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Miva Merchant 5.5 Production Release 8 Update 9
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Wayne Smith on 23 April 2013 09:01 AM

New Features

NEW MODULE: Shop As Customer

  • Allows Administrative users to view the runtime interface as a Customer. The Administrative user may 'share' an existing shopping session or create a separate session.

NEW MODULE: Google Analytics

  • Allows easy one-click integration of Google Analytics into Miva Merchant stores.

Variant Import Module

  • The previously released Variant Import module is now part of the standard distribution. This module allows Product, Attribute, Option, Product Variant and Product Kit information to be imported from a single delimited text file.

SEO Settings

  • New SEO settings allow the root of short links to be configured separately from the domain name. This permits short links to be used in unconventional configurations.

Cookie Settings

  • New cookie settings allow control of when and how the non-secure Basket cookie is set. Additionally, all cookie settings have been moved to their own tab of the Domain Settings screen to avoid confusion.

Custom Field Selection

  • In response to numerous customer requests, the selection mechanism for Custom Fields has been modified to use two separate select lists with "Select" and "Deselect" buttons.

Packaging Rules

  • New configuration options on the Packaging Rules screen allow greater control over how Inventory Variants are packaged and what, if any, resolution mechanism is used when the Basket weight and the weight of the Variant part(s) differ.

Authenticated/Encrypted SMTP Support (with 5.18 or newer engine)

  • Email configuration settings have been moved to their own tab of the Domain Settings screen.
  • SMTP authentication using PLAIN, LOGIN, DIGEST-MD5 or CRAM-MD5 is now supported.
  • Both implicit (SSL) and explicit (STARTTLS) transport-layer encryption can now be enabled.

Shipping Changes

Shipping Rules

  • Percentage or fixed amount rate adjustments can now be configured on a per-shipping method basis from the Shipping Method Rules tab of the Shipping Rules screen. These adjustments can be used to apply a handling charge to each method.

Shipping Rates

  • USPS Online Rate Calculation (Domestic and International) improvements:
    • The list of shipping methods has been updated to reflect all of the current methods provided by the US Postal Service.
    • A new option allows Online rates to be displayed to shoppers.
    • Label generation can now be disabled to prevent confusion when using Endicia.
    • The previous module-wide handling charge has been migrated to the new Shipping Method Rate Adjustment mechanism so that handling charges can be configured on a per-method basis.

ZPL Labels

  • ZPL Label Preview now properly renders Maxicode and DataMatrix barcodes.
  • ZPL Label Preview will now fall back to an SVG renderer if the GD library is not available or does not support the functions/fonts required to render a label.

Admin Changes

  • The number of current logged-in Administrative Users and the high-water mark are now displayed in Admin.

Other Changes

Custom Fields Module

  • The three existing Administrative Interface Configuration tabs have been merged into a single "Custom Fields" tab which allows sorting and filtering based on Custom Field type, as well as other attributes.
  • Custom Fields are now assigned one of the following types. The type of a Custom Field determines how it is displayed in the Administrative User Interface.
    • Text Field: Displayed as a single-line text input field
    • Text Area: Displayed as a multiple-line text input field
    • Radio Button + Drop-Down List: Allows selection from a pre-configured list of values
    • Checkbox: Displayed as a checkbox
    • Image Upload: Allows Administrative users with the appropriate privileges to upload images to the server. The Custom Field value becomes the URI of the uploaded image.
  • To make managing stores with large numbers of Custom Fields easier, Custom Fields can now be grouped together. Each group receives its own tab on the Edit Product/Category/Customer screens.
  • A new StoreMorph item "customfields" supports multiple functions for reading and writing Custom Fields.
  • Basket and Order Custom Fields are now provided. Basket fields can only be manipulated programmatically via the customfields StoreMorph item. When an order is placed, any Basket Custom Fields matching a configured Order Custom Field are carried over into that order.

