Miva Merchant 5.5 Production Release 8 Update 6
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Wayne Smith on 19 June 2012 09:26 AM

Streaming Update Patch Details

New Features

Payment Module Changes

The Authorize.Net module now includes a configurable setting for the x_duplicate_window API parameter. This parameter controls the timeout for which transactions with the same card number for the same dollar amount are rejected as duplicates.

PayPal Changes

NEW MODULE: PayPal Payments Advanced and/or Payflow Gateway

  • Replaces the existing Payflow Pro and Payflow Link modules and provides integration with the following PayPal services:
    • PayPal® Payments Advanced
    • Payflow Link
    • Payflow Pro
  • The existing PayPal IPN and PayPal Website Payments Pro modules have been renamed to match the current PayPal naming convention for the services these modules provide.
  • Innovative Gateway has been removed from the Set Up Payment wizard. Configuration of PayPal options has been simplified.

Checkout by Amazon Changes

New options have been added to Checkout by Amazon to pass inventory variant part information to Amazon. This is helpful for merchants who fulfill the majority of their orders through Amazon Seller Central. These options also represent a possible solution for merchants who need to pass attribute information to Amazon.

The Checkout by Amazon module now displays the "Checkout with Amazon" button when a basket contains a 0-weight product.

Other Changes


All Shipping and Payment modules have been enhanced to improve security and prevent spoofing of an invalid or disabled shipping/payment method through forced browsing.

Shopping Interface secure cookie expiration can now be configured separately from the non-secure cookie expiration. In new installations, the secure cookies are now configured to be "session" cookies (they expire when the browser is closed). Some PCI scanners deliver an alert when these cookies do not expire. Stores upgrading to PR8 Update 6 will retain the behavior of the previous versions by default. These stores can be configured to implement the new behavior.

Administrative session cookies are now "session" cookies and will expire when the browser window is closed.

Store Management

Category tree and title images can now be imported and exported.

When the PaymentMethod or ShippingMethod parameter is empty or invalid, the OPAY page now redirects back to OSEL with a UI exception of "invalid_payment_method" or "invalid_shipping_method" rather than displaying a fatal error. This improves the stability of the software and also makes it possible to add a 'select one' option to the shipping and payment drop-down lists without the requirement for client-side validation (to prevent loading the OPAY page without a valid value for one of the fields).

The Product/Category META fields component now makes the meta values for categories and products available as StoreMorph tokens. If a category or product is present (loaded by cmp-mv-stdcatfields or cmp-mv-stdprodfields, respectively), the following additional tokens will be present in l.settings:category or l.settings:product:

  • :metafield_count – The number of meta field values
  • :metafields[] – An array containing all of the meta field values for this item
    • :name
    • :value
  • :metafield:<name> – A lookup by meta field name that will contain the value of that meta field. Each instance of "-" is translated to "_" (as it is for custom fields).

When generating Inventory Variants, any inventory variant parts that are automatically created will receive a default price, cost and weight based on the values from the master product and the attributes used when creating the variant.

The Dreamweaver template Import/Export functionality has been re-added and renamed 'Template Import/Export'.

Miva Merchant Submit has been removed. Patch pre-install validation will warn any user who has Miva Merchant Submit configured.

Shipping Options

The 'Pack by Quantity' and 'Pack by Weight' box packing modules now support an option to exclude any box from the packing solution that is smaller than the dimensions of the largest product in a shipment.

Tracking numbers are now displayed as clickable links on the 'Management Shipments' and 'Order Detail' displays in the Administrative Interface.


A new module API feature, cleanup_store, allows modules to register to be called whenever periodic cleanup tasks are performed.

NEW DATABASE FUNCTION: v58_OrderItemList_CreateShipment
NEW DATABASE FUNCTION: v58_OrderItemList_CreateReturn

New functions v58_OrderItemList_CreateShipment and v58_OrderItemList_CreateReturn allow shipments and returns to be created while providing the caller with information about the newly created shipment/return.

