Miva Merchant 5.5 Production Release 8 Update 1
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Wayne Smith on 20 July 2011 07:35 AM

Streaming Update Patch Details

  • A confidentiality notice has been added to the admin login screen
  • The existing First Data Global Gateway payment module has been renamed "First Data Global Gateway (Legacy API)"
  • A new First Data Global Gateway payment module is now available which uses the more modern Web Services API and supports partial capture, refunds, and voids.
  • The Authorize.Net payment module has been updated to support partial capture, refunds, and voids.
  • The Authorize.Net payment module can now be configured to allow administrative authorizations without the CVV code.
  • Imports may now be assigned to groups, allowing members of the group to execute any assigned import(s).
    • Users in groups with the add, modify, or delete Imports privilege are allowed to run all imports.
    • Users in groups with only the view Imports privilege are allowed to run imports assigned to their groups.
    • Users without the view Imports privilege are not allowed to run any imports, regardless of whether the imports are assigned to their groups or not.
  • The "Edit" links on the import and report list screens have been changed to "Edit Settings" to make them more visible and reduce confusion.
  • The "Accept Credit Cards" button has been removed from the Left Navigation screen
  • The "Restart Failed Installation" and "Discard Failed Installation" choices have been removed from the Upgrade Wizard. When an upgrade fails, the only choices are now to resume the failed installation or create a Miva Merchant support ticket.
  • The Upgrade Error screen has been modified to look more like the Upgrade Advisor

Bugs Fixed:
  • 5969: authnet shows captured in admin even though authnet is holding it for review
  • 6310: Framework export/install functions inconsistently tokenize store IDs encountered in external file sources
  • 6324: AJAX_Call_LowLevel content-length check breaks functionality when mod_deflate or mod_gzip is enabled
  • 6325: cmp-mv-adminorderfields: OrderItem list is not sorted
  • 6326: Display order should always be used when generating variant codes
  • 6338: chasepaytech: PaymentModule_Process returns incorrect value on some errors
  • 6340: chasepaytech: PaymentModule_Authorize ignores the auth/auth capture setting
  • 6347: templateorderemails: Generated template content is sent in a manner that violates RFC 821
  • 6355: Admin, utilities, imports, edit settings, assign all, clicking assign all button causes JavaScript error.
  • 6357: Upgrade_Store_Index_Exists does not handle deleted records in MivaSQL schemas properly
  • 6358: Authorize.Net: MD5 mismatch error isn't being returned correctly
  • 6359: Authorize.Net: Commas in the billing/shipping fields aren't being stripped
  • 6360: Report configuration using select multiple="multiple" only returns first set value.
  • 6362: Import add/edit dialog not sending multiple values from select elements
  • 6363: Manage Orders: Authorize dialog not sending multiple values from select elements
  • 6364: Shipping label dialog not sending multiple values from select elements
  • 6366: Authorize.Net: Sending incorrect first and last name fields
  • 6367: Authorize.Net: cust_id field is no longer being sent as "Online Customer"
  • 6368: Product Batch Edit screen forces long product codes to wrap
  • 6369: next and previous buttons in Edit Customer display Not Found Error
  • 6370: igsgroup: PaymentModule_Process returns incorrect value on some errors and does not properly handle legacy sale mode authorizations
  • 6371: paypalpro: PaymentModule_Process returns incorrect value on some errors
  • 6372: Authorize.Net: Legacy PaymentModule_Authorize function isn't passing the correct amount variable
  • 6373: igsgroup: MvCALL Errors are fatal and display in IgsGroup_Call
  • 6374: LaunchPad: Cannot configure a button to link to a "log" module
  • 6375: LaunchPad: Links are allowed to 5.70 API import modules that do not support the IMPT screen
  • 6376: Authorize.Net: PaymentModule_Process returns incorrect value on some errors
  • 6377: Authorize.Net: MvCALL errors are fatal and display
  • 6379: Admin, utilities, legacy order processing, search when viewing all orders always returns no results.
  • 6381: Authorize.Net: Legacy PaymentModule_Authorize is calling OrderPayment_Create
  • 6382: paypalpro: Legacy PaymentModule_Authorize returns Unable to authorize payment: The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts.
  • 6383: Authorize.Net: Legacy PaymentModule_Authorize is sending a l.order arguments when they should be from g.Basket
  • 6384: Order_Update_Payment updates the wrong OrderPayment record if a 5.60 or newer API module creates an OrderPayment record in PaymentModule_Process
  • 6385: Legacy order processing code, thru Order_Update_Payment, gets encryption key refcounts out of sync if OrderPayment_Update was called in PaymentModule_Process
  • 6386: Authorize.Net: SSN is not sent in the request when using Secure Source Validation
  • 6387: Coupons with the same total as a basket sometimes display a total of 0.01 or -0.01
  • 6388: First Data Global Gateway, CVV2, 500 Internal Server Error when cvv code is incorrectly formatted.
  • 6390: Authorize.Net: Test mode field is not being included in the request
  • 6391: cmp-[cssui|mmui]-invc-order components needlessly calculate
  • 6395: admin/ Action_Group_Update makes extra database calls and does not properly handle database errors
  • 6396: admin/ Screen_Product_BatchEdit uses MvEVAL to construct HTML tags instead of just embedding expressions in the tags
  • 6397: features/imp/ ImportXGroup_Load errors are not handled in Import_Group_Update
  • 6398: features/imp/ JSON_ImportList_Load_Query does not specify a table alias for search/sort columns
  • 6399: features/upg/ Upgrade_Install_Error passes the error message through a URL parameter when not required
  • 6400: features/upg/ errorcode is not specified when calling UpgradeProgress_Patch_Insert or UpgradeProgress_PatchStep_Insert
  • 6401: Authorize.Net: Capture transactions secure data is missing fields
  • 6402: New module stores pay_data differently than the previous version
  • 6403: Subversion revision 26586 code review remediations
  • 6404: fdggwsapi: Method provisioning does not work
  • 6407: PA-DSS Checklist: Log File and Log Level are always blank
  • 6408: Authorize.Net: Require Admin CVV setting uses incorrect tag name in provisioning
  • 6409: Authorize.Net: Provisioning requires Store Entire CC Number setting to be true when in auth only mode
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