Miva Merchant 5.5 Production Release 8 Update 11
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Wayne Smith on 24 September 2013 04:15 PM

New Features

NEW PAYMENT MODULE: Intuit Merchant Services


  • New Amazon Payments payment module allows shoppers to use shipping and payment information from their Amazon account during checkout, without requiring them to leave the site (like Checkout by Amazon).

Admin Changes

Administrative session tracking now separately displays the number of logged-in users and active sessions. Previously it displayed all sessions lumped together, which lead to confusion as the number of sessions was occasionally higher than expected. Additionally, a new tab, Administrative Sessions, has been added to the Domain Settings screen. This tab allows Administrator-privilege users to view a list of valid Administrative Interface sessions.

Shipping Changes

The Endicia Shipping Labels module has been updated to display the current Endicia logo and use the new naming for USPS Priority Mail Express shipping methods.

Security Changes

Security improvements have been added to prevent a malicious shopper from forcing an unavailable shipping method to be used when placing an order.

Other Changes

  • The PayPal Payments Pro and/or Express Checkout payment module has been updated to support Bill Me Later and PayPal's new In Context Checkout, which executes the Express Checkout process in a lightbox, without taking the shopper to PayPal's website. In Context Checkout is enabled with an option inside the module, however template code changes are also required. Please see our Community Forums for additional information.
  • The Variant Import module now supports import of custom fields.
  • Google Wallet has been discontinued. Google is retiring its Google Checkout products on November 20th, 2013.
  • Checkout by Amazon has been discontinued at Amazon's request. The module will continue to function for existing merchants but will no longer be updated. We recommend that merchants transition to the new Amazon Paymentsmodule.

Bugs Fixed

  • 11009: Variant Import should support custom fields like Product Import,
  • 11010: Variant import part product should use the product columns when creating a part product,
  • 11112: JSON_CustomFieldGroupList_Load_Query does not use DB_OPENVIEW_Range so pagination never works correctly,
  • 11128: Creating Variants can not properly be created due to Part Product being updated from previous row instead of creating new product,
  • 11183: "Java ""application contains both signed and unsigned code"" error when viewing a ZPL label with Java 7u21",
  • 11270: "during install the column ""finalCaptr"" is not listed in the INSERT INTO sNN_PaypalPro.",
  • 11418: Update Endicia logo image,
  • 11451: Rename ShippingMethodRules_Adjustted_Price to ShippingMethodRules_Adjusted_Price,
  • 11453: Shipping method rules restricting the availability of a shipping method can be bypassed at runtime,
  • 11511: Empty Secure Root Directory for Graphics configuration when logged in securely breaks Additional Image uploads,
  • 11517: Packages should have a total minimum weight of 0.1lbs so that rates are always returned.,
  • 11520: "unable to send a manual email if the email has no ""send when"" triggers set",
  • 11524: Product shipping method exclusions can be bypassed at runtime,
  • 11593: Session_ID and Session_Type must be passed to json.mvc as POST parameters,
  • 11692: "Generate shipping label ""To"" dialog can be set to blank space",
  • 11722: during checkout PayPal pro should use the name attached to the selected address and not the account holder’s name.,
  • 11746: Administrative sessions for a user should be deleted when the user is deleted,
  • 12124: Variant Import is missing the ImportModule_Persistent_Provision function,
  • 12126: ImportModule_Persistent_Validate needs to validate the mapped columns when not using auto map,
  • 12130: Track Product Inventory is never used and should be utilized to track product and part products,
  • 12152: DrawRadio function call does not use encodeentities on the text parameter,
  • 12156: "Session Token in URL: Left navigation ""Pack Data""",
  • 12157: "Session Token in URL: Left navigation ""Delete PayPal Tokens""",
  • 12158: LaunchPad buttons that include an Action parameter include a Session Token in a URL,
  • 12160: "Session Token in URL, multiple locations",
  • 12162: Session Token in Add Product and Edit link URLs,
  • 12164: "Database error when clicking ""Payout (This Affiliate Only)"" link on Commission tab of the Edit Affiliate screen on MySQL in strict mode",
  • 12165: "Session Token in ""Payout (This Affiliate Only)"" link on Commission tab of the Edit Affiliate screen",
  • 12166: Provisioning frameset passes session token in frame URLs,
  • 12167: Session Tokens in multiple URLs during patch installation process,
  • 12169: Session Token in URL when running legacy batch reports from Manage Orders,
  • 12171: Fatal error when running custom export report module,
  • 12179: "Add items dialog add+ button gets a style ""display none"" when it should not.",


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