Chase Paymentech response codes
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Response codes received that are not in this table should be treated as a general error not approved.

Action                   Description
Call                       Call your Chase Paymentech Customer Service for assistance
Cust.                     Try to resolve with customer or obtain alternate payment method
Fix                         There is an invalid value being sent. Fix and resend
Resend                  Send this transaction back at any time
Voice                     Perform a voice authorization per instructions provided by Chase Paymentech
Wait                       Wait 2-3 days before resending or try to resolve with the customer
Response Codes:
Code                       Definition                                      Status                       Action
00                           Approved                                     Approved                       None
01                      Call/Refer to Card Issuer                         Decline                        Voice
02                   Refer to Card issuer's special conditions            Decline                        Voice
03                   Invalid Merchant Number                               Error                         Fix
04                            Pickup                                      Decline                        Cust.
05                      Do Not Honor                                      Decline                        Cust.
06                      Other Error                                       Decline                        Cust.
07                     Stop Deposit Order                                 Decline                        Cust.
08        Approved authorization, honor with identification               Approved                       None
09                    Revocation of Auth                                  Decline                        Cust.
10                       Default Call                                     Decline                        Voice
11           Approved authorization, VIP Approval                         Approved                       None
12               Invalid Transaction Type                                 Decline                        Cust.
13                       Bad Amount                                       Decline                        Fix
14                    Invalid Credit Card Number                          Decline                        Fix
15                       Default Call Low Fraud                           Decline                        Voice
16                    Default Call Medium Fraud                           Decline                        Voice
17                    Default Call High fraud                             Decline                        Voice
18                   Default Call Unavailable Fraud                       Decline                        Voice
19                    Re-enter Transaction                                Error                          Resend
20                     Floor Low Fraud                                    Decline                        Cust.
21                    Floor Medium Fraud                                  Decline                        Cust.
22                    Floor High fraud                                    Decline                        Cust.
23                    Floor Unavailable Fraud                             Decline                        Cust.
24                       Validated                                        Approved                       None
26                       Pre-noted                                        Approved                       None
27                    No reason to decline                                Decline                        Cust.
28                    Received and stored                                 Approved                       None
29                     Provided Auth                                      Approved                       None
30                  Invalid value in message                              Error                          Fix
31                   Request received                                     Approved                       None
32                        BIN Alert                                       Approved                       None
33                     Card is expired                                    Decline                        Cust.
34                  Approved for partial                                  Approved                       None
35                      Zero Amount                                       Error                          Fix
36                   Bad Total Auth amount                                Error                          Fix
37                   Invalid Secure Payment Data                          Error                          Fix
38                 Merchant not MC SecureCode Enabled                     Decline                        Call
40                Requested Function not supported                        Error                          Call or Fix
41                   Lost / Stolen                                        Decline                        Cust.
42                  Account Not Active                                    Decline                        Cust.
43                  Lost / Stolen Card                                    Decline                        Cust.
45                Duplicate Transaction                                   Decline                        Cust.
46              Blanks not passed in Reserved Field                       Decline                        Fix
50                   Positive ID                                          Decline                        Cust.
52                  Processor Decline                                     Decline                        Cust.
56                    Restraint                                           Decline                        Cust.
58             Transaction not permitted to terminal                      Error                          Call
59                     Soft AVS                                           Decline                        Cust.
60                 Do Not Honor Low Fraud                                 Decline                        Cust.
61                 Do Not Honor Medium Fraud                              Decline                        Cust.
62                 Do Not Honor High fraud                                Decline                        Cust.
63                 Do Not Honor Unavailable Fraud                         Decline                        Cust.
64                    CVV2/CVC2 Failure                                   Decline                        Cust.
65                   Invalid Amex CID                                     Decline                        Cust.
66                     Other Error                                        Error                          Fix
68                   Invalid CC Number                                    Error                          Fix
69                 Does not match MOP                                     Error                          Fix
71                   No Account                                           Decline                        Fix
72                Invalid Institution Code                                Decline                        Fix
