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Miva Merchant 5.5 Production Release 8 Release Notes
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Wayne Smith on 19 June 2012 09:24 AM

New Features:

• Products may now have multiple images. The multiple image subsystem has the following major functionality:
◦ Dynamic resizing of images for thumbnails and primary image display
◦ Lightbox support, allowing display of a larger image than the primary display
◦ Dynamic swapping of images as attributes are changed
◦ Named image types
◦ For compatibility, the PR7 and earlier product image fields still exist, and have been moved onto the primary Product tab of the Add/Edit Products screen
• A new reporting subsystem has been added that allows detailed analysis of sales data
• A new attribute type has been added for "swatch" attributes, which allow the user to click on an image to change the attribute selection.
• A completely revamped Import subsystem has been provided:
◦ Configuration settings may be saved between imports
◦ The import parser has been centralized, and now properly handles "standard" delimited text files
◦ Realtime progress and log information is displayed while importing data
◦ Drag and drop file upload is supported to begin an import
• A new module, "Template Batch Reports," now manages the SHIPMENT_PICKLIST and ORDER_INVOICE screens, treating them as batch reports, and allows additional batch report/screen combinations to be created and managed. This module is installed in newly created stores by default
• A new module, "Template Order Emails," replaces all of the previous email fulfillment modules and allows more advanced configuration of emails:
◦ Everything is a true page template
◦ Can manually trigger the sending of emails
◦ Can send emails on any number of events
◦ Can have an unlimited number of different emails
◦ This new module is installed by default for newly created stores instead of the old meremail and custeml modules
• The Secure Root Directory for Graphics may now be separately configured from the Non-Secure Root Directory for graphics, which fixes behavior in shared SSL certificate environments.

Runtime/StoreMorph Changes:
• The Basket Contents components now allow display of product images on the basket contents page.
• Tokens provided by many component modules have been made more consistent and comprehensive
• Attribute Inventory variant part products are now available in the order and basket contents components.

Administrative Changes:
• The batch edit screen hover effect no longer applies a bold font face to avoid table redraws
• The character set for a store may now be centrally configured, and will affect both runtime and admin, for proper display of accent characters in both locations.
• When generating product variants, the user may now control the delimiter used when constructing product codes for part products
• Administrative buttons now disable themselves and display "Processing..." while the system is performing their action
• Administrative buttons are now disabled while switching tabs
• Administrative Delete buttons have been moved away from other buttons and now clearly indicate what they delete
• Administrative Delete buttons are now displayed only on the first tab of a screen to prevent confusion
• Administrative Update buttons have been hidden on tabs where they do not directly modify the displayed settings (Product: Inventory Variants, for example)
• Orders may now be filtered by Payment Status:
◦ Authorized with $0 Captured
◦ Authorized with Partial Capture
◦ Captured and Not Shipped
◦ Shipped and Not Captured
• Manage Orders and Manage Shipments are now sorted by Order ID descending by default
• Payment may now be captured for multiple orders, or an entire batch of orders, from the Manage Orders screen
• A user may now create a batch containing all unbatched orders by searching for Unbatched Orders and pressing the Create Batch button with no orders selected
• The Manage Orders and Manage Shipments screens have been modified to include the old-style pagination controls and now display "Loading..." when refreshing their contents
• The list of order tabs is now refreshed after editing order charges as the recalculate button may change the current shipping module for the order.
• A new "Batch Report" button on the Manage Orders screen allows users to run legacy or new-style batch report modules on a selection of orders or an entire order batch
• Shipments may now be batched, similar to Orders
• Tracking numbers for an entire batch of orders may be entered by searching for the batch and pressing the "Enter Tracking Numbers" button with no shipments selected
• A new "Batch Report" button on the Manage Shipments screen allows users to run new-style shipment batch report modules on a selection of shipments or an entire shipment batch
• The Product Lookup screen now has the ability to filter its results to Active products
• More advanced Order Tab dialog in Manage Orders which allows JavaScript and other complicated functionality.
