Miva Merchant 9.6 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith on 29 August 2016 02:30 PM

Miva Merchant 9.6 Release Notes  

New Features

Feeds Subsystem

New Feeds subsystem allows modules to be configured to generate data feeds for pushing catalog information to external systems. Two bundled feed modules provide the following functionality:

• The Standard Sitemap Protocol module outputs a sitemap suitable for most major search engines, and supports automatic notification of Google and Bing when the sitemap is updated.

• The Template Based Feed module allows feeds to be easily constructed using template code.



• Support for Google Shopping and Etsy have been added to the Marketplaces module.


Scheduled Task Mechanism

A new scheduled task mechanism allows maintenance tasks to be scheduled and executed in the background. This mechanism is available to all modules.

• A new Standard Scheduled Tasks module allows the following common maintenance tasks to be automatically performed:

o Pack Data Files

o Delete Expired Shopping Baskets

o Perform Module Cleanup Tasks

In addition, the Standard Scheduled Tasks module supports automatic generation of feeds through the new feeds subsystem and routine processing of subscriptions through the new subscription subsystem.

Image Management has been updated to support checking for updated images and deleting unreferenced images through scheduled tasks.

• The PayPal Express Checkout and/or Website Payments Pro module has been updated to allow expired express checkout tokens to be deleted through scheduled tasks.

Marketplaces now supports the following operations through scheduled tasks:

o eBay: Sync Inventory

o Amazon: Sync Inventory

o Amazon: Import Orders

o Etsy: Sync Inventory

oEtsy: Import Orders

o Google Shopping: Update All (listings)


Review Baskets Module

• A new Review Baskets module allows administrative users to view, search and manipulate shopper baskets.


Subscription Subsystem

A new Subscription subsystem allows automatic reordering of products

• Requires MivaPay for payment processing

• The subscription term and frequency of reorder may be configured on a per product basis. Each product may have an unlimited number of subscription terms.

• Users may manage their subscriptions from the shopping interface.

• Products may be configured for optional or mandatory subscription.

• Digital download products may be delivered as subscriptions.

• Three new report modules provide information about subscriptions:

o Subscription Statistics o Subscription Metrics

o Subscription Product Statistics


Added support for MivaPay

MivaPay is a new service that provides tokenization of credit card numbers and an iframe-based checkout process that allows most merchants to meet PCI requirements with an SAQ-A. MivaPay works with the following existing payment gateways:

o Authorize.Net Payment Services v3.1

o CHASE Paymentech Orbital Gateway

o CyberSource

o PayPal Payments Advanced and/or Payflow Gateway (in Payflow Pro mode)

o Braintree

o First Data Global Gateway

o PayPal Express Checkout and/or Website Payments Pro (in PayPal Payments Pro mode)

o Intuit Merchant Services

• When MivaPay is enabled, shoppers may store credit cards in a wallet for use with subscriptions and to make the checkout process easier.

• Administrative users may collect payment from a stored customer payment card without having to enter the card number.

• Stored payment card tokens will continue to work even if the merchant changes payment gateways.


Module API Changes

NEW MODULE FEATURE: scheduledtask allows modules to implement scheduled tasks

NEW MODULE FEATURE: feed allows module to provide feeds

NEW MODULE FEATURE: not_subscript allows modules to be notified of changes in subscriptions

• The import and report features now support notification of the deletion of an import or report associated with a module

• The payment feature has been extended to support MivaPay and the concept of stored payment cards

Refer to the Miva Merchant 9 Module API Reference Guide, v3.0 for full documentation on the new features and changes above.


Other Changes

• The Google Analytics module has been updated to properly support short URLs generated by URI Management.

Braintree is now supported as a payment gateway.

• The Discounting subsystem has been optimized to improve performance when predicting discounts.

• The Inventory subsystem may now be configured to remove products from inventory at checkout rather than when added to the basket. When configured in this fashion, inventory is reverified during the checkout process and not removed from inventory until payment is successfully processed.

• The origin of an order is now tracked. Currently the order source may be one of the following:

o Admin User (created within the Administrative interface)

o Shopper (create within the runtime shopping interface)

o Marketplaces: Amazon

o Marketplaces: Etsy

o Marketplaces: eBay

o Subscription Reorder


Template Based Emails

• The default email templates have been updated with improved styling and a responsive design.



• New triggers have been added to handle subscriptions:

o Subscription Created

o Subscription Changed

o Subscription Cancelled



• A new trigger and default email have been added to notify shoppers when their stored payment card(s) are expired or will expire soon.


• Order emails may now be triggered depending on the origin of the order. This allows different emails to be sent for example, when a shopper places an order in runtime and when an Amazon order is imported through the Marketplaces module.


Bugs Fixed

8943: Module: canvat: it's impossible to place a non-Canadian order while using Canadian vat and require tax.

