Miva Merchant 9.0005 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Wayne Smith on 28 December 2015 11:00 AM

Miva Merchant 9.5 Release Notes

New Features

New Digital Download Feature

  • Supports local file delivery and Amazon S3
  • Supports variants
  • Product Digital Download Custom Fields module


  • Added eBay Motors support
  • Added European region support, permitting sales in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, India and Italy

Customer Addresses 

  • Support for multiple bill to/ship to addresses per customer
  • Address book functionality in runtime and administrative interface

Payment Method Rules

  • Sort payment methods
  • Rename payment methods
  • Restrict payment methods by order total, state, country and zip code
  • Inter-method exclusions
  • Product-level payment method restrictions
  • Payment methods can be restricted by availability group

UPS Changes

  • UPS OnLine® Tools has been renamed to UPS Developer Kit
  • The Mexican peso is now supported as a currency for COD and declared value

Other Changes

  • Affiliate Export has been updated and now supports all of the features of other export modules
  • Order Export has been updated and now supports all of the features of other export modules
  • New "Note Count" columns for Customers, Business Accounts and Orders
  • Order Notes may now be viewed from the Orders tab of the Order Processing screen, without opening an order first
  • Boxes may now be configured to have their own weight (representing the weight of the box + packing materials, for example), which is combined with product weights when generating packaging solutions
  • ReadyTheme now honors URI Management settings
  • Searches can now be saved and recalled on a list by list basis within the administrative interface
  • Affiliate passwords are now encrypted
  • Multiple consecutive dashes in URIs are now replaced with a single dash
  • When archiving orders, users may now select whether to delete payment information, shipping labels, or both
  • Products can now be assigned to price groups from the Price Groups tab of the Edit Product screen
  • Shipping methods can now be configured to be "excluded by default", which requires all of the products in the basket to specifically allow the shipping method in order for it to be available during checkout
  • Status of digital download and gift certificate products is now tracked on orders, and orders are marked as shipped if they consist only of digital download/gift certificate products
  • Gift certificate codes are now generated when adding gift certificate products to an order from the administrative interface
  • Checkout by Amazon has been removed for new installations
  • Payment modules will no longer store complete credit card numbers unless order encryption is enabled. This includes the Credit Card Payment with Simple Validation module, which will not display any of its payment methods in runtime unless encryption is enabled
  • New JavaScript domain setting controls whether administrative JavaScript is output as separate files, combined files, or combined and minified files. The Combined and Combined and Minified settings may reduce bandwidth usage and improve performance
  • Users may now reorganize tabs throughout the administrative interface


Bugs Fixed

5792: Administrative Interface: Mass sorting options time out when using MySQL w/MyISAM storage

6305: Code Review: s.mivaversion checks for engine versions less than 5.22 should be removed

6733: Modules - Shipping: USPS: Does not support medium flat rate boxes.

7241: Database Layer: Order_Create: Should not create a payment record when pay_id is 0

7242: Utility Library: OrderItem_DetermineVariant_WithOptions does not properly look up multiple select attribute options by code

7262: Core Runtime: basket_changed UI Exception prevents customer fields from being initialized when returning to OCST

8734: Shipping/Packaging Rules: Rules do not persist when the shipping methods name is changed

9031: Database Layer: lib/dbeng/ Attribute_Insert may have dangling transaction

9170: Module: report_geosales: report_geosales: Running a report for a large timespan returns no results

9172: Module: report_productsales: report_productsales: Running a report for a large timespan returns no results

9686: Upsale: Upsell should use the basket's subtotal when looking up eligible products

10032: Administrative Interface: There is no way to delete/archive a shipping label

10091: Customers: Empty password allowed when adding a customer in runtime while logged in to a customer account

10675: Module: afilexprt: The Affiliate Export module doesn't allow you to email yourself the file

10702: Module: afilexprt: Module is still using the old export code

10703: Module: flatord: Module is still using the old export code

10850: Affiliates: Affiliate creation does not hash passwords before it is stored in database