Template Based Emails

  • The existing Template Based Order Emails module has been renamed "Template Based Emails".
  • A new email trigger, "Send When Customer Created", permits email(s) to be sent when a new Customer account is created. A new default email, "Customer Created", is present for this purpose but disabled by default.
    • Emails with the "Send When Customer Created" trigger can now be manually (re)sent from the Edit Customer screen.
  • Emails can now be configured to be sent Base64 encoded or as traditional multipart MIME. The 5.18 or newer engine is recommended to avoid line-length issues when sending multipart MIME format emails.
  • The Enable/Disable mechanism has been changed to Sending: "Automatic" or Sending: "Manual" to avoid confusion.
  • The Reply-To: header can now be configured on an email by email basis.
  • With the 5.18 or newer engine, long format email addresses including a first and last name are now supported in the FromToCC and Reply-To fields.

Bugs Fixed

5689: Misc: Short Links and CSSUI not compatible with shared SSL cert
5735: Module: google: Google Checkout does not support provisioning
5825: Inventory Subsystem: Auto generate variants, generating variants with long product names returns error the "mysql_execute: Data too long for column 'name' at row 1"
6428: Module: templateorderemails: Template Based Order Emails triggering spam filters
9616: Module: upsxml: UPS Doesn’t return rates for international shipments when you have the default delivery conformation field set to anything other than none.
9717: Administrative Interface: Manage Orders: authorize dialog has extra padding above the cancel and continue buttons in IE
9985: Module: shipexport: Module does not export the name of the shipment recipient
9988: Module: endicialabels: Parcel Post needs to be renamed to Standard Post
9989: Module: endicialabels: First-Class Mail International Parcel service is being renamed to First-Class Package International Service
10007: Module: google: Google wallet does not honor shipping method priorities.
10008: Module: cmp-mv-minibask: New line at beginning of template code causes framework import to use advanced mode
10022: Module: endicialabels: Tracking links are not clickable in either admin or runtime
10023: Framework Import/Export: Sorting options do not get properly saved when creating a framework.
10024: Administrative Interface: Fatal error when saving an image type of <- > as the default image on a product list layout page.
10027: Module: cmp-cssui-custfields: State Select dropdown breaks in CSSUI during runtime when only one option exists
10030: Administrative Interface: Maintenance Mode needs to be updated to support IPv6
10034: Module: cmp-cssui-head: cmp-cssui-head: When applying a framework, existing CSS file records are not removed
10035: Module: cmp-mv-head: cmp-mv-head: When applying a framework, existing CSS file records are not removed
10036: Module: cmp-mv-head: cmp-mv-head does not convert %STORE_ID% tokens in CSS file URLs
10041: Core Runtime: It is not possible to operate a store completely over HTTPS without including session parameters in URLs
10042: Attribute Templates: Attribute templates should be sorted by name in the attribute type drop-down list
10070: Patches: Adjust ecommerce footer link more loosely
10080: Module: paypaladv: Payment method displays as 0 for the method column in legacy order processing.
10101: Module: mvusps: Shipping method Parcel Post has been renamed to Standard Post
10102: Module: mvusps: Shipping method First-Class Mail® International Parcel has been renamed to First-Class Package International Service
10103: Setup Script: Non-existent modules in <ModuleList> cause a fatal error during installation
10104: Administrative Interface: Maintenance mode settings changes should be separately logged to the administrative activity log
10107: Module: templateorderemails: It is not possible to specify a From: or To: address that includes a long name
10143: ZPL Preview: ZPL preview does not correctly display endicia labels.
10168: Administrative Interface: ZPL print, does not work with the ZP500 driver from FedEx
10180: ZPL Preview: ZPL preview does not implement the BX (Data Matrix) command
10182: Utility Library: SOAP_Call_LowLevel is comparing the returned namespace domain against a null and returns an error
10183: Module: templateorderemails: base64 encoded message data has LF+CR line endings, rather than CR+LF
10185: Module: upsxml: "Product Requires Additional Handling" does not trigger the UPS "Additional Handling" fee
10186: Module: shipexport: Module does not export the number of products in the shipment
10210: Utility Library: Image_Dimensions is too slow when used for batch processing, such as in Image Management
10219: Module: imagemanagement: Image_Dimensions is called multiple times on the same image / Images result set can contain the same image multiple times
10242: Module: upsxml: "Product Requires Additional Handling" does not trigger the UPS "Additional Handling" fee on the labels