73             Method of Payment is Invalid for Merchant                  Error                          Fix
74                Invalid Expiration Date                                 Decline                        Cust.
75                     Bad Amount                                         Error                          Fix
77                 Invalid Amount                                         Decline                        Fix
78               Missing Companion Data                                   Error                          Fix
79                 Invalid Merchant                                       Error                          Fix
80                Invalid MOP for division                                Error                          Fix
85                 Duplicated Order #                                     Error                          Fix
86                  Auth Recycle Host down                                Error                          Wait
87                  Invalid Currency                                      Error                          Fix
88                Invalid Purch. Level III                                Error                          Fix
89                    Credit Floor                                        Decline                        Cust.
95                Invalid Data Type                                       Error                          Fix
96                Invalid Record Sequence                                 Error                          Fix
97                Percents Not Total 100                                  Error                          Fix
98                 Issuer Unavailable                                     Decline                        Resend
99                 No Answer / Unable to send                             Error                          Resend
A1                  Payments Not Total Order                              Error                          Fix
A2                  Bad Order Number                                      Error                          Fix
A3                  FPO Locked                                            Error                          Wait
A4                 FPO Not Allowed                                        Error                          Call
A5                Auth Amount Wrong                                       Error                          Fix
A6                 Illegal Action                                         Error                          Fix
A8                Invalid Start Date                                      Error                          Fix
A9              Invalid Issue Number                                      Error                          Fix
B1              Invalid Transaction Type                                  Error                          Fix
B2              Account Previously Activated                              Decline                        Cust
B3               Unable to void transaction                               Error                          Fix
B5                Not on file                                             Decline                        Fix
B7                Fraud                                                   Decline                        Cust.
B8               Bad Debt                                                 Decline                        Cust.
B9             On Negative File                                           Decline                        Cust.
BA             Under 18 Years Old                                         Decline                        Cust.
BB             Possible Compromise                                        Decline                        Cust.
BC             Bill To Not Equal To Ship To                               Decline                        Cust.
BD             Invalid Pre-approval Number                                Decline                        Cust.
BE             Invalid Email Address                                      Decline                        Cust.
BF             PA ITA Number Inactive                                     Decline                        Cust.
BG               Blocked Account                                          Decline                        Cust.
BH            Address Verification Failed                                 Decline                        Cust.
BI              Not on Credit Bureau                                      Decline                        Cust.
BJ              Previously Declined                                       Decline                        Cust.
BK            Closed Account, New Account Closed                          Decline                        Cust.
BL              Re-Authorization                                          Decline                        Cust.
BM             Re-Authorization – No Match                                Decline                        Cust.
BN             Re-Authorization – Timeframes Exceeded                     Decline                        Cust.
BO                   Stand In Rules                                       Decline                        Cust.
BP      'Customer Service Phone Number required on              Error              Fix
         Transaction Types 1 (MO/TO) and 2
         (Recurring). MC Only
BQ      'Issuer has flagged account as suspected fraud. (Discover Only)   Decline                        Cust.
BR              Invalid MCC Sent                                          Error                          Fix
BS               New Card Issued                                          Decline                        Cust.
C1               Invalid Issuer                                           Decline                        Cust.
C2               Invalid Response Code                                    Decline                        Fix
C3               Excessive Pin Try                                        Decline                        Cust.
C4               Over Limit                                               Decline                        Cust.
C5               Over Freq Limit                                          Decline                        Cust.
C6               Over Sav limit                                           Decline                        Cust.
C7               Over Sav Freq                                            Decline                        Cust.
C8               Over Credit limit                                        Decline                        Cust.
C9               Over Credit Freq                                         Decline                        Cust.
D1              Invalid For Credit                                        Decline                        Fix
D2              Invalid For Debit                                         Decline                        Fix
D3              Rev Exceed Withdrawal                                     Decline                        Cust.
D4               One Purchasing Limit                                     Decline                        Cust.
D5               On Negative File                                         Decline                        Cust.
D6               Changed Field                                            Decline                        Fix
D7               Insufficient Funds                                       Decline                        Cust.
