Miva Merchant 10.00.04 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith on 17 December 2020 10:01 AM

New Features & Improvements

Webhooks now support http basic authentication
Volume discount table is now automatically refreshed when selected variant is changed
Support for "Address Description" Field during Checkout
Weight value is now updated when changing attributes
New overselling protection for Inventory at Checkout
IP address is now saved with the Order Payments table
Additional Logging:
  • Additional data logging for Administrative accounts
  • Log before and after values when changing Administrative user email addresses
  • Log runtime customer actions to the admin activity log
  • Log authorization failures to the admin activity log
Google Analytics Settings and Templates are now versioned and Branch specific as a Managed Property
Changeset_Create now save notes in the managed versions so they can be accessed on individual templates
Deleting a branch now also deletes copies of the CSS and JS files in the Branch folder

Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Component Description
MM-10363 Administrative Interface Order Overlay: Selecting next/previous order via keyboard arrows no longer works
MM-10364 Administrative Interface Disable authentication dialog has authentication misspelled.
MM-10346 Administrative Interface JS error when opening an order from the order history dialog.
MM-10306 Administrative Interface Blank error message returned when creating a branch fails to copy a template.
MM-10319 Administrative Interface Cannot Add Category from the Edit Product Screen
MM-10162 Administrative Interface Remove the word Experimental from Combined and Minified JS setting
MM-10252 Administrative Interface Additional data logging for Administrative accounts
MM-10253 Administrative Interface Log before and after values when changing Administrative user email addresses
MM-10261 Administrative Interface Remove mivastats logging
MM-10297 Administrative Interface Hover on Tags under User Interface has the wrong Alt/Title text
MM-10343 Administrative Interface Selecting a Variant in the Order Item Add Dialog no longer sets the Variant SKU
MM-9894 Core Runtime Add Support for "Address Description" Field to Checkout
MM-10290 Customers Customer credit can no longer be adjusted with a negative value
MM-10287 Customers Shop As Customer does not correctly pass the tax-exempt flag
MM-10254 Customers Log runtime customer actions to the admin activity log
MM-10257 Database Layer Add "ip" column to sNN_OrderPayments
MM-10233 Discounting Subsystem Specific sale price discount that increases the price of a product can oscillate between discounting and not discounting with certain prices
MM-7660 Discounting Subsystem Basket subtotal qualifications do not take into account basket-level discounts
MM-10314 Discounting Subsystem Coupons with 2 or more pice groups assigned do not correctly apply the groups
MM-10241 Framework Import/Export NTFD page does not get default 404 http header record on store creation or default framework application.
MM-9344 Inventory Subsystem Overselling protection for Inventory at Checkout
MM-10259 JSON API Add specific log messages for Provision_Domain and Provision_Store when denying a request due to token characteristics
MM-10305 MMList MMList: Navigation columns assume column nodes are HTMLElements
MM-10333 Module: cmp-cssui-mivapay Template compilation validation should return instead of assigning response to null variable
MM-10296 Module: cmp-mv-attributemachine Attribute machine, swatch images don't load when initial attribute state is set to "do not preload".
MM-10243 Module: cmp-mv-attributemachine Allow weight to be updated when changing attributes
MM-10317 Module: devat Devat no longer calculates negative tax values when sending to non-taxes countries.
MM-10232 Module: discount_costmarkup Discount: Markup from cost does not correctly use variant pricing.
MM-10017 Module: discount_shipping_product Shipping discount (discounted products only) applies discount differently in DiscountModule_Discount_ShippingMethodList vs DiscountModule_Discount_Shipping
MM-10344 Module: discount_volume Volume discount is not removed after editing quantity on BASK
MM-10322 Module: discount_volume Rounding of percentage-based volume discounts differs in runtime and admin
MM-10244 Module: discount_volume Refresh volume discount table when selected variant is changed
MM-10183 Module: mvga Google Analytics settings and templates should be branch versioned
MM-8555 Module: mvga Product List Clicks are not reporting correctly in Enhanced mode
MM-10367 Module: mvga Google analytics, universal enhanced ecommerce, related product lists clicks never update.
MM-10345 Module: mvga INVC screen loses relevant data when Google Analytics is installed
MM-10246 Module: orderworkflow Add support for HTTP Basic Authentication for WebHooks
MM-10327 Module: paypalcp PayPal Phone number is not being set on PayPal Commerce Platform transactions
MM-10368 Module: paypalcp Add Miva Partner code to JavaScript SDK tag
MM-10353 Module: paypalcp PayPal Credit buttons do not show if Credit Card Processing is not enabled
MM-10045 Module: quote Quote status has not changed upon refreshing when Quote has been sent and item has been Modified
MM-10308 Module: quote JSON_QuoteCustomFieldList_Load_Query references incorrect database view
MM-10309 Module: quote QuoteConfiguration_Load references incorrect database view
MM-9966 Module: readytheme ReadyTheme: Banner Add / Update Provisioning: Description should be a required field
MM-10320 Module: readytheme ReadyTheme: Load_NavigationSet mvt:item function no longer populates the :navigationtiems structure
MM-10310 Module: upsdevkit UPS Developer Kit Registration Wizard does not properly pre-populate the Store URL
MM-10316 Module: reviewbaskets Orders Created in Admin via Review Baskets don't properly track Source and Source ID
MM-10331 Patches Error when updating a PostgreSQL store to 10.00.04
MM-10313 Patches Template feed managed template should have their item_ids set properly
MM-10260 Payment Log authorization failures to the admin activity log
MM-10234 Price Groups Price groups assigned to a basket via template code get removed after a coupon is applied.
MM-10324 Provisioning PRV_LogMessage, PRV_LogParseError, and PRV_LogError create a data file based on a global variable
MM-10315 Subscriptions Edit order, Add subscription dialog does not set the product sku field.
MM-10307 Subscriptions JSON_BaseSubscription_With_Query outputs "address_addr" twice, both times incorrectly
MM-10341 Template Subsystem Changeset_Create does not save notes in the managed versions
MM-10050 Template Subsystem Deleting a branch orphans CSS and JavaScript resource files
MM-10053 Template Subsystem JSON_PageItem_Update_Assigned_LowLevel returns 1 rather than a JSON response when the assignment state is the same as specified
MM-10340 Template Subsystem Merging Changesets applies changesets in the wrong order
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