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Configuring the First Data Global gateway module with Empresa v5.13 or higher
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Begin by first contacting First Data Global gateway or logging into your First Data Global account and getting your Web Service API information.

  1. Log into your First Data Global account
  2. Click the Support tab
  3. Choose the Download Center
  4. Enter the Tax ID in order to download your API information.
  5. Click the Download "For Web Service"
  6. Open the contents of the ZIP file with a plain text editor, such as NotePad or TextEdit.

You will need four of the files that they provide you to set up the module.

  •     WS<Store_ID>._.1.auth.txt file.
  •     WS<Store_ID>._.1.pem file.
  •     WS<Store_ID>._.1.key file.
  •     WS<Store_ID> file.

The simplest way to set up the payment gateway is to use the Set Up Payment wizard under Wizards.  Click the "Other" button and choose the "Setup a Third Party Payment Gateway" radio button. Use the Payment Module drop down menu to select First Data Global Gateway and simply follow the directions on each page.

You can also go directly to the Payment setting area of the Admin, check the First Data Global Gateway, select it from the tabs and configure it there.

  1. Enter your API User name and Password. This information is in the WS<Store_ID>._.1.auth.txt file.
  2. Enter your API Certificate. This information is in the WS<Store_ID>._.1.pem file.
  3. Enter your API Private Key. This information is in the WS<Store_ID>._.1.key file.
  4. Enter your API Private Key Password. This information is in the WS<Store_ID> file.
  5. Select your payment methods.
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