15335: Module: marketplaces: Provide eBay Motors support

15451: Module: endicialabels: Add the ability to void labels from the Endicia Account Activity screen

16831: Administrative Interface: IE8/9 Imposes maximum limit of 32 individual style sheets

17353: Framework Import/Export: Saving frameworks and exporting templates timeout when invalid HTML is present

17400: Administrative Interface: Cannot edit products with high-ascii characters in their product codes when using a character set other than utf-8

17431: Module: shipexport: Export and import shipment information modules should use the same column names

17433: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme is confused on its security permissions

17536: Administrative Interface: Feature Request: Add ability to rearrange group tabs

19037: Customers: Customer MMBatchlist needs a default sort option that organizes from newest to oldest

19634: MMBatchList: Batchlists no longer get focus when loaded

19647: Administrative Interface: Display the number of notes when viewing an order / customer / business account

19683: Module: marketplaces: eBay: eBay_Import_Order should check that the ebay_order:selleruserid is an account in marketplaces before importing an order

19684: Database Layer: SQL_Query_WHERE_Clause inserts empty fields into where_fields

19692: Database Layer: Deleting products from MMBatchlist does not delete the product from URIs

19693: Database Layer: Deleting categories from MMBatchlist does not delete the categories from URIs

19694: Template Subsystem: Deleting pages from MMBatchlist does not delete the pages from URIs

19721: Administrative Interface: Order overlay does not receive focus when using the edit order button

19728: Module: uriexport: Some URI Export functions are missing ERROROUTPUTLEVEL

19729: Module: uriexport: When exporting 10000 products and 0 categories with a globaltimeout set to a low number the uri export never finishes

19730: Module: cmp-cssui-prodlist: Short links or URIs are not written correctly for pagination links

19731: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces permissions are weird

19735: URI Management: URI management needs to add a newline before appending the new rewrite rules to the htaccess file

19742: Customers: Business Account inline edit throws error when only changing the case of the title

19747: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces should support Amazon UK

19749: Module: upsxml: UPSXML, package weight should only be rounded up to minimum if the order weight is not exactly 0

19750: Administrative Interface: MMDialog_RadioGroup_Controller:OnRadioClicked function does not pass the correct value to the onchage handler

19752: Administrative Interface: Stores with codes containing a leading "0" can never be selected in the store dropdown

19755: Module: cmp-cssui-wishlistitems: Frameworks that setup image types & wish lists when applied cause a runtime error

19756: MMBatchList: MMBatchList that has no "text" columns returns all results when searching for text

19757: URI Management: JavaScript error when using MMBatchList CSV export to export URIs

19758: MMBatchList: Exporting CSV from Batchlist does not work in IE

19759: Module: cmp-cssui-wishlistitems: ComponentModule_Provision does not properly handle certain tags

19763: Administrative Interface: MMBatchListDialog Error Notification Menu is offset too far to the right

19764: Module: mvfedexsoap: mvfedexsoap: missing CspSolutionId tag from subscribe call

19765: Module: mvfedexsoap: mvfedexsoap: Add shipping method FedEx 2 Day AM

19766: Module: cmp-cssui-head: Head tag content, template compile error redirects you to a tab that no longer exists

19767: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Amazon: Seller SKU is too limiting and should be expanded per region

19768: Core JSON: The ship_res flag is not set in JSON_Create_Dummy_Basket

19769: URI Management: URI_Slugify should replace multiple dashes in a row with a single dash

19774: Provisioning: PRV - OrderShipment_Add fails when cost is greater than 9.99

19784: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces Amazon should change how it associates a seller sku with products

19788: Administrative Interface: Assign customers to price groups from the edit customer screen

19804: Template Subsystem: Frameworks batchlist needs a current framework indicator

19815: Module: fdggwsapi: First data global gateway can’t refund the whole auth+cap once the order has settled.

