Miva Merchant 5.5 Production Release 8 Update 4
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Wayne Smith on 30 July 2013 09:37 AM

Streaming Update Patch Details

Shopping Interface Changes:
    • Pagination and Page Numbers - Product lists can now be paginated. The number of products displayed per page is customizable. The page number display is also customizable and can be set to display any number of pages.
    • Items Per Page Filter - The number of products displayed per page can be set by shoppers at runtime via a drop-down list.
    • Sorting Options - Product pages can now be sorted on-the-fly by shoppers. Merchants configure sort options via the Admin which can include sort by name, product code, price, best selling products and/or newest products.
    • Smart Breadcrumbs - Smart breadcrumbs providing a link trail backwards from a shopper's current location are now available. This feature can be enabled on all pages and is enabled by default for new stores.
    • Alternate Display Page - Merchant can set an Alternate Display Page for Product or Category.
    • Shipping, Handling and/or Sales Tax can be displayed in Basket Contents.
  • Unlimited maximum Basket Timeout setting.

Shipping System Changes:
  • Store-wide Weight and Dimension Unit settings:
    • Weight Units can be set to Ounces, Pounds, Grams or Kilograms
    • Dimension Units can be Inches or Centimeters
  • Store-wide Shipping Rules - New Admin page provides the following options:
    • When no Shipping Methods are Available:
      • Use Fallback Shipping Method
      • Display Error Message and Redirect Shopper to Page - Merchant may select either a fallback shipping method or a page to which to redirect shoppers
    • Global Handling Charge - Handling charge may be specified based on:
      • Order Subtotal
      • Quantity of Items
      • Shipping Weight
    • Handling charge can be Fixed, a percentage of the Shipping Amount or a percentage of the Order Subtotal. The handling charge can be included in the shipping rate or a separate line item.
    • Support for Global Handling by Google Checkout (separately displayed handling charge always included in the shipping rate)
    • Support for Global Handling by Checkout by Amazon (separately displayed handling charge always included in the shipping rate)
    • Shipping Method Rules:
      • Priority - Merchant can determine the order in which shipping methods appear
      • Renaming - Shipping method display name can be changed
      • Availability Restrictions - Shipping methods can be restricted by:
        • Basket subtotal
        • Quantity of items in basket
        • Total weight of basket
        • Geographic restrictions (restrict shipping to specific countries, states, zip codes)
        • Inter-method exclusions (one shipping method may trump another)
    • Product Shipping Method Rules - Shipping methods may be set on a per product basis, including the following options:
      • Product always ships in separate packaging
      • Limit to specific shipping methods
  • Packaging Rules:
    • Configurable list of boxes - can specify the following:
      • Fallback Package Dimensions - If the item is too large for the merchant's largest box size, the software will select this option to permit realtime shipping rates
      • Pack by Quantity - Packaging is optimized by number of items per box
      • Pack by Weight - Packaging is optimized by weight per box
  • Improved Shipping Label Generation:
    • A single order shipment may now contain multiple packages and generate multiple shipping labels.
    • Shipments can be reconfigured from the Generate Shipping Label dialog.
    • Improved label display screen with print button.
  • New UPS rate calculation module that uses UPS API:
    • Replaces table-based UPS module and UPS Shipping Labels module
    • Negotiated rate support
    • Functional label generation, including international labels
    • Requires registration from within Miva Merchant
Other Changes:
  • Canonical Category Code - Merchant can set the Category for Smart Breadcrumbs on a per product basis.
  • MySQL 5.5 Support
  • Image Machine improvements - Resized JPEG image quality control
  • IP address whitelist for maintenance mode - Merchant can specify IP addresses that are allowed access while store is offline.
  • Product Sales Report module now includes both the Product Code and the Product Name in exported data
  • Basket Inventory module - New module tracks inventory allocated to Baskets that has not yet sold allowing a definitive inventory count.

