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How to configure Paypal Payflow Link?
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How to configure Paypal Payflow Link?

(note-The module is still labeled Verisign Payflow Link in your Miva Merchant administration interface)

Payflow Link is the lower-tier payment gateway service that Paypal is currently offering to consumers.

First, to enable the Paypal Payflow Link module in Miva Merchant, follow these steps:

1. Log into the Miva Merchant Administrative Interface.
2. Expand the "Stores" menu.
3. Expand the Store being worked on.
4. Click Payment Configuration.
5. Check the box next to: "Verisign Payflow Link."
6. Click the Update button.

Once updated, a link for "Verisign Payflow Link" will be displayed at the top of the screen. Click this link to configure the actual settings for the account:

1. Click the link at the top of the screen labeled "Verisign Payflow Link"
2. In the field labeled "Partner:" specify the Partner ID you get from your payment processor.
3. In the field labeled "User ID:" specify the Paypal login id (not the Miva Merchant Login ID).
4. In the field labeled "Password:" specify the Paypal password (not the Miva Merchant password).
5. The default URL in the field labeled "URL:" is incorrect. It should be changed to the following:

The values should be changed to match the correct information. The LoginID is the same as the one entered in the first field. The Partner ID should be provided to the merchant when they sign up for the Payflow Link Account with Paypal.

6. Once all of this information has been entered correctly, click the "Update" button.

See Below:

The rest of the fields can be configured to the customer's needs. It is up to them, and their arrangement with Verisign to determine what these settings should be.

Type of Transaction:

- Authorize Capture - When selected, this setting will authorize the credit card and capture the funds immediately when a shopper submits the information. This means that the shopper's card will be charged right away.

- Authorize Only (Capture Later) - When selected, this setting will only authorize the shoppers credit card for the funds. It will be up to the merchant to log into the Verisign Manager to capture the funds.

Available Payment Methods:

- These selections indicate the type of payment methods that merchants will be allowed to use. These must be setup with Paypal beforehand. Generally, additional methods like "Telecheck" will cost an additional monthly fee.

Those are the necessary steps for configuring the Paypal Payflow Link module inside the Miva Merchant interface. There are a few more steps that need to be completed in the Paypal Manager to finish the process.

The Paypal Manager can be accessed at the following URL:

Please follow the steps on the following pages to complete the configuration for the Verisign Payflow Link payment gateway.

Access the Verisign Manager at:

1. Login at the Paypal Manager login screen.
2. Click on Service Settings

On the page displayed are different settings that the merchant can configure to his/her needs. This document will detail only those that are pertinent to Miva Merchant. Specifically the settings found in the section headed: Form Configuration.

1. The menu labeled "Return URL Method" should always have "POST" selected. This is the only way that Miva Merchant will interact with Payflow Link.

2. The field labeled "Return URL" is also very specific. It will contain the URL to the file on the Merchant's site that will accept feedback from Payflow Link and build the final invoice. It should be:

Merchant v4.x:
Merchant v5.X:

** Verify secure URLs from within Miva Merchant Administration >> Site Configuration **

Please be sure to change the URL to reflect your correct secure URL information.

3. The field labeled "Silent Post URL" is also very specific. The box should ALWAYS be checked. It will contain the URL to the file on the Merchant's site that will accept the order information from Payflow Link and store it inside the Miva Merchant Admin. It should be:

Merchant v4.X:
Merchant v5.X:

** Verify secure URLs from within Miva Merchant Administration >> Site Configuration **

Please be sure to change the URL to reflect your correct secure URL information.

4. The box next to "Force Silent Post Confirmation" should also be checked. This forces Payflow Link to verify that it can communicate with Miva Merchant before actually processing the order. It is very important that they can "talk" to each other.

The field labeled "Failed Silent Post Return URL:" will provide the location where the shopper will be directed in the case that communication between the applications fails. It can be to any location on the website, but it is a good idea to point the user back to the storefront, or to an HTML page explaining the problem and requesting that they contact the merchant directly.

5. Transaction Process Mode should be set to whatever the customer needs at the time. If "TEST" is selected, none of the credit cards submitted through the account will be charged, and test credit card numbers will be accepted. When "LIVE" is selected, all credit card numbers will be authorized and funds will be capture-able.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save Changes" button.

All other settings on this page can be changed to suit the merchant's needs. It is important that they refer to Paypal-Provided documentation before making any changes to this area.

*Note: Force Silent Post Confirmation may not be supported by your webserver. For this feature to work, the webserver needs to allow a "200 message" to be sent through so PayFlow Link knows that Miva Merchant has received the data.

If your transactions are automatically being voided, one thing yo u can try is disabling the Force Silent Post Confirmation. If that does not resolve the issue, contact Verisign support. Changes must also be made to the configuration of Miva Merchant's Verisign Payflow Link Module. This is used to send the information to Verisign.
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