19816: MMBatchList: Doing a display order sort on a large number of products causes the browser to lockup

19817: Module: report_sales: Recent Sales: Running a report for a large timespan returns no results

19837: Module: cmp-cssui-prodlist: Failures in image machine prevent product list from being initialized correctly

19838: Module: cmp-cssui-vieworder: Failures in image machine prevent complete initialization

19839: Module: readytheme: Failures in image machine prevent complete initialization

19840: Module: cmp-mv-minibask: Failures in image machine prevent complete initialization

19841: Module: cmp-cssui-wishlistitems: Failures in image machine prevent complete initialization

19842: Module: cmp-cssui-vieworder: Failures in image machine prevent complete initialization

19843: Module: cmp-cssui-prodlayo: Failures in image machine prevent complete initialization

19844: Module: cmp-cssui-basket: Failures in image machine prevent complete initialization

19845: Module: templatebatchreports: Failures in image machine prevent complete initialization

19881: URI Management: URIs should not be generated for inactive products or categories.

19884: Module: cmp-mv-minibask: Mini bask does not display line items on the BASK page

19885: Module: cmp-mv-minibask: Total cost is not updated correctly on pages with the basket component

19896: Administrative Interface: Race condition when canceling orders.

19902: URI Management: URI Validation should allow certain reserved characters instead of blocking all of them

19905: Administrative Interface: Assign Products to price groups from the edit Product screen

19910: Module: uriimport: URI import should allow the updating of current URIs

19911: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces Amazon order import does not correctly show the price per item when there are multiple items

19924: Module: upsxml: UPS surepost rate errors prevent other international rates from being displayed.

19936: Inventory Subsystem: limited stock duplication error

19937: Module: buysafe: buySAFE Templates do not get generated when installing buySAFE in mm9.0004 store

20182: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces eBay: Create a successful log when revising inventory

20183: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces Amazon: Create a successful log when revising inventory

20215: Module: upsxml: SurePost rate call should only be made of the UPS ship from address is set to US

20219: Administrative Interface: Marketplaces menu item should be sorted alphabetically

20230: Module: upsxml: UPS shipping method names should be updated to conform to UPS trademark guidelines

20237: Module: upsxml: Freight methods give "invalid shipping method" error.

20245: Module: productimport: Adding/Replacing a product follows URI Update rules instead of URI Add rules

20246: Module: categoryimport: Adding/Replacing a category follows URI Update rules instead of URI Add rules

20248: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces Amazon: it is easy to set an invalid seller sku for a listing

20249: Shipping/Packaging Rules: features/shp/ is missing from the LSK

20284: Module: upsxml: UPS Trademark Notice update

20287: Module: upsdevkit: UPS: Additional information to be presented during registration

20288: Provisioning: ProductAttribute_Delete_All does not decrement attribute template reference counts

20289: Module: upsdevkit: During UPS registration we should automatically resubmit the registration if we encounter a username already in use error.

20290: Module: upsxml: Delivery confirmation should be displayed for UPS Next Day Air® Early A.M.

20307: Module: templateorderemails: TemplateOrderEmails_SendEmail does not reset the original Store Modules / Customer structures if an error occurs

20313: Module: mvga: Error at OPAY causes Google analytics to incorrectly report INVC page

20316: Setup Script: Change Miva Merchant to Miva, Inc.

20473: Module: shopascustomer: Basket_Load_CustomerSession is missing ERROROUTPUTLEVEL

20486: MMBatchList: When performing a display order sort for a large number of products (over 1400) the sort will take a long time to complete

20493: Module: mvfedexsoap: mvfedexsoap: New freight methods require ShippingDocumentSpecification tag

20494: Administrative Interface: Shipping methods with open-ended zip code restrictions not working

20563: Administrative Interface: Order Processing: Recalculate shipping does not work correctly with rate adjustment

20566: Administrative Interface: lib/db*/ are not in the LSK

20576: Module: mvfedexsoap: mvfedexsoap: New Freight methods do not support multiple package shipments

20577: Module: endicialabels: Endicia, Change PassPhrase Dialog does not use the correct processing text when clicking update

20578: Module: endicialabels: Endicia, Recredit Account Dialog does not use the correct processing text when clicking update

20594: URI Management: URI management, settings tab, user preferences fail to load after clicking update when Legacy SEO Settings are enabled.

