Miva Merchant 5 Production Release 5
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Wayne Smith on 11 March 2014 07:52 AM

Initial release of Miva Merchant 5.5: (production-5)
This stream will update Miva Merchant 5 to 5.5:

This update requires Firefox or Internet Explorer for a seamless installation (THIS UPDATE WILL NOT WORK IN SAFARI).
It is recommended to put the store(s) of this domain in Maintenance Mode before running the stream.

When you're ready, you may scroll to the bottom of this page and hit the "Install" button to begin.

Release Notes

New Feature: Revamped UI.

  • Miva Merchant UI has been redesigned to focus on "click efficiency".
  • Merchants may now submit the form by clicking the Enter key on Search/Pagination boxes, QuickFind and the Order-Number based sorting features.


New Feature: SEO Settings.

  • *Tab can be found in the Domain Settings.
  • Merchants have the ability to configure the global settings for .htaccess rewrite rules.
  • Merchants have the ability to Enable/Disable Sitemap (Creates a new page "SMAP").

New Feature: META Tag Settings for Products and Categories.

  • *Tabs can be found on individual Product & Category screens.
  • Merchants can specify the META Description & META Keywords for each product/category.
  • Added new component "prodctgy_meta".
  • Updated PROD & CTGY pages to load prodctgy_meta component.

New Feature: Launchpad.

  • *Settings can be found in the top frame "Configure Shortcuts" link.
  • Merchants have the ability to configure 5 internal/external Shortcut links + Home (starting) page.
  • QuickFind feature (Allows quick searching of products/categories/customers/orders).

New Feature: Frameworks

  • *Tab can be found in Store Settings.
  • Merchants have the ability to Add/Apply/Save/Delete the state of their runtime as a framework.
  • Additional framework(s) provided by Miva Merchant will be available in the upcoming streams.

New Feature: Dreamweaver Import/Export.

  • *Tab can be found in Store Settings.
  • ***Requires Miva Merchant Dreamweaver Plugin.
  • Designers/Merchants have the ability to Export their pages into Dreamweaver format.
  • They can then edit those pages in Dreamweaver and import them back into Miva Merchant.
  • Import/Export options added to the Pages screen.

New Feature: External CSS files.

  • *Settings can be found in the Head Tag Content/CSS tab.
  • Merchants may now upload one or more external CSS files. CSS files may be used as a "Skin" in Miva Merchant CSS Framework (coming soon).

New Feature: Number-based sorting control.

  • Categories and Products have the ability to sort the order through keying in the desired order numbers instead of clicking the up & down arrows.

New Feature: Product Attribute Template.

  • *Tab can be found on every Page the product_attributes component is assigned.
  • Merchants now have the ability to alter the Product Attribute Template.

New Feature: Customer HTML Based Email.

  • *Settings can be found on the Order Fulfillment Settings screen.
  • Merchants now have the ability to create HTML Template based emails.

New Feature: Product List "Product Columns" field.

  • *Option can be found on any Product List page (PROD, PLST, CTGY, SRCH).
  • This field allows merchants to specify the number of columns they wish to display their products in.

New Feature: Enhanced Order Processing.

  • Orders and Batches are now displayed in a formatted Batch Edit List (Newest first).
  • Create Batch has been moved to the Orders Tab.
  • Added Next/Previous/First/Last buttons to Edit Order screen.
  • External Payment Links that were listed under Order Processing previously, are now listed in their own menu Payment Links.

New Feature: Enhanced Page navigation.

  • Edit Item screen now contains the Pages tab. Merchants may now assign/unassign pages from an item.
  • Next/Previous/First/Last buttons were added to Edit Page screen.

Other improvements.

  • Software state. Merchants can now see if their software is up-to-date or if there are updates available at the bottom of left navigation frame.
  • Headlines frame. This frame contains headlines & urgent messages and appears above the Main Contents frame.
  • HTML profile component.
    • This component controls the doctype declaration and the HTML tag; with the ability to specify an xhtml namespace.
    • This component replaces all HTML tags with a call to html_profile.
    • HTML Profile settings are global.
  • Added - Link to Miva Merchant website in Sitemap and Global Header & Footer.
  • setup.mvc "Database Selection" step now defaults to mySQL.
  • setup.mvc "Activate Upgrade License" step is no longer available.
  • setup.mvc License Errors should now send users to the License Step.
  • When running admin.mvc for the first time, Add Store screen becomes the new home page.
  • Order Fulfillment Modules are now installed in the Add Store process.
  • DEVAT has been renamed to European VAT.
  • Statetax and USCurrency modules are now the default of Add Store screen if the merchant's country is U.S.
  • European VAT, Generic Currency and kilograms are now the default of Add Store screen if the merchant’s country is United Kingdom.
  • /export/ directory is now created during the Add Store process.
  • Miva_Merchant_API_Version variable has been changed to 5.50. This change should not disrupt existing 3rd party modules.
  • Added confirmation box for Edit Page >> Item Tab >> Unassign item.
  • Added confirmation box for Edit Item >> Pages Tab >> Unassign page.
  • Removed MIVA Ad Center feature from Miva Merchant.
  • Removed Store Wizards from the Main screen.
  • Miva Mailer and Miva Submit have been removed from the Left Navigation menu.

Bug Fixes.

  • Fixed a runtime bug that caused $0.00 orders in the event the customer is on the OPAY page and finishes the order after their basket has expired.
  • Fixed a bug in which product attributes were not showing up properly on the Upsale screen.
  • Fixed a bug where adding sub-categories failed to retain the category parent.
  • Fixed a bug where Edit Customer screen would always show "Add Customer" in the title.
  • Fixed a bug in Flat File Category Import module in which empty parent category codes could fail the import process.
  • Fixed bugs in provisioning system for component modules.
  • The Domain Settings Add Angle Brackets to Email Addresses field now updates properly under mySQL.
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