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Authorize.Net Payment Services v3.0

When I am checking out of my storefront, I am receiving and error: "Unable to authorize payment: Invalid Referrer Or Relay Response URL". What is this caused by and how can I fix it?

This error will only occur with shopping carts that are using the Authorize.Net v3.0 or QuickCommerce v3.0 payment gateways.

This is caused by the specification of referrer URL's in the 3rd party payment gateway control panels. To access the control panels use the following URLs:

QuickCommerce -

Authorize.Net -

Because all of its pages are created dynamically, Miva Merchant will never be able to match any referrer URLs specified in these control panels. To fix this error follow these steps:

1. Log into the appropriate payment gateway control panel using the URL's listed above.

2. Click on the "Settings" tab at the top of the screen.

3. In the Settings area, click on "Manage URLs".

4. Locate the field for "Valid Referrer URLs" and delete any URLs specified.

5. Save your changes and log out of the control panel.

6. Test the store, and the error should no longer be displayed.

During the Checkout process, when the credit card information is submitted for payment, I am getting this error: "Unable to authorize payment: the specified module cannot be found". What causes this error, and how can I fix it?

This error is caused by an incorrect installation of the Miva Commerce Library for the payment gateway that you are using. A Commerce Library is a file that is stored on the server which allows Miva Empresa to perform secure transactions with other web sites.

Now, because these files are generally shared and stored in a central location on the server, individual merchants usually don't have access to them.

They can only be enabled and modified by someone with administrative access to the server. Usually, this would be one of Miva's Hosting Partners (or your host provider).

Specifically, this will happen when the commerce library has been added to the configuration on the server, but the file that it is trying to access isn't in the specified location.

Basically, to fix this problem, an administrator will need to access the Miva Configuration on the server:

• Linux/Unix - Miva Configuration File
• Windows NT/2000 - Internet Services Manager

Once they have accessed the commerce library configuration, the server administrator should be able to find the Miva Commerce method in question and find out where the server is looking for the file.

They need go to this location, and place a new commerce library there OR point the configuration to a different location where the commerce library file can be found.

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