stored in the CGI-Bin, parallel to the Miva Binary or in the "/etc/" similar to Server-Safe Installation.

It is more secure to store the Miva Configuration (miva.conf) file in the "/etc/" directory with only READ access for everyone except the ROOT user.

The ROOT user should have full read/write access. When creating the miva.conf, it should have entries such those for Server-Safe installation.

For more information on UNIX/Linux Installation procedures for Miva Empresa please see the documentation located at:

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