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Upgrading from MM4.x to MM4.x
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Title :

Upgrading from MM4.x to MM4.x


Some of the steps required to resolve this issue need a level of server access that will not be available to most end users. If you are a MIVA Merchant end user experiencing this problem, you may have to forward this information to your Host, ISP, or Systems Administrator.

Solution :


1. On your local computer, create a folder called Backup. Inside this folder, create two more folders: One called Web and one called Data.

2. FTP to your website.

3. In your sites Web Directory, there should be a Merchant2 folder. Take a copy of this folder and all of it's contents and place it in the Web folder on your local computer.

4. In your sites Data Directory, there should be another Merchant2 folder. Take a copy of this folder and all of it's contents and place it in the Data folder on your local


You now have a Backup of your entire Miva Merchant Store.


1. Download the Miva Merchant 4.24 installation file via the FTP info towards the bottom of this email. Most people will want to download "", for Windows or "Merchant 424.tar" for Mac.

2. Double-click on the file you downloaded. This will start unpacking the new Merchant 4.24 files.

3. Follow the on-screen directions. You will come to a screen that asks where you would like to install the files. You probably want to specify your Desktop so you can find the files easier later.

4. Once it has completed, you will need to FTP to your website again.

5. You want to go into your site's Web directory.

6. Take the Merchant2 folder on your Desktop and place it in your site's Web directory. You want to make sure it goes in the same location as the existing

Merchant2 folder so it can overwrite the older files.

7. Once completed, you can disconnect from FTP.

8. Open up a web browser and go to (This may be different depending on where your host has Miva Merchant installed.)

9. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the upgrade.

You have now successfully upgraded your Miva Merchant store to 4.24 !

(If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Miva Support.)

Notes :-

Upgrading and Backing Up Your Miva Merchant Store Front

You will need FTP access to your site to complete the Backup and Upgrade.

You should contact your Host Provider for information regarding FTP access.

Your host must be running Miva Empresa Virtual Machine v4.14 or higher in order for Miva Merchant 4.24 to work.

**Please make sure you read through these directions completely before starting your Backup or Upgrade. Thanks!

**Before going through this backup/upgrade, make sure you delete all Batches and Orders, delete Expired Shopping Baskets, and pack your Store Data Files**


To download software, please use the following Miva Merchant FTP information:

(for browser download...)

LOGIN: bmerchant4
PASSWORD: Wahh4iocai

********REGARDING UPGRADING FROM 4.13 OR LOWER TO 4.24********

IMPORTANT- When you upgrade from uncompiled miva merchant (4.13 or lower) to compiled miva merchant (4.14 or higher) your extensions for miva merchant will change from .mv to .mvc. This means that if you have any html links to your products or storefront, those links will need to be updated.


All third party modules you may have in your store must be compiled in order for them to work in Miva Merchant 4.24 . Contact the developer of the module and see if you can get a compiled version of the module for use in Miva Merchant 4.24 .
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