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Miva Merchant Virtual Machine: Install - Part 2
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Author: Quiche Jackson


This article assumes that you have read the previous sections of this series. So now you know: What type of install you will be preforming MIVA VM PRVATE. Where all the Miva Merchant software is located What all the Miva Merchant software represents Some basic premissions and inital setup steps The remainder of this article will be finishing intial setup and putting all the files where they go, creating any remaining files and setting the permissions and ownerships on everything


Examples assume linux glibc2 distribution 'mivavm-v5.19-linux.tar.gz' is extracted to a dir called 'mivavm-v5.19' from '/'
Examples assume there is currently a site setup and configured to run regular HTML files
	- Create an html page 'mivatest.html' in your webroot (use example below) and browse to:
	- If you have SSL setup for your site to run securely test the 'mivatest.html' page with your 
		secure URL and ensure it shows up under https also:

		comandline>vi /var/www/html/mivatest.html
<!-- BEGIN FILE: mivatest.html -->

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

	<title>Miva Test</title>

	Not sure if Miva is working but regular HTML does!
<!-- END   FILE: mivatest.html -->

So now you know:
Regular web functionality is working

Step 1. Get and extract the MIVA VM distribution package, commerce and database libraries

 - Get MIVA VM from
Upload mivavm-v5.XX* to the server
comandline> ls -l -rw-r--r-- root users mivavm-v5.XX-linux.tar.gz - Extract the files using the tar command comandline> tar -xzvf mivavm-v5.XX-linux.tar.gz - You will now have a directory 'mivavm-v5.XX' ================================== Step 2. Moving a few files into place ================================== - Copy the Miva Merchant VM (mivavm-v5.XX) and Miva Merchant VM Configuration Library ( to your cgi-bin Determine where your cgi-bin is, I usually look in the httpd.conf Apache Configuration File for a 'ScriptAlias' directive EXAMPLE: ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /var/www/cgi-bin/ comandline> cp /mivavm-v5.XX/cgi-bin/mivavm-v5.XX /var/www/cgi-bin/mivavm Miva Merchant VM Private Install comandline> cp /mivavm-v5.XX/lib/config/ /var/www/cgi-bin/ - Set permissions on these two files Miva Merchant VM PRIVATE INSTALL (Standard Mode) * Miva Merchant VM is owned by the site user * The Miva Merchant VM is NOT setuid? comandline> chmod 755 mivavm comandline> ls -l mivavm -rwxr-xr-x #USE mivavm.conf TEMPLATE to generate the configuration file for Miva Merchant VM to use #Miva Merchant Virtual Machine: Miva Merchant Configuration File ( mivavm.conf ) comandline> vi mivavm.conf NOTE: suEXEC * Presently, suEXEC does not allow the 'root' user or group to execute Miva Merchant VM - We do not want to execute programs that will then change our UID/GID again.
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