• Modules may now extend json.mvc
• Modules may now alter the HEAD tag content of administrative screens
• Modules may now add tabs to all Batch Edit screens
• For 5.70 or newer API version modules Module_xxx_BatchEdit_Update is now called with a "null" product, category, customer, etc... when the Update button is pressed and an item was not being edited in place (so that the modules can update the contents of their tabs).
• The current stock level of products may now be displayed and edited on the Product Batch Edit screen
• Component modules with tabs that appear on all pages and the Edit Store screen now only save their settings if you are viewing their tab. A notification now appears if modifications are made to the settings and the user attempts to switch off of the component's tab(s) without first saving the settings.



Bug Fixes:

• 5391: Batch Edit screens show "N/A" for the count in bottom left in some cases
• 5479: prodexp - doesn't respect the delimiter choice in the header
• 5562: Manage Orders - Default sort order makes no sense
• 5564: Manage Orders - Use price group adjusted prices when adding items to an order
• 5566: Head Tag Template - Move charset=UTF-8 from Page Template to Head Tag Template
• 5587: Admin / Manage Orders - config change, allow CVV Code to be optional
• 5596: Picklist popup page missing a print function
• 5600: Admin / Products - Allow Setting Variant Delimiter (instead of "_" use "-")
• 5611: SEO settings contained in page settings are exported with the framework
• 5620: google checkout w/ CSSUI
• 5644: Manage Orders, Shipments and Emails - wrong accent display issues for Canada
• 5660: Affiliate URL includes session id of logged in affiliate
• 5680: no encryption pass phrase entered and lock button shows unlocked
• 5682: sitemap addition to CSSUI global footer is wrong
• 5683: Deactivated License admin message needs an update to the Miva Support page
• 5685: After product_list item executes, the last array element is erased.
• 5701: EOF error when attempting to re-order a product that has been deactivated through order history
• 5703: SKIN_Install_Components uses MvIMPORT instead of file_read
• 5704: PRV_Action_ProvisionStringData is using MvEXPORT instead of file_create
• 5713: CSSUI Product List Component never outputs product description variable in expanded mode
• 5714: Validate_Email - allows spaces and strings of "." (.., ...) in email addresses
• 5729: CSSUI BASK page template has unencoded ampersand in checkout URL
• 5739: Products imported from flat file have inventory settings set to "No" if not defined
• 5749: OSEL screen in CSSUI failed validation
• 5750: USPS generating error when trying to create shipping labels if an ampersand is included in the name
• 5754: paypalpro: Some report fields are present but empty when order data is encrypted
• 5762: Clicking Refresh on an empty BASK screen generates a Fatal Error
• 5763: Back Order Confirmation HTML Email does not display expected in-stock date
• 5764: Back Order Confirmation HTML Email displays numeric order status instead of text
• 5765: Meta tags are displaying on the page when assigned in CSSUI
• 5769: USPS Small Flat Rate Box not displaying on checkout
• 5770: admin session timeout allows you to refresh without entering admin login
• 5771: PR7 update 7 SendEmail function outputs a different number of new line characters
• 5772: mivasql stores are doubling the number of orders in the batch report
• 5773: Attribute Machine item interferes with ability to add Select One option to attributes
• 5785: Adding Related products makes product footer disappear- CSSUI
• 5786: No index is created for the sNN_RelatedProductDisplayOrder table
• 5788: Feature Request: function to edit a related product record's display order
• 5791: authnet: CC number validation allows non-numeric characters to be passed to and stored
• 5794: misspelling in Add Encryption Key
• 5795: customer export shifting information
• 5799: misspelling in css file
• 5803: g.clientside_url is broken from json.mvc (and children) as well as third party payment return scripts
• 5805: blank error message when using Chase payment gateway
• 5807: Using SEO short links strips off Affiliate Code
• 5808: paypal express disabled also removes pro payment methods
• 5809: Inventory kit contents when generating a picklist for an order.
