Miva Merchant 9 Beta 3 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith on 07 October 2014 11:10 AM

New Features

  • New settings on the Attribute MachineProduct List and Product Display allow discounted prices to be calculated before a product is added to the basket and optionally displayed alongside or instead of the retail or base price of a product. A breakdown of the actual discounts that apply can also be displayed.

General Improvements

  • The Google Analytics module has been converted to use the new analytics.js script and now supports enhanced ecommerce tracking features.
  • The software may now be configured to issue SET NAMES and SET CHARACTER SET statements when connecting to a MySQL database.
  • Additional modules and screens have been converted to the new MM9 user interface.
  • Product lists can now be searched for products within a category, using the advanced search dialog.
  • The Template Based Emails module now supports BCC.
  • Coupons may now be imported from CSV files.
  • Non-legacy price groups and coupons may now be managed through provisioning.
  • The volume pricing discount module can now display a volume pricing table for products in runtime.
  • The discounting subsystem now fully supports inventory variants.
  • A new mechanism allows external integrations that automatically log into the administrative interface to indicate that the session should be immediately expired after the request is complete by sending GET/POST field "TemporarySession" with a value of "1".

Other Changes

  • When assigning a customer account to an order in the administrative interface, the user is now asked if they wish to re-discount the order to reflect the new customer account.
  • Lookup screens within the administrative interface have been converted to dialog boxes.
  • The ReadyTheme module is now bundled with the core software.

Bugs Fixed

6287: Core - dbapi.mv: When connected to a MySQL database the current store's character set should be explicitly specified
9563: Module: templateorderemails: BCC Field for Template Order Emails
11707: Module: mvusps: ShippingModule_Calculate_Basket does not store results in a BasketInfo record after recalling USPS
12555: Upgrade Subsystem: Patch installation is not explicitly logged in the administrative activity log
12560: CSSUI cssui_default_fw: (cssui_default_fw): CSSUI SRCH page's main template needs to encode g.sessionurl for use in its search form action parameter
12716: Attribute Templates: Edit order, line item attributes are not displayed in the correct order.
12733: Module: qbms: Updating Qbms via provisioning causes internal server error.
12770: Module: variantimport: Variant import doesn't import additional images for variant products.
12893: Module: amazonpay: Address Line 2 is not displayed in Miva Merchant
12959: Module: mvusps: USPS doesn't use the specified "Source Zip Code for Calculations" when calculating rates.
12961: Framework Import/Export: Frameworks with more then one period in the file name can't be installed.
13540: Shipping/Packaging Rules: Adding and deleting boxes should be controlled by the modify shipping settings privilege
13572: Module: endicialabels: Endicia should not limit USPS insurance value to $500.
13575: Module: qbms: CreditCardAddress should be trimmed to 30 characters
13593: Module: mvcanadapost: Transmit Shipments should verify the store company field is not blank
14555: Module: qship: Progressive Quantity calculates prices incorrectly
14670: Provisioning: Store_create tag doesn't install template based batch reports
14676: Administrative Interface: Export links for reports displayed on the home page are broken.
14832: Module: report_productsales: Product Sales Report sorts inconsistently in case of a tie
14870: Module: fdggwsapi: Cannot place an order using First Data Global Gateway while communicating to store over ipv6
14878: Customers: Customers are required to have a unique lost password email when creating accounts using the Customer_Login field
15047: Module: templateorderemails: email's Date header renders time zone GMT +10 as 10000 instead of +1000
15125: Core Runtime: Fatal error screens should output status code 500
15218: Module: cmp-mmui-prodlist: In mmui stores, code variables are missing the product codes after the product listing.
15408: Core JSON: JSON logins do not enforce expired passwords
15592: Module: cmp-cssui-prodlist: Incorrect encoding of product code in hidden fields
16133: Utility Library: Errors in Image_ResizeIntoBoundingBox
16180: Module: mvcanadapost: Convert Manifests screen to an MMBatchList
16205: Uninstall Script: remove.mvc should implement miva_sleep similar to the way admin/customer login works
16207: Administrative Interface: The add icon should be the far left most icon on the Modules MMBatchList
16247: Module: customfields: Writing to a basket, then reading from the basket a different value causes unexpected behavior
16329: MMBatchList: Validation popups do not appear automatically for code or numeric column types, possibly others
16473: Module: qship: Quantity based shipping non Progressive Ceiling validation does not catch a current overlap
16474: Administrative Interface: Persistent XSS on item codes for any module using our standard version recall mechanism
16475: Template Subsystem: TemplateManager_ManagedTemplate_Version_Select does not encode "name", leading to XSS
16476: Template Subsystem: TUI_Hide_ComponentFields can be manipulated to leak any global or system MivaScript variable
16482: Module: amazonpay: Reinstalling Amazon payments causes the Amazon payment items to have blank templates.
16698: Administrative Interface: Style the Inventory Kit Builder tab of the Edit Product screen to match the MM9 UI
16710: Administrative Interface: Automated integrations need the concept of a single-use administrative session
16728: Module: readytheme: Navigation sets are duplicated

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