Miva Merchant 9.13.00 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith on 17 April 2019 08:13 AM

Miva Merchant 9.13.00 Release Notes

New Features

  • MivaPay users may now configure the software to store payment credentials on an order-by-order basis.
  • New Order button allows an existing order to be copied, retaining the customer, payment card and shipping/billing addresses.
  • New store-level setting "Defer Creation of Empty Baskets” delays creation of basket records until a shopper logs in to a customer account or adds an item to their basket, reducing database overhead and the number of empty baskets.
  • New Module feature "not_uri” allows modules to be notified of URI creation, update and deletion.
  • The ReadyTheme module now uses a scheduled task to pre-calculate and cache the destination of navigation set item links, improving navigation set rendering performance.
  • ondemandcolumn "parts” causes variant parts to be returned when making API calls to functions returning OrderItems (most notably OrderList_Load_Query)
  • New domain-level setting "Link to all pages using HTTPS” allows the entire store to be run over secure URLs. This is now the default behavior for new installations.
  • The Authorize.Net module has been updated to support Authorize.Net Accept, a payment form solution enabling PCI-DSS SAQ A-EP.
    • As part of this update, the legacy NVP API is removed and the module will no longer support Authorize.Net-compatible providers, only official Authorize.Net API endpoints.
  • Subresource Integrity attributes may now be generated from inside the administrative interface for JavaScript and CSS Resources with a simple button press.
  • "Combined” CSS and JavaScript Resources allow site designers to combine multiple resources into a single server round-trip.
  • The CSSUI URLs component has been modified to improve performance on sites with a large number of pages.
  • Goodwill adjustments made when a discounted order total is modified may now be applied to the order as a charge, rather than an item.
  • Added support for Print Queues and the MivaPrint Q app, which replaces the previous Java-based solution for printing ZPL labels.
  • Added the ability to use different database connection parameters depending on the source of traffic, permitting different traffic sources to be directed to separate, replicated database instances.
  • The store-level "Hits” and "Visits” statistics may now be disabled with a store-level "Track Page Hit and Visit Statistics” setting. Disabling these statistics can have a measurable performance impact depending on site configuration. They are disabled by default for newly created stores.
  • The Endicia Shipping Labels module has been updated to use the current version of their API.
  • Suspected administrative session hijacking attempts are now logged to the administrative activity log.
  • Expired administrative sessions are now logged to the administrative activity log.
  • Email notifications are now sent when the domain email address changes.
  • The shopping customer password reset mechanism has been modified to support a two-stage process which should prevent email clients that preload URLs from invalidating reset links. The new style uses a newly added CSTR page and can be enabled by changing the "Password Reset Style” option under Customer Settings.
  • Shipping label generation has been removed from the U.S.P.S. Online Rate Calculation (Domestic & International) module because the API has been discontinued.
  • All core components have been updated to support loading their JavaScript with the async and defer attribute. New, default installations will defer loading of JavaScript by default.
  • Functions Order_Create_FromOrderOrder_AuthorizePaymentMethodList_Load and CustomerPaymentCardList_Load_Query have been added to the API
  • All users with the Customer view privilege are now able to view a customer's current credit balance. The Account Credit privilege still controls access to the customer credit history.
  • Negotiated rates are now enabled by default when installing the UPS Developer Kit module.
  • Rate shopping is permitted for the UPS Developer Kit when using negotiated rates.