D8               Encrypted Data Bad                                       Decline                        Fix
D9              Altered Data                                              Decline                        Fix
E3              Invalid Prefix                                            Decline                        Fix
E4               Invalid Institution                                      Decline                        Fix
E5               Invalid Cardholder                                       Decline                        Fix
E6                  BIN Block                                             Decline                        Fix
E7                 Stored                                                 Approved                       None
E8               Invalid Transit Routing Number                           Error                          Fix
E9               Unknown Transit Routing Number                           Error                          Fix
F1                Missing Name                                            Error                          Fix
F2                 Invalid Account Type                                   Error                          Fix
F3                       Account Closed                                   Error                          Cust.
F4                 No Account / Unable To Locate                          Error                          Fix
F5                 Account holder Deceased                                Error                          Cust.
F6                 Beneficiary Deceased                                   Error                          Cust.
F7                   Account Frozen                                       Error                          Cust.
F8                 Customer Opt Out                                       Error                          Cust.
F9               ACH Non-Participant                                      Error                          Cust.
G1                  No Pre-note                                           Error                          Fix
G2                  No Address                                            Error                          Fix
G3                Invalid Account Number                                  Error                          Fix
G4             Authorization Revoked by Consumer                          Error                          Cust.
G5             Customer Advises Not Authorized                            Error                          Cust.
G6                 Invalid CECP Action Code                               Error                          Fix
G7                  Invalid Account Format                                Error                          Fix
G8                  Bad Account Number Data                               Error                          Fix
G9                   No Capture                                           Decline                        N/A
H1                 No Credit Function                                     Decline                        N/A
H2                No Debit Function                                       Decline                        N/A
H3               Rev Exceed Withdrawal                                    Decline                        Cust.
H4                Changed Field                                           Decline                        N/A
H5               Terminal Not Owned                                       Decline                        N/A
H6                Invalid Time                                            Decline                        Fix
H7             Invalid Date                                               Decline                        Fix
H8             Invalid Terminal Number                                    Decline                        Fix
H9                Invalid PIN                                             Decline                        Cust.
I1      Block activation failed – Card Range not set up for MOD 10        Error                          Fix
I2 Block activation failed – email or fulfillment flags were set to Y     Error                          Fix
I3 Declined – Issuance doesn’t meet minimum amount                        Declined                       Cust
I4         Declined – no original auth found                              Decline                        Cust
I5      Declined – outstanding auth, funds on hold                        Decline                        Cust
I6           Activation amount incorrect                                  Decline                        Fix
I7 Block activation failed- account not correct or block size not correct Decline                        Fix
I8          Mag stripe CVD value failed                                   Decline                        Fix
I9          Max Redemption limit met                                      Decline                        Fix
J1              No Manual Key                                             Decline                        Fix
J2            Not Signed In                                               Decline                        Fix
J3             Excessive Pin Try                                          Decline                        Cust.
J4             No DDA                                                     Decline                        Fix
J5             No SAV                                                     Decline                        Fix
J6           Excess DDA                                                   Decline                        Cust.
J7          Excess DDA FREQ                                               Decline                        Cust.
J8           Excess SAV                                                   Decline                        Cust.
J9           Excess SAV FREQ                                              Decline                        Cust.
K1             Excess Card                                                Decline                        Cust.
K2           Excess Card Freq                                             Decline                        Cust.
K3            Reserved Future                                             Decline                        N/A
K4       Reserved Closing                                                 Decline                        N/A
K5            Dormant                                                     Decline                        Cust.
K6               NSF                                                      Decline                        Cust.
K7            Future RD Six                                               Decline                        N/A
K8            Future RD Seven                                             Decline                        N/A
K9            Transaction Code Conflict                                   Decline                        Fix
L1            In Progress                                                 Decline                        Wait
L2        Process Unavailable                                             Error                          Resend
L3           Invalid Expiration                                           Error                          Fix
L4           Invalid Effective                                            Error                          Fix
L5           Invalid Issuer                                               Decline                        Fix
L6           Tran not allowed for cardholder                              Decline                        Cust.
L7             Unable to Determine Network Routing                        Error                          Call
L8                System Error                                            Error                          Call
L9              Database Error                                            Error                          Call
M1             Merchant Override Decline                                  Decline                        Cust.
PA                Partial Approval                                        Approved                       N/A
PB         Revocation of all Authorization                                Decline                        Cust.
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