• 5813: paypalpro: Authorization error messages are not reported properly from admin
• 5815: Remove the 3 Sales Questions from the last screen in Setup
• 5816: Edit product variant/part dialog's iframe backing does not resize properly
• 5820: Load_Offset functions should use DB_OPENVIEW_Range
• 5821: Load_Offset functions should use LEFT OUTER JOIN instead of NOT IN
• 5823: First,_Next,_Previous,_Last load functions should use DB_OPENVIEW_Range
• 5824: attribute template name blank after being assigned to product
• 5828: Manage Orders: Batches without names cannot be selected
• 5829: Manage Orders: Creating a batch changes the batch selection but does not properly reload the list of orders
• 5830: Manage Orders: Order Charge Dialog IE6 backing does not resize when charges are added or removed
• 5831: CSSUI Shipping Dropdown cuts off shipping name of > ~28 chars
• 5833: The Content component uses l.product_list as a variable in its SkinsComponentModule_Export_Item
• 5834: Chunk_Split in can fail to output the last byte
• 5843: Callers of TemplateManager_Page_Assign_Item must manually call Page_Update to save newly assigned item settings
• 5845: Fulfillment Module Trigger Dialog: "Process" button does not re-enable after an error
• 5853: Module tabs do not appear on Affiliate Add/Edit screen
• 5854: Without view money privilege, no tabs appear on the Affiliate batch edit screen
• 5863: Fatal error when clicking cancel after attempting to delete an invalid framework
• 5864: Frameworks fail to install if the package filename is different from the framework code
• 5870: authnet report fields in manage orders do not include all fields from it's tab
• 5878: Modal frame does not prevent tabbing to "dimmed" controls
• 5881: json.mvc does not call OpenBasket() for runtime sessions, which prevents AttributeMachine from working properly with availability groups
• 5884: Templates with only zeros of any number cannot be updated to be empty or to a different number of zeros
• 5885: PayPalPro does not use the TemplateManager_CreateTemplate_NoDuplicates function
• 5888: Refreshing the Invoice page generates a checkout_invalid_session UI exception
• 5890: When running on 5.10 engine, PA-DSS checklist tab (and PIG) should require that debug logging be disabled
• 5897: Chase: MvCALL errors are fatal, leading to empty checkout pages if network errors occur
• 5903: Custom fields not showing up on the admin Categories screen
• 5904: CSSUI Product List component hiding incorrect custom fields count variable
• 5910: MMUI Store: Fatal Error when attempting to select a product image type in Category Display Layout
• 5915: Private keys are not deleted from sNN_PrivateKeys when an encryption key is deleted
• 5918: MMUI/CSSUI Product List Components: "Product Columns" setting is present in line item mode and outputs a confusing validation error
• 5920: setup.mvc engine version check should be updated to 5.10
• 5923: CSSUI Product list component has no "mode" setting
• 5924: MMUI Product List Component: "Layout" configuration setting disappears in advanced mode
• 5944: Action_CalculateTax re-loads the tax module and mysteriously loads all TAX charges for no good reason
• 5946: Action_CalculateShipping loads all SHIPPING basketcharges after calculation
• 5948: cmp-*-orderlist and cmp-*-vieworder need cleanup
• 5952: Plus sign menu expand icon still appears next to Utilities in the left navigation with no sub-items
• 5954: Default order history and order list templates should be redesigned
• 5962: Attribute Machine does not return prices adjusted for price groups
• 5965: files do not contain ident tags
• 5967: There is no secure g.Domain:image_root
• 5973: Domain password complexity provisioning does not validate its numeric fields
• 5974: JSON_OrderPayment_Capture does not properly handle return values from legacy PaymentModule_Process()
• 5975: Wombat-updated payment modules report errors incorrectly in 5.60 API functions
• 5977: Product Display custom field settings are never exported when in advanced mode
• 5981: Login Screen CSS "loginfield" style references a non existent image
• 5989: Admin pages should not be exported when saving a framework
• 5991: Importing Products from Flat File does not set Inventory Tracking or Stock
• 5992: When TemplateManager_Create_ManagedTemplate encounters a template compilation error, it leaves a dangling ManagedTemplate database entry
• 5994: Module_Notify_OrderItem_StatusChange is not passed an array of pre-modification orderitems, contrary to documentation
• 5995: Canceling an order item does not properly adjust variant inventory
• 5996: OrderItemList_Received replenishes inventory and does not properly handle attribute inventory