20619: Administrative Interface: Functions are missing ERROROUTPUTLEVEL attributes

20620: Module: tokenlist: JSON_Save_Template_Source_To_Temporary_File fails to compile certain templates

20626: Module: templateorderemails: Gift Description Attributes using data_long do not get sent in the gift certificate email

20635: Module: upsxml: When generating UPS labels for a store with a Canada account the wrong service code is used for UPS Expedited

20636: Module: upsxml: When generating UPS labels for a store with a Canada account the wrong service code is used for UPS Express Saver (UPS Saver)

20637: Module: upsxml: UPS Declared Value Currency should support MXN

20639: Module: upsxml: Declared value tag is never sent when generating a UPS Freight LTL shipping label.

20700: Module: mvfedexsoap: mvfedexsoap: Bill Recipient code inadvertently changed

20701: Module: mvfedexsoap: mvfedexsoap: FedEx Branding team wants KG to be changed to kg within the boxing type names

20719: Shipping/Packaging Rules: Shipping method rule changes are not logged to the admin activity log

20720: Module: cmp-mv-clientdimensions: Module causes an infinite page reload if cookies are disabled for the site

20723: Reporting Subsystem: SVG line charts do not always display properly on initial load in current Safari

20724: Module: tokenlist: "View Variable on Live Page" links do not display in Safari

20746: Provisioning: Order_Add does not have a ShipResidential flag, nor does it copy the value from the customer settings if one is specified

20747: Provisioning: Customer_Add/Customer_Update should support a ShipResidential tag

20748: Administrative Interface: Orders MMBatchlist should have a column for the ship_res value

20749: Provisioning: Order_Update does not have a ShipResidential flag, nor does it copy the value from the customer settings if one is specified

20755: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme: Products To Display value is not exported correctly

20756: Framework Import/Export: Apply framework screen does not display all external files included in the package

20773: Module: canvat: Canadian VAT, advanced search on the rates tab does not work correctly

20796: Gift Certificates: Incorrect gift certificate value when generating gift certificates at checkout.

20800: Affiliates: Incorrect sorting of Payout Details

20805: Administrative Interface: Product next/previous buttons do not work when a product has high-ascii characters in its code when using a character set other than utf-8

20806: Affiliates: Affiliate breadcrumb links in admin do not work properly with iso-8859-1 high characters

20808: Administrative Interface: Search menu is cut off when displayed from within a dialog

20811: Module: marketplaces: eBay Policies List: JavaScript error when attempting to advanced search by Site when there are no accounts

20815: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme: Description typo

20830: Customers: Customer Price Group List uses wrong privileges to determine if assignment is allowed

20835: Wish Lists: Default WISH template should display option prices

20845: Module: marketplaces: eBay Listing Details List: JavaScript error when attempting to advanced search by Site when there are no accounts.

20846: Module: marketplaces: eBay Listing Details List: JavaScript error when attempting to advanced search by Currency when there are no accounts.

20852: Price Groups: Discounts based on weight are not calculated correctly when using attributes/options

20859: Module: mvfedexsoap: FedEx now requires specific value for freight StockType tag

20864: Reporting Subsystem: Report Add/Edit dialog should use a price group lookup dialog

20876: Module: upsxml: Edit Shipping/Tax/Other Charges dialog returns error for Freight LTL methods

20879: Customers: OCST: Address drop-downs always display the default addresses, even if you have previously changed the address content

20939: Template Subsystem: Cannot import / export pages if store was created prior to 9.5 upgrade


9.0005 Template Changes (for core, not Ready Themes) are now available:


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