Bugs Fixed:
  • 5067: Merchant handling of Require Shipping [x]
  • 5832: Checkout pages use SALESTAX setting flag that is not configurable to display tax basket charges
  • 6233: Miva Merchant is not compatible with MySQL 5.5
  • 6463: JSON: Dummy baskets for Order_Recalculate_Charges and ShippingMethodList_Load_Order do not contain variant_id
  • 6472: cod: The "COD Charge" basketcharge should not be created when the charge amount is $0.00
  • 6473: config.mvc attempts to load language.dat, despite language functionality having been removed from most of the software
  • 6478: Additional Images, edit image display order dialog has incorrect title
  • 6481: Missing required shipping redirect page, exception errors are not handled correctly.
  • 6483: Action_CalculateShipping permits empty g.ShippingMethod when shipping is required
  • 6484: Shipping method select shows " ()" when shipping supermod has excluded all methods
  • 6492: CyberSource: Transactions cannot be placed using Discover or Diners Club cards
  • 6493: PA-DSS Checklist fatal errors are not reported correctly
  • 6495: chasepaytech: AVSname field must be limited to 30 characters
  • 6497: Design Your look Wizard on MMUI PR8 update3 unable to find function error
  • 6499: Runtime: basket: handling charge is displayed on the basket page
  • 6500: Runtime, OSEL, shipping method "display as" name changes once it is added to the order.
  • 6501: USPS Online Rate Calculation has ShippingModule_Label_Invalid defined with only two parameters
  • 6503: Free orders do not allow the fallback shipping method.
  • 6506: Shipping rules, shipping method rules, negative values allowed
  • 6508: Provisioning, ProductRelatedProduct_Assign allows a product to be assigned to itself.
  • 6509: Packaging rules, box dimensions allow negative numbers.
  • 6511: Shipping Method Rules, Shipping method options, shipping method is not encoded.
  • 6512: Category tree components should figure out the current category when g.Category_Code is not present
  • 6513: Product Batch Edit: "Edit Here" without SKU field visible wipes out product sku when updating
  • 6514: Manage Orders/Shipments: Add Item and other dialogs lose ability to tab between controls
  • 6515: Shipping rules: fallback shipping method always includes handling charge on OSEL page.
  • 6516: Runtime: placing an order for a free item causes runtime error.
  • 6517: Edit product: shipping rules: limit shipping methods always blocks all shipping methods.
  • 6518: Frameworks: Missing close table tag on the apply framework screen
  • 6520: Edit Variant dialog needs to resize modal backer when changing variant calculation method
  • 6521: upsdevkit: is viewable from a user with no privileges.
  • 6524: Radio input values are not being sent through in import add/edit dialog
  • 6525: Radio input values are not being sent through in report add/edit dialog
  • 6526: Radio input values are not being sent through in labels configuration dialog
  • 6527: Additional images, edit display order, images sorted inconsistently.
  • 6530: Shipping Settings, Packaging Rules, Boxes, boxes do not paginate correctly.
  • 6531: Shipping Settings, Packaging Rules, Boxes, pagination buttons wrap.
  • 6532: Upsxml, Cant generate label for UPS Next Day air ® Early A.M. because the phone number never gets sent.
  • 6533: Upsxml: The name UPS OnLine® tools should be UPS Ready®
  • 6535: Upsxml: UPS Next Day Air® Early A.M. ® delivery confirmation is selectable during generate label.
  • 6536: Upsxml: UPS shipping methods should use numbers instead of being spelled out.
  • 6537: OrderShipmentLabel records are not being deleted when their OrderShipments are deleted
  • 6542: Upsxml: generating a label for any international method returns the error "invalid or missing ship to phone number"
  • 6547: UPSxml: "please enter a description" error pops up for all labels
  • 6548: baskinv: numbers overflow bounding box on inventory tab of edit product page
  • 6549: Store closed AND warning message both display when no baskets, no new customers set, and store offline
  • 6550: Runtime: CTGY: breadcrumbs display when category item is not assigned to the page
  • 6552: Shipping Rules:Redirect shopper to page:prod display: returns a blank category not found error.
  • 6553: cmp-cssui-breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs include siblings of parent categories when using the heirarchy from the category tree
  • 6554: Last-Modified header is output with the incorrect date/time when "clientside" feature modules output content
  • 6555: If non-number is entered for Items Per Page, Pagination becomes infinity and products do not display properly
  • 6556: Product List Components: Rick finds the boldfaced portion of the Default Sort Method warning message confusing
  • 6558: Upsxml: shipping method rules do not have automatic exclusions for "mvfedexsoap"
  • 6562: Shipping labels should have a filename specified in their Content-Disposition header
  • 6565: Fatal Error: MER-DBP-ORD-00001: Unknown column 'ship_info' in 'field list' when placing orders in runtime
  • 6566: Basket Timeout is arbitrarily short
  • 6581: upsxml: Must specify LargePackageIndicator for both rates and labels
  • 6582: Basket Option weight is not included in packaging solutions
  • 6583: Shipping label dialog does not validate the dimension or weight fields
  • 6585: upsxml: Empty shipping method names when shipping from Ontario, Canada to San Diego
  • 6590: OrderShipment_Insert does not handle legacy callers who do not provide batch_id
  • 6591: Provisioning, shippingmethodrules_update does not work in mysql strict mode.
  • 6593: Shipping settings, shipping rules, shipping method rules, exclusions do not work in mysql strict mode.
  • 6594: Runtime, breadcrumbs, after applying the default cssui framework the bread crumbs do not work correctly.
