Miva Merchant Empresa/Mia/Script Compiler v5.13 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Wayne Smith on 29 July 2013 09:25 PM
Miva Merchant Empresa/Mia/Script Compiler v5.13 Release Notes

Bugs Fixed
5880: All ExternalDatabaseVariables ISNULL until they have been read
5926: 64-bit engine libraries are dynamically linked against system libraries
5987: miva_array_sort() Crashes Mia
5988: miva_array_sort() does not properly handle timeouts in the callback
6002: Logging mechanism should have a way to log application timed out errors
6003: Only the first open view for a database is closed on VM exit
6042: "Application timed outApplication timed out" when a file upload takes longer than globaltimeout seconds
6102: MySQL connector does not close connections when an MvOPENVIEW encounters an error
6135: diag6.mvc does not read the libgd system library configuration from them mivavm.conf
6136: When a SYSTEMLIB is configured it does not make an entry in s.miva_config like COMMERCE and DATABASE libraries do
6170: MvFOR: Cannot use a FIRST of "0"
6197: MivaSQL: LIKE operator does not properly handle wildcard comparisons at the end of a string
6199: Win32: MvLOCKFILE fails with "Access Denied" or "The handle is invalid."
6200: Win32: MvLOCKFILE fails to use MvCONFIG_DELAY_FILE and consumes 100% of the CPU when waiting for a lock
6201: 1-byte buffer overrun in MivaApplication::DecodeEntities
6202: Buffer overrun of static buffer when processing MvCONFIG_CAPTURE_FILE
6203: Buffer overrun of static buffer when replaying a capture file
6227: MivaSQL: UPDATE or DELETE statements with OR expressions fail to delete/update all matching records
6232: MvFOREACH, miva_array_max(), miva_array_min(), miva_array_elements(), miva_array_next() and miva_array_previous() crash when used on s.miva_config:(database|commerce|systemlib)_list
6353: MvCALL makes multiple writes for the HTTP request, adding overhead and multiplying the effective timeout
6354: MvCALL: GET with parameters and ACTION in the form "http://hostname:port" does not work

New Functions
- srandom( seed )
    - Allows a script to reseed the random number generator used by random()

Other Changes
- Registered system libraries are now available through
  s.miva_config:systemlib_list and s.miva_config:systemlib_lookup
- diag6.mvc now displays a list of registered system libraries
- The request capture/replay mechanism (MvCONFIG_CAPTURE_FILE,
  MvCONFIG_CAPTURE_TRIGGER_FILE, etc...) has been removed
- The build process for the Linux x64 distribution has been altered to
  ensure compatibility with more x64 Linux distributions
- Application Timed Out errors may now be logged using the debug logging
  mechanism, by including MvCONFIG_LOG_APPLICATION_TIMEOUT (134217728) in
  the configured log level.
- MvCALL now supports a CERTPASS attribute, which allows PEM-format
  certificates and/or private keys to be stored encrypted on disk.  If
  specified, the value of CERTPASS is used to decrypt the certificate and/or
  private key in the file specified by CERTFILE.
- Debug logging output may now be filtered, by setting MvCONFIG_LOG_FILTER
  for the environment based configuration, or logfilter=<filter> for the
  3.x configuration.  The filter is in the format
  If a filter is provided, only messages from the specified files and line
  number ranges will be logged.
- Restrictions on the length of string data and number of array elements have
  been removed from debug logging output
- MvCALL input and output may now be logged using the debug logging mechanism,
  by including MvCONFIG_LOG_MvCALL (1048576) in the configured log level.
  All data sent and received during an MvCALL is logged, in base64 format to
  preserve the delimited nature of the log file.  When filtering MvCALL
  logging, only the line containing the start MvCALL tag is considered.

