Unable to Calculate UPS Shipping Charges
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I am using the UPS Shipping Calculator in Miva Merchant, but when I checkout, I am getting the error message: "Unable to Calculate UPS Shipping Charges" in the drop-down menu. How can I setup UPS so that it will work properly?

With UPS, there can be additional factors that cause the shipping calculation to not work. These are easy to fix, though.

• First of all, UPS uses the product weight to calculate the shipping costs. It is very easy to add a product sometimes while forgetting to assign a product weight. Simply check each product to make sure that each has a shipping weight assigned.

If they do not, edit the product and specify the product weight. If you are not sure how to edit a product, please click here >>> for more information.

• The other thing that UPS uses to calculate shipping charges is the United States Postal Codes. This includes both the Origin/Destination zip codes.

Usually, any problems occurring because of this is due to the fact that there is a zip code in the "Owner" area of the "Store Settings." To view and edit this, follow these steps:

1. Log into your Miva Merchant administration.

2. Expand the "Stores" menu by clicking the blue triangle next to it.

3. Click on the hyperlinked NAME of your store.

4. In the main page, click on the "Owner" Tab. This will display the address information for the Store Owner.

5. Change the Zip Code so that it reflects only the first 5 digits of you correct postal code. Click Update

• Also, you will want to note that the UPS QuickCost Calculator only accepts zip codes originating from within the United States. UPS Shipping Calculation cannot be done with Miva Merchant for orders originating outside of the US.

• New in Miva Merchant v4.1: UPS now requires that you register with UPS before using their service. This can be done right from the "Shipping Configuration" section of your Miva Merchant administration interface.

Test the site. It should now be able to calculate USP Shipping Charges. If all of the steps above were correctly completed, and you are still receiving these errors, please contact Miva Technical Support.

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