  • 6595: Shipping rules, handling charge, handling charge amount does not validate for non-numeric values
  • 6596: shipping settings, packaging rules, pack by weight, Max weight field allows negative numbers.
  • 6597: upsxml: No shipping rates returned on MivaSQL
  • 6598: shipping settings, packaging rules, pack by quantity, Max quantity field allows negative numbers.
  • 6599: upsdevkit: Chokes on not-perfectly-formed phone number
  • 6600: Shipping settings, shipping method rules, Fedex inti and Fedex 2day freight are not excluded by UPS.
  • 6602: Inventory status for variants containing a mixture of inventory and non-inventory parts are incorrect
  • 6603: AttributeMachine.js throws the variant_changed MivaEvent before it updates the inventory and price fields
  • 6604: Upsxml: unable to calculate shipping from manage orders screen
  • 6605: Admin, shipping settings, shipping method rules, in the edit rules section "Priority" must be a positive value.
  • 6608: Google Checkout: fatal error when configuring Google Checkout on mysql strict mode
  • 6609: Provisioning: does not work in mysql strict mode
  • 6611: Shipping labels dialog, when using IE6, clicking the remove package link takes you to index of /mm5
  • 6612: Shipping labels dialog, you’re unable to move an item to a new package in IE6.
  • 6613: Shipping labels dialog, can not print shipping labels from IE9
  • 6617: Product inventory, unknown fatal error when increasing stock to 9999999999 on mysql strict.
  • 6619: Upsxml: the shipping method U.S.P.S. first-class mail® is not automatically excluded.
  • 6620: Shipping method rules, restrict to zip codes, text overrun in webkit browsers
  • 6623: ui.js: GatherInputElements doesn't define its iterator variables as local
  • 6625: shippinglabeldialog.js: EnableDisable function instantiates variable i that is not used
  • 6627: Shipping label print dialog browser compatibility.
  • 6628: boxaddeditdialog.js: function Save_Callback uses uninitialized iterator j
  • 6629: features/shp/ Screen_ShippingRules function has incorrect closing bold tag
  • 6630: Installing PayFlow Pro with a provisioning file doesn’t work in mysql strict mode.
  • 6631: Provisioning: Affiliate_add doesn’t work in mysql strict mode.
  • 6635: dbapi_mysql: DB_OPENVIEW_Range generates invalid queries when offset is specified without count
  • 6636: function Breadcrumbs_Generate_From_Cattree contains unnecessary condition
  • 6637: and have no facility for controlling dmunitcode or wtunitcode
  • 6640: URL building function is not encoding g.Screen
  • 6641: URL building function is using encodeentities instead of encodeattribute
  • 6642: Pagination links contain unencoded global variables
  • 6643: Pagination links are using encodeentities instead of encodeattribute in some places
  • 6644: local variable naming does not follow conventional standards
  • 6645: uses len() on variables instead of len_var()
  • 6646: ShippingModule_Basket_Apply function contains old references to an unused saturday delivery flag
  • 6647: Uses substring() and len() instead of substring_var() and len_var() in function Referer_Parser
  • 6648: rounded output variables should be changed to encode at initialize - multiple locations
  • 6649: g.UPSXML_InvoiceLineTotal is not encoded - line 1212
  • 6650: l.request:invoicelinetotal as an output is not encoded
  • 6651: template code output mvt: entities should be encoded
  • 6652: &mvt:global:Store:company; should be an encoded entity
  • 6653: Timeout/large memory usage when a basket contains a large number of items
  • 6654: Print label dialog, the display order of labels is reversed with mivaSQL
  • 6655: No admin activity logging for shipping/packing rules
  • 6656: storekey is unnecessary
  • 6657: Multiple occurrences of l.settings being populated by different load functions
  • 6658: Unencoded variables (multiple) g.Store:dmunitcode
  • 6659: Unencoded variables (multiple) g.Store:dmunitcode
  • 6660: Set Up Shipping wizard, the UPS shield is covered on the completion page of setting up UPS Ready® tools.(IE7 only)
  • 6661: admin/order/details.js: var j in function Order_Detail.prototype.OrderItemList_Load_Callback is not declared
  • 6662: shippingmethodprioritydialog.js: line end token ";" is not used in multiple locations
  • 6663: one replaced len is incorrect - line 2955
  • 6664: frameworks/css_fw/components/product_list.htm: Prev buttons have incorrect offset
  • 6665: Category names in breadcrumbs are being entity encoded
  • 6666: &mvta: in Generate code is invalid: double encoding produces error
  • 6667: fix logic path to return immediately if l.settings:page_disp_count EQ 0 OR l.settings:per_page EQ 0
  • 6668: fix logic path to return immediately if l.settings:page_disp_count EQ 0 OR l.settings:per_page EQ 0
  • 6669: if pagination is turned off, Generate_Code creates 0 values for Items Per Page
  • 6670: if pagination is turned off, Generate_Code creates 0 values for Items Per Page
  • 6672: Upsxml: label generation, the shipper ‘AttentionName’ field uses specified ‘ship from’ name, instead of the store owner.
  • 6673: Generate shipping label, time out error when running test 1641
  • 6674: Handling charge always appears on OSEL page when handling charge set to be included in shipping rate
  • 6675: google: Google checkout, handling charge is always applied to orders.
  • 6676: cbamazon: checkout by Amazon, handling charge is always applied to orders.
  • 6677: Runtime error with Legacy Order Processing and UPS shipping module
  • 6678: Upsxml: unable to calculate shipping from manage orders screen in mivasql


Template Changes for PR8 Update 4

Store User Interface: Miva Merchant Look & Feel

Store User Interface: Miva Merchant CSSUI

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