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Backing up Miva Merchant 4
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These steps are for Miva Merchant 4.x stores only.

Each Miva Merchant installation is made up of two separate parts.

Miva Merchant Scripts: These are the MivaScript files that make up the Miva Merchant application. These files, ending with a ".mv" or ".mvc" generally stay the same from installation to installation of the same version. The script directory is also where your store graphics are stored.

Miva Merchant Data: These are the database files that contain the information specific to your store, including: Product & Categories, Look & Feel, Orders, Customers, etc.

To back up your Miva Merchant 4 store, you will need to download a copy of both the Miva Merchant Script and Data folders and store them in a safe location on your local PC or storage device. Follow these steps:

1. On your local computer create a folder to store the files in. You may want to label it "Miva Backup". Inside, create two sub folders, label one "DATA" and the other "HTML".

2. Use an FTP Client to log onto your web site server. If you are not sure which FTP client to use, try FileZilla for Windows, or Fetch for Macintosh users. You will need to contact your Hosting Provider for the FTP log in information if you do not already have this available.

3. Once you have logged on to your web site server, you will need to access your public directory. Usually, this is the first directory you are placed in during an FTP session.  It may be labeled www, public_HTML, html, httpdocs, web, or similiar. This is where all of your HTML files and graphics are also located and you should also see your Miva Merchant store directory  (usually called "/Merchant2/"). 

Download this folder and store it in the "HTML" folder that you created on your computer. If you cannot find the /Merchant2/ directory, download the entire public_html directory and save it. Make sure that all files download successfully.

4. After downloading the scripts, find the Miva Merchant Data directory on the server. Usually, this is parallel to the public HTML directory and named something like mivadata, htsdata, datadir, miva, or data.  It will contain files with the following extensions: " *.dbf, *.mvx, and *.dbt ".

Download the entire folder and store it in the "DATA" folder. Make sure that all files download successfully.

Once everything has been downloaded and stored on your local machine, you have created a successful back-up of your Miva Merchant online store.

If you need to revert to the backed up version of your Miva Merchant storefront, simply upload these folders and overwrite those on the server.

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