Certificate Updates
- All distribution certificate files now include a textual description
- The following new certificates have been added:
    B8236B002F1D16865301556C11A437CAEBFFC3BB.pem    AffirmTrust Premium ECC
    925A8F8D2C6D04E0665F596AFF22D863E8256F3F.pem    Starfield Services Root Certificate Authority - G2
    D018B62DC518907247DF50925BB09ACF4A5CB3AD.pem    UTN-USERFirst-Hardware: login.yahoo.com
    80962AE4D6C5B442894E95A13E4A699E07D694CF.pem    UTN-USERFirst-Hardware: login.yahoo.com
    B51C067CEE2B0C3DF855AB2D92F4FE39D4E70F0E.pem    Starfield Root Certificate Authority - G2
    47BEABC922EAE80E78783462A79F45C254FDE68B.pem    Go Daddy Root Certificate Authority - G2
    CEA586B2CE593EC7D939898337C57814708AB2BE.pem    UTN-USERFirst-Hardware: login.live.com
    293621028B20ED02F566C532D1D6ED909F45002F.pem    AffirmTrust Networking
    F9B5B632455F9CBEEC575F80DCE96E2CC7B278B7.pem    AffirmTrust Commercial
    6431723036FD26DEA502792FA595922493030F97.pem    UTN-USERFirst-Hardware: mail.google.com
    C039A3269EE4B8E82D00C53FA797B5A19E836F47.pem    GeoTrust Global CA: RapidSSL CA
    471C949A8143DB5AD5CDF1C972864A2504FA23C9.pem    UTN-USERFirst-Hardware: login.skype.com
    63FEAE960BAA91E343CE2BD8B71798C76BDB77D0.pem    UTN-USERFIRST-Hardware: login.yahoo.com
    63FEAE960BAA91E343CE2BD8B71798C76BDB77D0.pem    UTN-USERFirst-Hardware: addons.mozilla.org
    07E032E020B72C3F192F0628A2593A19A70F069E.pem    Certum Trusted Network CA
    1916A2AF346D399F50313C393200F14140456616.pem    UTN-USERFirst-Hardware: www.google.com
    D8A6332CE0036FB185F6634F7D6A066526322827.pem    AffirmTrust Premium
    61793FCBFA4F9008309BBA5FF12D2CB29CD4151A.pem    UTN-USERFirst-Hardware: global trustee
- The following expired certificates have been removed:
    67EB337B684CEB0EC2B0760AB488278CDD9597DD.pem    DST RootCA X2
    F88015D3F98479E1DA553D24FD42BA3F43886AEF.pem    C&W HKT SecureNet CA SGC Root
    720FC15DDC27D456D098FABF3CDD78D31EF5A8DA.pem    TC TrustCenter Class 1 CA
    687EC17E0602E3CD3F7DFBD7E28D57A0199A3F44.pem    SecureNet CA SGC Root
    5BCDCDCC66F6DCE4441FE37D5CC3134C46F47038.pem    beTRUSTed Root CA
    B72FFF92D2CE43DE0A8D4C548C503726A81E2B93.pem    DST RootCA X1
    24BA6D6C8A5B5837A48DB5FAE919EA675C94D217.pem    IPS SERVIDORES
    6423137E5C53D64AA66485ED3654F5AB055A8B8A.pem    Equifax Secure Global eBusiness CA-1
    4463C531D7CCC1006794612BB656D3BF8257846F.pem    RSA Secure Server Certification Authority
    9BACF3B664EAC5A17BED08437C72E4ACDA12F7E7.pem    C&W HKT SecureNet CA Class A
    90DEDE9E4C4E9F6FD88617579DD391BC65A68964.pem    GTE CyberTrust Root
    47AFB915CDA26D82467B97FA42914468726138DD.pem    C&W HKT SecureNet CA Class B
    A60F34C8626C81F68BF77DA9F667588A903F7D36.pem    VeriSign Time Stamping Authority CA
    7CA04FD8064C1CAA32A37AA94375038E8DF8DDC0.pem    SecureNet CA Root
    E0925E18C7765E22DABD9427529DA6AF4E066428.pem    Hongkong Post Root CA
    7AC5FFF8DCBC5583176877073BF751735E9BD358.pem    SecureNet CA Class B
    A399F76F0CBF4C9DA55E4AC24E8960984B2905B6.pem    TC TrustCenter Time Stamping CA
    9FC796E8F8524F863AE1496D381242105F1B78F5.pem    TC TrustCenter Class 3 CA
    8B1A1106B8E26B232980FD652E6181376441FD11.pem    Certificado Empresarial Clase-A
    4EF2E6670AC9B5091FE06BE0E5483EAAD6BA32D9.pem    Belgacom E-Trust Primary CA
    D29F6C98BEFC6D986521543EE8BE56CEBC288CF3.pem    TC TrustCenter Class 4 CA
    BC7B3C6FEF26B9F7AB10D7A1F6B67C5ED2A12D3D.pem    Post.Trust Root CA
    5E997CA5945AAB75FFD14804A974BF2AE1DFE7E1.pem    SecureNet CA Class A
    7A74410FB0CD5C972A364B71BF031D88A6510E9E.pem    ABA.ECOM Root CA
    4BA7B9DDD68788E12FF852E1A024204BF286A8F6.pem    C&W HKT SecureNet CA Root
    838E30F77FDD14AA385ED145009C0E2236494FAA.pem    TC TrustCenter Class 2 CA
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