19664: Shipping/Packaging Rules: Add a weight field to boxes

19762: Module: mvga: Google Analytics should be updated to make use of the URIs when available

19832: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: eBay: Variation listing needs to handle UPC being required for each variation

20299: Administrative Interface: Module management interface does not include description

20592: Module: cmp-cssui-basket: formatted_subtotal_comprehensive should be made available in the basket component

20593: Attribute Templates: Feature Request: Add assigned/referenced product list to the Edit Attribute Template screen

20604: Administrative Interface: Business Account not displayed in Order Processing

20956: Universal Search: ReadyTheme does not appear in Universal Search

20957: Universal Search: Marketplaces does not appear in Universal Search

20971: Template Subsystem: features/tui/ Missing include

20972: Administrative Interface: Order Processing > Edit Order > Clicking "Assign" button for customer and then quickly clicking "Escape" produces JS error

21001: Crypto Library: Encryption key generation should delete the public key if the private key insert fails

21002: Wish Lists: EOF error when removing items from Wish List in runtime

21014: Patches: LSK does not contain include files for updated shipping modules

21025: Administrative Interface: MMDialog_FieldList_Controller.prototype.MarkInvalidFields does not work correctly

21027: Payment: lock on the orders when processing refunds

21028: Module: productimport: Productimport: limit payment methods gets checked when setting limit shipping methods during import

21029: Module: discount_shipping_product: Discount_Shipping_Product does not copy the basket residential flag correctly

21030: Module: mvfedexsoap: mvfedexsoap: Unable to generate label with bill recipient when no recipient account number is avaliable

21032: Provisioning: PRV_Action_Provision_Store_Page_Item creates blank provide_xml:name value

21033: Core JSON: Cannot update attribute code to same value, different case

21034: Core JSON: Cannot update option code to same value, different case

21090: Database Layer: lib/dbprim/ Add function NoteList_Load_Order

21215: Module: mvcanadapost: Canada Post should allow for commercial rates for non-contract "small business" accounts

21266: Core JSON: Canceling a return should update the Order Status

21267: Module: customfields: Provisioning Product/Category/CustomerField_Value functions return 0, when they should return PRV_Error

21280: Universal Search: Marketplaces > Get Orders should not be present when using universal search

21302: Module: uriexport: URIsExport_Export_Pages fails to output an empty value when Products are also set to be output

21310: Provisioning: Order note counts can potentially be wrong

21313: Template Subsystem: Token List displays runtime error when loading an inactive product while display predicted discounts is checked

21328: Inventory Subsystem: Function Inventory_Is_Available_Inventory_Limited is returning the wrong value

21331: Module: cmp-cssui-breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs default to Canonical Category code when loading a product when using legacy SEO short links.

21333: Uninstall Script: remove.mvc needs to support Two Factor Authentication if the Domain has it enabled

21335: Administrative Interface: Order Processing: Orders: Advanced Search "Product Code" field should allow the product lookup dialog to be displayed

21423: URI Management: It is possible to have multiple canonical URIs for all destination types

21434: Provisioning: URI_Add does not ensure the canonical attribute tag was valid

21459: Utility Library: v9_SendEmail can potentially output too many CRLFs in the headers

21463: Administrative Interface: Users with insufficient privileges are shown checkbox sliders throughout the core software

21483: Module: uriimport: URI import, when setting canonical to No URIs are imported as if canonical was set to yes.

21500: URI Management: URI management should have a default store select for handling URI not found

21531: Price Groups: Coupons Add/Edit Dialog: Button should say "Add" when adding a coupon

21541: URI Management: Page URI list does not refresh when updating a new URI to be canonical replacing an old URI that was canonical.

21542: URI Management: Product URI list does not refresh when updating a new URI to be canonical replacing an old URI that was canonical.

21543: URI Management: Category URI list does not refresh when updating a new URI to be canonical replacing an old URI that was canonical.

21545: Module: mvcanadapost: CanadaPostServiceList_Load doesn't close the correct VIEW

21598: Framework Import/Export: Unable to upload frameworks when root directory for graphics is set to /

21604: Template Subsystem: Cannot apply framework to store that has a nested directory setup

21608: Module: discount_product: Product discount rounding doesn’t allow for 1 penny final price

21615: Administrative Interface: MMDialog: Validate_WholeNumber_GreaterThan should select the input field value

21616: MMBatchList: Order processing does not properly handle a large number of batches

21624: MMBatchList: MMBatchList_Column_Checkbox & MMBatchList_Column_CheckboxSlider should override SetOnExportData and output Yes/No values instead of true/false values

21628: Customers: Customer shipping description not updating from provisioning file

21793: Administrative Interface: Orders batchlist is inconsistently refreshed when changing order status.