Bugs Fixed

25449: Core Runtime: AttributeMachine.js needs support for multi-add-to-basket
26379: Module: discount_volume: Volume pricing display table does not work when products are assigned to the price group via category
26774: Template Subsystem: CSS/JavaScript Resources with Local File should output an anti-caching mechanism
27067: Administrative Interface: Notify domain owner when domain email is changed
28151: Module: cmp-cssui-basket: formatted_subtotal_comprehensive is incorrect when displaying groups
28152: Module: cmp-mv-minibask: formatted_subtotal_comprehensive is not populated for groups
28766: Module: paypalpro: PayPalPro: The module should output the json_url in the head tag if it is not already present
28784: Administrative Interface: YubiKeys that have not been registered with the YubiCloud result in a non-helpful "nonce mismatch" error
28785: Module: mvusps: USPS discontinued the no postage label option as of February 23rd, 2018
28788: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: eBay: Variation Listings: Variant images can get uploaded multiple times
28794: Administrative Interface: Session timeout message is logged when a potential session hijack is detected
28797: Module: braintree: Re-add PayPal support
28802: Price Groups: Incorrect searching by Note Count when viewing Business Accounts assigned to Price Group
28827: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Google Shopping: Upload/Update All Products: Additional images get added to the wrong products in some cases
28832: Module: packbyquantity: Module_Box_Field_Query_OrderBy is using the incorrect member name in order by
28833: Module: packbyweight: Module_Box_Field_Query_OrderBy is using the incorrect member name in order by
28834: Related Products: RelatedProductList_Customer_Load_Product fails with Unknown column 'relp.disp_order' in 'order clause'
28841: Core JSON: Custom fields are not being updated from batch lists when character set is not utf-8
28870: Administrative Interface: CSS Resources, inline edit of a css file causes tag attributes to disappear.
28871: Administrative Interface: JavaScript Resources, inline edit of a JS file causes tag attributes to disappear.
28872: Provisioning: ResourceGroup_Delete does not delete the specified resource group.
28873: Administrative Interface: CSS Resources, inline edit always displays file path with an upload box and text field.
28881: Module: braintree: Add warning that Advanced Fraud Tools must be turned on to use Kount
28893: Module: orderworkflow: Order Workflow: Wait Until True's "Maximum" value is evaluated as seconds instead of minutes in scheduled task
28898: Module: chasepaytech: CHASE Paymentech Orbital Gateway: Multiple address fields need to truncate data that is too long
28937: Administrative Interface: Shipping method appears as undefined on Order Processing Shipments overlay
28988: Core JSON: "orderitem:retail" price is not consistent between JSON_Order_Items, JSON_Order_Products, JSON_OrderItem_Add, JSON_OrderItem_Update, PRV_Order_Product, and PRV_Order_Item
28989: Core JSON: JSON_Order_Products: Setting l.orderitem:price via Adjusted_Price_LowLevel is passing unset variable l.customer
29004: Administrative Interface: Autogenerate variants only creates 1 variant part product for two options in some cases.
29097: Payment: "One or more parameters are invalid" error when attempting to assign a Payment Card to an Availability Group
29109: Administrative Interface: Goodwill adjustment items prevent an order from entering the "Shipped", "Back Ordered" or "Returned" states
29111: Module: discount_shipping_product: Shipping Discount (Discounted Products Only): Discount shipping module can cause EOF errors during checkout
29128: Attribute Templates: Attribute templates batchlist, inline edit of an attribute template record should not make reference count editable.
29134: Module: orderworkflow: Feature Request: Add ability to change group type more easily/clearly
29136: Module: braintree: Permit collection and passing of Kount device data for MivaPay transactions
29276: Module: braintree: Gateway response validation needs improvement
29440: Module: mailchimp: Runtime MailChimp errors should not be bubbled up
29487: Provisioning: Add Cost and Weight update support to OrderShipment_SetStatus provisioning tag
29576: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme: Navigation Items: The link_dest field is not cleared when setting link type to None
29729: Module: upsxml: Permit rate shopping when negotiated rates are enabled
29809: Core Runtime: Feature Request: Initialized Facet Range Sliders should have the ability to be accessed globally
30076: Universal Search: Order Processing, universal search can't open orders that are filtered out by the persistent filters.
30081: Scheduled Tasks: Code that relies on legacy currency, tax and UI module global variables fails inside scheduled task
30121: Administrative Interface: View store and view on live store buttons do not honor URL and URI settings
30122: Module: braintree: Explicitly suppress Postal Code field in drop-in
30198: Module: orderworkflow: WebHook data no longer includes customer account credit when triggered in scheduled task
30519: Module: orderworkflow: Triggering an Order workflow that has a WebHook action prevents subscriptions from being processed properly
30520: Feeds: "Process Now" button executes feeds in an environment that differs from runtime or scheduled tasks
30522: Module: templatefeed: Template Based Feed: FeedModule_Provision_Settings fails to bubble up errors
30523: Module: templatefeed: Template Based Feed: Provisioning: Deleting an existing template feed and then instantly creating another one with the same name causes an error
30742: Module: discount_addon: Additional price display does not work if the product viewed will also trigger an add-on product discount.
30763: Patches: MMLSK-PACKING.lst/MMLSK-TREE.lst: Add dependencies for all included modules
30796: Scheduled Tasks: Scheduled task that references an uninstalled module causes scheduled task processing to run away
30826: Scheduled Tasks: Scheduled tasks are still run when a module is deactivated
30910: Core JSON: JSON_Order_Create: Not triggering fulfillment modules
30914: Module: orderworkflow: Cached custom field values can lead to incorrect order data in workflow condition checking and action application
30915: Module: orderworkflow: Order data can be out of date when multiple actions exist in a workflow and one or more of those actions modifies order data
30916: Module: orderworkflow: When loading order data for workflow processing, custom fields should be pulled in through the query builder functions when possible
30937: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Etsy: Etsy_Call_xxx functions improperly check the pagination structure
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