Bugs Fixed

  • 5369: Checkout by Amazon now supports 0 weight products
  • 5768: Add Store Wizard - after adding second store to a domain, it appears above existing store in admin left nav
  • 5797: Admin: Logging in securely with incomplete configuration results in errors
  • 6062: paypalpro: When authorizing from admin, the item list is sent as empty
  • 6192: DrawTemplateTextArea overrides PopupColorSelector, breaking any non-template color buttons
  • 6234: cmp-cssui-cattitle should support import/export through the Custom Fields API
  • 6235: cmp-cssui-cattree should support import/export through the Custom Fields API
  • 6236: cmp-mmui-cattitle should support import/export through the Custom Fields API
  • 6237: cmp-mmui-cattree should support import/export through the Custom Fields API
  • 6510: Merchant should prompt when turning off the inventory flag on an attribute or attribute template attribute
  • 6592: cmp-cssui-prodlist: Pagination settings are confusing
  • 6610: Empty/invalid g.PaymentMethod or g.ShippingMethod (when shipping is required) should throw UI exceptions instead of displaying Fatal Errors
  • 6717: PRV_Tag_Number fails to validate against empty strings when scale is not set to -1
  • 6722: Manage Shipments: Sort by Customer Name uses Billing data but shows Shipping.
  • 6813: Inventory, Email Notification, inv_instock and inv_available are not updated before the low stock and out of stock emails are sent.
  • 6861: items per page filter does not honor the setting if turned off and static link contains Per_Page
  • 6862: items per page filter does not set Per_Page variable on initial load
  • 6866: cmp-cssui-cattree/cmp-mmui-cattree: when category code is all zeros, the category is highlighted by default when there is no category selected.
  • 6884: Provisioning: order_add, AttributeCode, price is not validated for empty tags
  • 6908: UPSXML: unable to generate rates if shipping settings has state/province set to anything other than a capitalized state code.
  • 6914: Products batch edit screen: edit here, values for canonical category and alternate display get erased if they are not display during update.
  • 6921: upsdevkit: Buttons do not change to "Processing..." while processing
  • 6924: productimport: Unmapped inventory columns do not receive proper defaults
  • 6925: Cannot add/edit product variants when attribute template contains checkbox, text field, or text area
  • 6926: authnet: Should have a configuration setting that controls the x_duplicate_window setting
  • 6927: Resuming after a validation failure does not recreate the list of steps to be executed
  • 6929: Store Settings, Misc. Colors, color select pop up does not load the default color.
  • 6934: cmp-cssui-prodlist: Unable to change Product Links setting when in advanced mode
  • 6936: Cannot change passphrase if temporary passphrase issued from endicia's side.
  • 6942: Mvfedexsoap: unable to generate rates when a order total weight is under half a pound.
  • 6947: endicialabels: Non-required "shipping" feature does not have all required methods and should be removed
  • 6948: upslabels: Unused "shipping" feature should be removed
  • 6952: Manage Orders: Recalculate Charges does not create new shipping charges
  • 6954: add store wizard: fatal error when creating a store in mysql strict mode
  • 6960: API function ShipmentBatch_Create_ShipmentList terminates with fatal error "Array index must be positive integer"
  • 6962: cmp-cssui-cattree: Category Tree does not load correctly when parent category is not active or not available to the current customer
  • 6963: Tokenlist: unable to select which order is viewed on the ORDS page in MMUI
  • 6966: Attribute Inventory: Unable to add product to basket with an unselected and optional radio button
  • 6967: Attribute Machine does not support "select one" or "no selection" radio button inputs
  • 6968: l.product being used instead of l.record in functions Import_Replace_Product and Create_Product_Inventory
  • 6969: Invalid variants and dangling database entries are created with a optional inventory attributes
  • 6970: Paypalpro: unable to checkout when spaces are used to separate credit card number.
  • 6971: API Deficiency: Need versions of OrderItemList_CreateShipment and OrderItemList_CreateReturn that return the created shipment/return
  • 6974: SVG Line Chart: Uncaught error: Not_supported_err: DOM exception 9 (Chrome only)
  • 6976: cmp-mmui-attributes: Move hard-coded trailing : in prompts into the template code
  • 6977: cmp-cssui-attributes: Move hard-coded trailing : in prompts into the template code
  • 6979: Provisioning: page update "code" is inconsistently cases sensitive.
  • 6984: Cbamazon: checkout throws an error when there is an ampersand in a product name
  • 6988: False MD5 Hash Mismatch when Comma is in Billing Address
  • 6991: Miva Merchant Submit URL is not formatted correctly
  • 6992: sNN_OrderShipments table does not include weight from attributes
  • 7003: paypaladv: Fatal Error when installing in an mmui store
  • 7005: Paypalpro: unable to authorize a CC payment from admin.
  • 7006: Paypalpro: Customer data is not encoded when added to the xml call.
  • 7008: JSON list load query functions generate invalid SQL statements when passed invalid search terms
  • 7010: Tokenlist: when viewing tokenlist as an item in runtime you receive a runtime error.
  • 7068: Merchant should set a default error code/message before calling module functions that commonly fail without calling Error()
  • 7070: Warning/error message that disallows module removal while items exist is unclear when items are not assigned to any pages
  • 7071: lib/dbeng/ MvFOREACH has two ITERATORS and causes runtime error
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