Configure Paypal (VeriSign) Payflow PRO
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How can I set up Miva Merchant to use the Paypal Payflow PRO (formerly Verisign) payment gateway?

There is a module built into Miva Merchant that allows users to connect to the Paypal Payflow PRO payment gateway offered by Paypal Corporation. First, contact your host provider and check with them to make sure they support the use of this payment gateway on their servers. In order to support the gateway, your host provider must install the Paypal Payflow PRO commerce library. If they do, or will support this gateway, to use it, you must sign up for the service. You can find more information about the Paypal service by clicking on the following link:

Once you have signed up for the payment gateway service, Paypal will provide you with most of the information needed to setup the gateway inside Miva Merchant. Follow these steps to complete the configuration:

1. Log in to your Miva Merchant administration interface.

2. Expand the "Stores" menu by clicking on the blue triangle next to the menu.

3. Expand your store by clicking the blue triangle next your store's name.

4. Click the link, "Payment Configuration".

5. In the Payment Configuration page displayed, if you are using Paypal Payflow PRO, there should be a linked tab: "VeriSign Payflow Pro (PaymentNet)" showing. Click it to access the module configuration area.

We will focus on only the first 3 fields:
• User ID: Here, you will need to provide three things:

The User ID that you created when you first signed up for your payment gateway account or was assigned to you by your Partner.

The Partner Code that is either ‘VeriSign' (if you signed up directly with VeriSign) or was provided to you by the VeriSign reseller and/or partner.

The Vendor ID which currently is the same as the USER ID

Information entered in this field is case-sensitive. Case-sensitive means that the information must match exactly with regards to capitalization.

• Password: This field is where you will enter the Password for your account. Only enter the password (case-sensitive) and nothing else.

• Host: Here, you must provide Miva Merchant with the URL to connect to the VeriSign Payment Gateway. The default URL specified when Miva Merchant is first setup is incorrect. You should use one of the following URL's:

1) - For performing test transactions. Test transactions will not charge any credit card used during checkout. Also allows for the use of test credit card numbers.

*****Please see the Paypal Payflow Pro Developer's guide for more information regarding testing your account.*****

2) - This URL should be used when going live. All credit cards entered during checkout will actually be authorized for the specified funds.

6. Once all of the settings, above, are correctly entered into the Payment Configuration - VeriSign Payflow Pro (PaymentNet) area, click the "Update" button.

7. After you receive a confirmation that the settings have been updated you will then need to place a test order in your online store. If you're account is setup in test mode you can do this using test credit card numbers. If you do not place the account in test mode in your online manager you can place an order with a live card. Just be sure you've set the module to PreAuth (Authorize Only, Capture Later) so the card is not charged.

• You will receive an Invoice.

• No "Unable to authorize payment:" errors will be displayed.

• The transaction will show up in the Paypal Payment Manager under “Reports >>> Daily Activity Report”.

• To process the authorization click "Transaction Terminal >>> Auto Delayed Capture".

Now that you have completed the configuration and tested a transaction, you will want to be sure that you switch the Host: field to the "live URL" when you are ready to begin accepting real orders.

For more information on setting up Payment Configuration in Miva Merchant, please see our docs:

Link to Paypal Payflow Pro support:

****** If you find anything in this article inaccurate please contact Miva Technical support at******

Merchants running v4.14 - v4.24 of Miva Merchant need to be using PayFlow Pro v4.2404. The module can be downloaded off our support suite. Click here to download PayFlow Pro v4.2404

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