CyberSource Gateway Module released in PR8 update 2
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To configure this module, you will need your CyberSource ID, which you will have received in an email from CyberSource, and a Transaction Key (Security Keys for the SOAP Toolkit API), which is generated from within the CyberSource Business Center.


Select the currency in which your transactions will be processed

Transaction Type

Select the Transaction Type which suits you best. The CyberSource payment module supports two types of authorization methods, Authorize Only, Capture Later, and Automatic Capture. Authorize Only, Capture Later authorizes the credit card only, and in order for it to be captured, the Merchant will need to process that order. The Automatic Capture method, authorizes the credit card and charges it during Payment Authorization.

Available Payment Methods

Select the credit cards you wish to accept. You also have the option to prompt customers to enter their CVV2 number along with their credit card information. The CVV2 number is the last 3 digit number printed on the back of some credit cards in the signature area. If this number is available to customers using credit cards you configured for your store, you may use this option to give customers additional security with their credit card information.

In addition, you may also specify a message that customers would see when selecting a credit card with CVV2 mode active. This message will appear next to the CVV2 field and is generally used to explain how to obtain this number.


This module was released in the Miva Merchant 5 Production Release 8 Update 2 patch and is only for Miva Merchant v5.  It does not require a commerce library. It also does not require you to annually generate CyberSource certs.


Setting up the CyberSource module

For the new CyberSource module there is a test mode URL:


Live mode URL:


Change the url in the module to place test orders. 

Make sure to remove the test mode url and replace with the live url when finished testing.


If you are setting this up for someone, the Transaction Key can be found in CyberSource’s admin under Account Management >> Transaction Security Keys. Our module uses the SOAP version. If you don’t see any keys there, click Generate New Key and paste the new key into the module settings, along with their CyberSource user ID.


If you set up the module for someone, please use the test url to place an order. Uncheck all the card types in the module until you get to the OSEL page. (The Shipping and Payment Selection drop down boxes) Then check the option for Visa and hit Next. In the card type drop down box you will see 2 entries for Visa- the new module will be the bottom option. Select it and entire 4111111111111111 and any valid expiration date. (after today’s date.)


Once you have verified that you can place a successful test order, uncheck the card types in the old module and transfer the card types to the new module. Make sure you set up the new module to use the same settings as the old one, including whether they use Authorize Only/Capture Later or Authorize and whether they store the entire CC number.


Make sure to remove the test mode url and replace with the live url.

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