Miva Merchant 9.08.00 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith on 08 March 2018 02:16 PM


New Features

· New Square payment module

· New Combination Facets module allows facets to be constructed from multiple component parts. For example, it could be used for an auto parts application (Year/Make/Model), etc.

· The Custom Fields module now supports multiple-value fields. These fields can store more than one value per product.

· The Braintree payment module now supports advanced fraud filtering through their Kount service.

· The Template Based Emails module now supports pending subscription emails, which are sent N days before a subscription is scheduled to be processed.

· The CHASE Orbital Payment Gateway payment module now supports username/password authentication.

· Apple Pay now provides better error messages/handling when used with iOS 11 devices.

· Facet Rules now allow a facet to be displayed, hidden (but active, if a value is passed) or disabled entirely.


Other Changes

The buySAFE module has been removed.


Bugs Fixed

22469: Payment: Unable to complete checkout using PayPal express when limiting payment methods to PayPal express.

25066: MMTextEditor: Make 'URI' & 'Display' fields bold when inserting hyperlink

25076: MMTextEditor: 'auto' & 'Auto' do no behave the same when editing image dimensions

25200: Specifications: Subscription Reminder Emails

25312: MMTextEditor: Feature Request: MMTextEditor: Add ability to enable/disable spell check on a per-editor basis

25441: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Google Shopping: Variants which have images and are using the selected variant Google Shopping image do not get uploaded

25452: MMTextEditor: Feature Request: MMTextEditor: Add local/global setting management

25454: MMTextEditor: Feature Request: MMTextEditor: Add ability to change displayed font size/color/family for source mode

25480: Module: mvga: Subscription orders display zero quantity in Google Analytics

25484: MMBatchList: MMBatchList: MMBatchList_Column_TextArea: Inline editing multiple records and changing the first record's textarea updates the last records textarea instead

25486: Module: applepay: ApplePay: International postal codes are not handled correctly

25492: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Etsy: Listing descriptions should not be limited to any character limit

25493: Facets: Facets need to account for products hidden when out of stock.

25500: Database Layer: Setting a product to inactive should update Product.lastupdated/cache_ver values

25523: Module: applepay: Apple Pay transactions fail to complete on iOS 11

25525: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Google Shopping: Duplicate product images should be shown on the product settings screen

25526: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Google Shopping: Product images and how they are built and handled need to be reworked

25527: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Google Shopping: Deleting a product does not delete all associated sNN_MP_GoogleShoppingXXX data

25566: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Google Shopping: Add image_id back to the sNN_MP_GoogleShoppingItemImages table so it can track image records

25583: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Etsy: If creation of listing variants fails, the entire listing should be deleted

25584: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Etsy: Item image type records are not deleted when a product is deleted

25594: Module: mailchimp: MailChimp: Multiple incorrect currency codes

25595: Administrative Interface: product_update_lastupdated_relatedproduct slows down batchlist product deletion considerably.

25601: Module: upsxml: Update API endpoint URLs 25602: Module: mailchimp: Full sync task should delete the webhook when everything has been synced OR on error

25605: Module: cmp-cssui-addressfields: CADE, g.Address_Default_Shipping and g.Address_Default_Billing do not get set correctly

25606: Subscriptions: Subscriptions: Next order date gets saved to midnight server time, but displayed in admin as merchant local time

25652: Module: discount_volume: Volume pricing table becomes duplicated on products when more than one price group is assigned to a category.

25653: Module: discount_saleprice: Sale Price input field is duplicated on the edit product screen

25656: Module: cmp-cssui-prodlist: In advanced mode, the "Calculate Predicted Discounts and Sale Price" checkbox must be checked to get sale prices

25891: MMTextEditor: MMTextEditor: Z-Index issue causes line numbers of other editors to be displayed above table settings overlay

25894: Database Layer: Scheduled tasks, Perform Module Cleanup Tasks, takes too long when there are a lot of baskets.

25902: Discounting Subsystem: Product variants are not excluded from discounts when the master product is excluded.

25903: Module: discount_addon: Product added to the basket via the Add on product discount are missing the sku value.

25909: Administrative Interface: Edit order, order items, discount line item shading is not consistent across the table.

25915: Module: stdschtasks: Precalculating discount prices generates too much i/o and does not complete with a large number of discount signatures

25938: Administrative Interface: Admin: Orders: Need to add check to see if the inline edit button exists before calling Show/Hide

25939: Administrative Interface: Admin: Customer Orders: Need to add check to see if the inline edit button exists before calling Show/Hide

25946: Price Groups: PriceGroupCategory_Update_Assigned returns as blank when logged in as a non-admin user

26035: Facets: Attribute template facets that overlap with product attribute facets can cause 0 records to be returned when selected.

26037: MMTextEditor: MMTextEditor: Source Mode editor does not position cursor correctly when typing

26070: Facets: Facet codes that contain & in them do not get properly encoded for page numbers

26124: Template Import/Export: TUI_HTML_Parse_Tag_Start does not read the last character in the buffer

26125: Template Import/Export: Page Import will fail if two items that have an external file template are located too close to each other

26147: Gift Certificates: Fatal error during checkout when purchasing a Gift Certificate in MYSQL strict mode.

26150: Administrative Interface: User Preferences: Stores are not visible for administrators who are not store managers

26174: Module: canvat: Wizard_CanVat_Content_GST: g.Wizard_CanVat_GST needs output encoding

26175: Module: devat: Wizard_DEVAT_Content_Add_Rate: g.Wizard_DEVAT_Add_Rate needs output encoding

26176: Module: devat: Wizard_DEVAT_Content_Product_Rate: g.Wizard_DEVAT_Product_Select needs output encoding

26177: Module: vat: Wizard_VAT_Content_Product: g.Confirm_Rate_Message needs output encoding

26178: Module: vat: Module_Wizard_Summary_Field: g.Wizard_VAT_Prompt needs output encoding

26179: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme: Product Listing in Advanced Mode does not properly export image settings to frameworks

26181: Facets: Duplicate facets appear at runtime when 2 or more product list items are assigned to the same page.

26262: Module: chasepaytech: CHASE Paymentech Orbital Gateway: Mode provisioning tag sets the outputted values backwards

26266: Module: customfields: Custom Fields: Missing security preamble in JSON functions

26330: Facets: Attributes facets with mixed case don't work at all in MivaSQL

26332: Module: customfields: Facets with mixed case are handled differently in MivaSQL than in MySQL

26355: Facets: Category Facet Rules List displays incorrect value for Handling



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