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When accessing the secure portions of my Miva Merchant storefront, I am getting a "Security Information" error message:


"This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?" If I click, "Yes", there is no lock showing that the page is secure and if I click "No", some or all of my graphics are missing. How can I fix this?


There are two cases in which this error may occur. Please read below for their description and instructions on how to fix them:

• Incorrect "Secure Base URL for Graphics" in the Domain Settings: All of the pre-built images in Miva Merchant, and all images uploaded through the Miva Merchant administration interface use pre-set image URL's when displaying graphics. The images are called using what is called "relative location".

Realitive location refers to an image that is called with only the latter part of the URL to its location on the server. Instead of a direct url, such as:

The page will call the image with:


The HTML that Miva Merchant creates on its secure pages will use the "Secure Base URL for Graphics" specified during setup to fill in the rest of the URL that will call the image. This will allow the software, when being accessed securely, to display the graphics securely as well. To find where you can change this setting, follow these steps:

1. Log into your Miva Merchant administration interface.

2. Click on the "Domain Settings" link.

3. In the main page, click "Site Configuration".

The 6th field contains the Secure Base URL information. This error will occur is there is nothing here OR if there is a nonsecure URL here. A nonsecure URL is any URL beginning with "http://" instead if "https://".

The Secure Base URL for Graphics is sort of similar to your "Secure URL to Miva Merchant". With most installations, it is similar to: (YOURDOMAIN = your actual domain)


https://YOURSECUREURL/Merchant2/ (YOURSECUREURL = the secure URL to your website, provided by your host)

• Graphics coded into Headers & Footers with HTML are being called nonsecurely: In the previous section, the difference between relative and direct URLs was discussed.

Oftentimes, when coding HTML for Miva Merchant's many different Headers & Footers it is very easy to use direct URLs to call images from somewhere outside of Miva Merchant software.

It is important, because parts of Miva Merchant are secure (to protect customer information), that all images be called relatively.

If the image is coded to be called relatively, then when Miva Merchant is accessed securely, the image will be called using the "Secure Base URL for Graphics".

In order to have this work properly, you will need to have all images that are being coded into the Headers & Footers loaded into the /Merchant2/ directory (or a subdirectory of it) on your website server.

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