• 5997: Left Nav not refreshing after Deleting a Category from Cat. Batch Edit Screen

• 6013: cssui.css contains incorrect IE 6 min-height hack rule
• 6014: AJAX list fields with pagination settings do not back up when the last item on a page is deleted
• 6016: CSSUI placeholder banner image needs to be removed
• 6018: Validate_WholeNumber does not set g.Validation_Message on failure
• 6020: There is leftover 4.x provisioning code in several feature files
• 6021: prodexp: Inventory fields bleed from an inventory product to subsequent non-inventory products
• 6024: Custom Fields are not always cleaned up when a Product, Category, or Customer is deleted
• 6025: Edit product Inventory Kit Builder edit part dialog's iframe backing does not resize properly
• 6026: User Batch Edit: When page_len is 0 or there are no users, incorrect "No records" display
• 6027: User_Add: DefaultPagination has no default
• 6031: CSSUI Category Product List Layout component uses mvta encoding in default template
• 6033: CBAmazon bug in CBAmazon_CreateTemporaryBasket
• 6034: cmp-cssui-html: Template is updated on every call to Module_Store_Update
• 6035: Attribute inventory is not properly replenished when deleting an order with outstanding items
• 6037: Canadian VAT editing Province does not save updated Province selection
• 6041: IE Java Script Error in Manage Orders Add Items, 'target.ontab' in file admin/order/itemdialog.js
• 6045: Product SKU is not searchable from runtime
• 6046: Product Display Layout components do not support the SKU field
• 6047: Product List components do not support the SKU field
• 6050: custeml: Default HTML template does not include ship to or bill to country
• 6051: canvat: Runtime error when placing free order from a country other than Canada
• 6052: Attribute Machine does not support framework settings export
• 6055: Legacy Order Processing: With payment decrypted, pressing Update wipes out secure payment data with most payment modules
• 6056: AJAX_Call attempts to eval() aborted request responses, then displays an error popup
• 6058: No boldface in Batch Edit screen Hover effect
• 6059: User_Update assumes a missing Administrator sub-tag means turn the administrator privilege off
• 6060: Order Detail screen should refresh address and other "core" order information after modifications
• 6068: Affiliate_Add: Created affiliates always have an application status of "Pending"
• 6069: Products Batch Edit Screen not displaying .00 on a MySQL Store
• 6070: Color selector does not trigger SetModified on fields that have an onchange event
• 6071: MMUI Category: Errors when provisioning with multiple CatTree_Updates inside a single Module tag
• 6072: buysafe: Non-fatal errors during install and uninstall on CSSUI
• 6078: Adding Page with invalid Template code produces a Fatal Error
• 6087: MMUI: Applying css_fw then default_fw leaves several buttons with css_fw images
• 6089: Frameworks export images from page/component templates incorrectly
• 6091: Product_Add and Product_Update do not support SKU
• 6103: Copyright Update on bottom of Main Screen
• 6112: Customer Passwords are trim'd in runtime but not in admin
• 6116: Add dialogs should implement the "Add +" button
• 6123: Miva Submit Wizard Not Accepting Terms PopUp Dialog has " "
• 6130: Uploaded file extensions should be forced to lower case
• 6131: Updated Links
• 6137: Domain , does not allow a value of 0
• 6153: Modal Dialog displays that increase the scrollHeight of the page do not resize modal dimming frame
• 6168: Manage Orders - Paste Encryption passphrase via Mouse, Continue button not enabled
• 6172: XSS on BLNK screen
• 6174: JSON_Encode outputs encoded strings that violate the JSON standard
• 6175: Address dialog's title bar is getting font-size:85% doubled in managed order screen
• 6176: AJAX_Call should use JSON.parse() when it is available
• 6177: XSS: Manage Orders and Manage Shipments display Customer fields unencoded
• 6178: XSS: Order Details shows addresses unencoded
• 6179: XSS: Additional XSS in AJAX dialogs
• 6182: Returned or RMA issued items are returned to inventory when an order is deleted
• 6183: Order_Add with tag does not decrement product inventory
• 6185: It is possible to double click on the New Order button and create two orders at once
• 6193: UTF-7 (and other character set) XSS issue in fatal errors
• 6194: XSS: FileUpload_Form
• 6198: Affiliate Configuration Screen, Payouts Tab: items per page doesn't default to 1 when value is 0, or negative
• 6207: Manage Orders> edit order > Lookup Customer:> lookup list does not activate if nothing is in text field. (MIVASQL only)
• 6208: Manage Orders> edit order > add item> auto complete behavior is inconsistent.
