Miva Empresa/Mia/Script Compiler v5.28 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith on 18 July 2017 08:20 AM

Bugs Fixed


22677: Readme.txt file should not contain the version number.

23343: Source files should be output without character escaping

23543: Implement COUNT( DISTINCT xxx )

23601: MvCALL always sets POST when opening a multipart connection

23683: builtins/crypto.cpp: x509_free, pkcs7_free, etc. should decrement xxx_slot_pos when the last element in one of the slots is being freed

23729: evp_pkey_free does not exist.

23784: Setting a negative value for the DB command statement_cache_size causes a segfault

23790: path variable in UNIXFilePath / Win32FilePath is inconsistently set via malloc and new[]

24055: DumpApplication::OutputF is susceptible to SEGFAULTS

24169: Parentheses is spelled wrong in the Expression Compiler

24236: Subquery in a DELETE statement where the subquery joins back to the original table doesn't work as expected

24237: Update engine version to 5.28 for the Windows' Installer Packages

24243: SQLCodeGenerator::Dump_Program iterates over the program even when with no log file open

24246: Non-ALL UNIONs behave the same as UNION ALL

24255: SQL_Stack::Copy does not set the delete flag


24257: Subquery in an UPDATE statement where the subquery joins back to the original table doesn't work as expected

24260: Add support for methods ""PATCH"", ""LINK"", ""UNLINK"" to MvCALL

24264: Schema::Log is susceptible to SEGFAULTS

24267: Using the LENGTH function in conjunction with an INDEX does not work as expected

24269: SQLResult::Share does not delete an existing _value_string

24274: It is not possible to sort a SELECT DISTINCT by a column that is not in the result set

24278: No error when a duplicate correlation name is specified

24351: MvCALL should allow any method to send files

24358: Add a file_overwrite builtin

24389: MivaApplication::EncodeAttribute should encode ascii char 127 (DEL)

24414: Line numbers are incorrect after an escaped quotation mark in an expression at the end of a line

24416: Add a min builtin

24417: Add a max builtin

24673: Add a miva_variable_type builtin

24674: SQL_Stack::PopR fails to pass the copy flag to ::SetValue


New Builtin Functions


- evp_pkey_free( key var )

Remove an EVP_PKEY structure from internal memory. The passed EVP_PKEY structure reference is unchanged on failure (invalid reference) or set to 0 on success.

Parameters: - key - EVP_PKEY structure reference

Return Value:

- 1 on success

- 0 on failure


- min( a, b )

Returns the smaller of a or b


- a - Value 1

- b - Value 2

Return Value: - a if smaller than b, b if smaller than a


- max( a, b )

- The parameter value considered "lowest" during comparisons


- a - Value 1

- b - Value 2

Return Value: - The parameter value considered "highest" during comparisons


- miva_variable_type( variable )

Returns a string representation of the internal variable type

Parameters: - variable

Return Value: - A string reprsentation of the interval variable type. "INTEGER", "DOUBLE", "ARRAY", etc...


API Changes


New Flags


MVVTYPE_NONE - When a variable has no type (i.e. doesn't exist)

MVVTYPE_INTEGER - When a variable's primary type is an integer

MVVTYPE_DOUBLE - When a variable's primary type is a double

MVVTYPE_STRING - When a variable's primary type is a string

MVVTYPE_STRUCTURE - When a variable's aggregate type is a structure

MVVTYPE_ARRAY - When a variable's aggregrate type is an array


New API Functions


- mvVariable_Type

Takes an mvVariable and returns


Parameters: - mvVariable variable: A variable


Return Value: - MVVTYPE_xxx flag, or -1 when a variable has an unknown type


- mvVariableHash_Entries

Takes an mvVariableHash and returns the total number of entries in the variable hash



- mvVariableHash hash: A variable hash


Return Value:

- The number of entires in the variable hash





- SELECT commands now supports COUNT( DISTINCT column )

- UPDATE commands now support JOINs

- DELETE commands now support JOINs

- Added IFNULL function

- Added RECNO virtual column

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