21806: Administrative Interface: MySQL Strict error when adding/updating a product with a blank price/cost/weight

21807: Module: productdigitaldownloadcustomfields: Product Digital Downloads Custom Field headers do not show up in the header row when exporting products

21814: Module: marketplaces: JavaScript error when viewing the ebay listings tab as a limited user

21815: Module: paypaladv: Module does not pass the CURRENCY parameter

21816: Price Groups: Predicting product discounts is too slow, specifically when displaying volume discounts on a category page

21825: Administrative Interface: Order Processing: Hitting the enter key multiple times in the Authorize dialog generates multiple authoriztaions

21827: Administrative Interface: Multiple files are missing the MvINCLUDE

21834: Module: orderhistorynotes: Order history notes creates records with a blank user_id when orders are created at runtime

21835: Database Layer: Order History Notes: is displayed for order notes that are created at runtime

21838: Administrative Interface: Functions AJAX_Call_Module_FieldList and AJAX_Call_FieldList pass a blank parameter when the parameters parameter is blank

21853: Customers: Basket record address fields should be cleared when a customer logs out

21861: Module: marketplaces: Add variation listing dialog, attribute dropdown is misaligned when product is set to good till cancelled.

21867: Module: discount_volume: Module does not handle the minified JS flag properly in Module_Clientiside

21873: Module: discount_saleprice: Missing index causes slow performance with a large number of sale price entries

21875: Module: mvfedexsoap: 16:RequestedPackageLineItems tag does not get sent in the smart post call when you have a very heavy item

21878: Module: variantimport: Variant Import should allow current stock for part products to be set

21891: Related Products: Related product records get left behind when products are deleted.

21902: Module: flatcus: Flatcus: Standard fields should not have Business account on a separate line

21904: Module: paypal: Paypal Payments standard is not compatible with the authorization token.

21905: Module: amazonpay: Amazon Payments is not compatible with the authorization token.

21906: Module: paypaladv: PayPal Payments Advanced is not compatible with the authorization token when used in hosted checkout mode.

21908: Database Layer: lib/dbprim/ function ProductImage_Load_ID parameter should be id and not product_id

21921: Discounting Subsystem: Using a coupon to add a free product to the basket returns "basket not eligible" error

22071: Import Subsystem: Import Settings: CSV/XLS Template download buttons should not be present for XML provisioning imports

22086: Customers: Edit Customer, Shipping/Billing information, update does not save changes when changing values to uppercase.

22098: Payment: Edit product, Permitted Payment Methods, payment module names disappear once you switch tabs

22110: Module: cmp-cssui-basket: Having both add to wish lists and coupon line items active for the BASK page causes formatting errors

22118: Module: mvga: Google Analytics: Checkout options are no longer sent on OSEL submission

22119: Module: mvga: Google Analytics: price fields inconsistently contained in quotes

22120: Module: mvga: Google Analytics: never sends a transaction on INVC

22121: Module: mvga: Incorrect product code being sent in AddToBasketSubmit call

22137: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Edit Product: Marketplace tabs are displayed when the user does not have sufficent privileges

22201: Administrative Interface: Copyright date on the About screen should reflect the current year

22203: Module: cmp-mv-paymentmethod: Invalid payment methods are not validated when continuing from the OSEL page

22206: Upsale: Checkout with a product that has a sale price and is part of an upsale shows incorrect price when the sale price is greater than the upsale price therefore increasing your order cost

22210: Module: report_sales: Exporting recent sales data is missing dates column when not displaying the gross sales column

22219: URI Management: Product URI Batchlist does not update correctly when the user visible columns preference is set

22220: URI Management: Category URI Batchlist does not update correctly when the user visible columns preference is set

22221: URI Management: Edit Page URI Batchlist does not update correctly when the user visible columns preference is set

22223: Module: productdigitaldownloadcustomfields: DigitalDownload_ProductFieldValue_LoadAll_Cache does not cache data in the conventional way

22226: Administrative Interface: When adding an option to an attribute on the Attributes tab an error states to enter a code even when a code exists

22228: Administrative Interface: Fatal error when changing a Page code if the prodctgy_meta item is assigned to the page.

22308: Upgrade Subsystem: New StoreModule features are not inserted for upgraded modules

22327: Price Groups: Discounts Applied to Order dialog has Applied spelt wrong

22328: Price Groups: Coupons Applied to Order dialog has Applied spelled wrong

22365: Module: mvfedexsoap: Label generation dialog still shows FedEx Ground US instead of just FedEx Ground

22460: Administrative Interface: JavaScript errors when viewing the inventory variants tab as a limited user.

22465: Administrative Interface: Greyed out buttons freeze IE 11

22467: Module: cmp-cssui-basket: Legacy SEO and 9.5 templates > Redeem coupon button is broken.

22475: Gift Certificates: JS error when generating Gift Certificates w/ 0 amount

22517: Module: templateorderemails: Template Order Email sort by pc_days (Payment Card Expires within N Days) does not sort correctly

22518: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces Google Shopping: Function JSON_Marketplaces_GoogleShoppingAccountList_Load has the JSON_ArrayElement_Start/End outside the foreach statement

22522: Module: marketplaces: The marketplaces google shopping privilege should be Marketplaces: Google Shopping


Released on 8/16/16

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