Maximum number of POST variables exceeded
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"Maximum number of POST variables exceeded"

This error is specific to Miva Merchant stores that are running the Miva engine version 5.15 and newer.  In engine version 5.15, a new security feature was added that restricts the number of variables that can be sent in one request from the browser to the server.

Two scenarios can typically lead to seeing that error:

  1. Miva Merchant 5.5, if the patch level is not at least 'feature-upg-4', aka PR6, this error WILL occur when the user tries to run updates.
  2. If the store owner has set a very large pagination number, this can occur on screens in the admin that display a large amount of information; for example, if pagination is 1000 and they try to go to the manage orders area and they have 1000+ orders.  The number of variables passed back and forth from server to browser can exceed 2000 which will trigger the error.

The solution to this issue is to disable this security feature temporarily if the issue is #1, or permanently if the issue is #2 since raising the limit to a huge number to get around the error will eliminate the security anyway, so no point having it on.

To disable this security feature, on websites where the hosting provider uses Miva Empresa in 'config file', you add the following statement to themivavm.conf file:


 For sites that use the environment variable configuration method, the following needs to be added to the web server config for the virtual host in question:


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