• 6212: paylink: XSS in Payment Wizard, Wizard_PayLink:FPS_fail
• 6214: Unable to upload framework when using alternative secure environment
• 6222: USPS: RateV3 and IntlRate request types are being discontinued
• 6223: USPS: Provisioning tag takes attribute code but looks up methods by name
• 6230: Miva admin> Wizards> add a product> entering a product that uses special characters creates a product with no product code.
• 6238: FireFox 4>Edit Product>Inventory Variants>Checked Variant does not enable the Delete Selected Button
• 6239: Manage Orders: Item Dialog: Attribute lookup displays attribute code twice, instead of the prompt
• 6240: XSS: list layout elements > java script will run and generate a pop up if it is entered as an image type description.
• 6241: Wizards>Add a Product Attribute>Broken Add Additional Option(s) button
• 6242: Admin> domain settings > launchpad> unable to turn off  or add any of the links in the “Available links”“Del.Baskets†drop down.
• 6243: Runtime> Category tree> incorrect class leveling when nested more then 2 deep.
• 6246: Typo>buySAFE 2.0>Set up screen - "Please setup *you* buySAFE for Miva Merchant Module first by clicking here."
• 6249: View Only Users>Global Settings>Edit User>Fatal Error when attempting to add a new user
• 6251: Unable to create store with incorrectly configured root directory for graphics, "Record not found: MER-DBP-STR-00013"
• 6254: Users without admin privileges that are Managers of stores, and group users with store settings privileges cannot save, select, or delete frameworks
• 6256: UI Buttons displaying incorrectly for set user privileges
• 6261: Admin> Utilities > import data> import categories from flat file. Allows invalid characters in code fields to be uploaded
• 6262: XSS: Admin> Categories> category codes are not encoded on edit category screen.
• 6265: mvusps: USPS MvCALLs are fatal during checkout
• 6268: ProductVariant_Is_Possible does not account for product inventory
• 6269: JSON_Possible: Invalid variant solution code does not always attempt to change the selection of previously selected attributes
• 6273: Admin > manage orders > edit order > edit item quantity > attribute variants do not change inventory correctly when attribute template is added with inventory checked.
• 6278: Admin, utilities, buySAFE 2.0, installing buySAFE from the utilities screen causes the page to refresh incorrectly.
• 6279: Admin, store settings, delete store, deleting a store that has buySAFE installed, causes runtime errors.
• 6280: Images exported out of templates are saved in dynamic 0000000X folders, but the templates are exported statically
• 6285: User_Update: You can turn off Administrator privileges, but you cannot turn them on
• 6286: Database functions containing MvOPENVIEW or MvQUERY should have ERROROUTPUTLEVEL = ""
• 6288: Payment modules with drop-down selects for expiration year should be extended to 25 years in the future
• 6292: admin: SQL Injection on Store_Table_Prefix
• 6293: UPS: "Update Tables" button appears without modify shipping privilege, generates fatal error when pressed
• 6295: Action_StoreModules_Update does not allow add or remove of modules without modify privilege
• 6297: prodexp: Exporting products in a category terminates early when recycles are required
• 6300: look up, Look up list does not display correctly in webkit browsers.
• 6302: Admin, search field is not right justified in webkit browsers.
• 6303: Admin, products, edit product, attributes, add attribute, Image and Type columns are right justified.
• 6304: Low level file upload code does not properly validate permissions
• 6306: Admin, pages, PLST, Header and Footer (hdft), text boxes display small when viewed with a webkit browser.

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