10247: Provisioning: Domain settings provisioning uses incorrect variable name for Mail Method field
10257: Utility Library: Send_Email_Attachment cannot handle a from/to/cc address that contains a long name
10259: Module: upsxml: ShippingModule_Report_Value function does not take the "data" parameter
10260: Module: endicialabels: Postage Balance will never be displayed
10263: Module: mvusps: Rates API should have the option to offer online rates
10267: Administrative Interface: Convert custom field selection into two multiselects with add/remove buttons
10282: Patches: pr8-update-7 patch does not create the sNN_Customers_3 index
10284: Customers: Adding/Updating customer fields with invalid data produces undescriptive error messages
10311: Module: mvfedexsoap: generating a shipping label does not properly add the tracking type to the tracking number.
10328: Core JSON: Several JSON files are not included in the limited source kit
10336: Module: tokenlist: Token list is not compatible with prod_templates5.mvc
10341: Customers: Identification tab has wrong valign on prompts
10348: Administrative Interface: Marking any shipment as shipped updates the ship_date for all shipments in that order.
10352: Setup Script: Database configuration screen lists incorrect database engine types
10385: Module: mvusps: There should be a way to disable label generation from the settings screen
10506: Administrative Interface: Add the ability to filter Manage Orders by company
10511: Module: paypal: PayPal Payments Standard Peso Currency MXN is not an option
10545: Shipping/Packaging Rules: Packaged item weight can be negative when the total weight of parts is greater than the master product
10565: Module: packbyquantity: Add/Edit Box dialog does not align properly
10566: Module: packbyweight: Add/Edit Box dialog does not align properly
10567: Module: variantimport: Import does not support checkbox, text area or text field when creating a part product or product kit
10572: Module: cmp-mv-minibask: SkinsComponentModule_Export_Item: ImageType value is entity encode and will fail updating if image type has special character
10658: Core Runtime: Inventory Variant Add/Edit variant upon enter being pressed does not close the modal window
10663: Module: templatebatchreports: Template Based Batch Reports needs to be converted to use consolidated admin CSS styles
10676: Administrative Interface: Inventory Variants can have a specific value that is negative
10678: Administrative Interface: Creating a store via provisioning installs all of the import and report modules without updating the refcounts.
10679: Administrative Interface: The shipimport module has a refcount of 0 after store creation.
10681: Module: variantimport: Upon Product Kit Creation, ProductKit_Generate_Variants is not called
10690: Shipping/Packaging Rules: ShippingMethod_EncodeEntities functions do not handle "&trade;" properly
10693: Module: cswizard: Using the create a new store wizard leaves the import and report modules with a refcount of 0
10694: Module: upsxml: Missing MvFedExSoap methods from exclusion list
10700: Module: templateorderemails: Text field prompts are top aligned on Order and Customer email tabs
10701: Module: shipexport: "Export Field Names as Header" is to the left AND to the right of the checkbox
10710: Module: productimport: Shipping rules settings get removed during product update import when not specified.
10711: Module: productimport: Product shipping rules can not be updated when updating products via import.
10780: Module: variantimport: modules/import/ AttributeOption_ConvertToBoolean is extremely inefficient
10818: Module: mvfedexsoap: The commodities table in international label generation in firefox (linux) pushes the content outside the dialog
10830: Module: flatord: batches not in chronological order on the "batch to export" drop down menu
10834: Module: variantimport: When creating a product kit and an attribute at the same time causes the attribute to be added to the product kit
10835: Module: variantimport: When creating a product, part product, attribute and option on the same line, the option is never created
10836: Module: variantimport: Variant Import category_codes header is never used or implemented
10849: Module: variantimport: Variant Import does not validate the attribute type to be one of the 6 accepted values
10880: Module: templateorderemails: Email checkboxes do not reset after manually triggering an email
10888: Administrative Interface: JavaScript error when viewing order tabs when certain permissions are set
10889: Administrative Interface: "Send" button text changes to "Save" on error in the Manage Orders Order Emails tab
10905: Administrative Interface: FormData file uploads are blocked by mod_security with the error "Multipart parsing error (init): Multipart: Boundary not found in C-T."
10909: Module: templateorderemails: Manually sending the customer created email returns a fatal error if the mail settings are configured incorrectly.

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