pr8-beta-3 Miva Merchant 5.5 PR8 Beta 3 release notes
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Jen Ferraz on 26 April 2011 08:01 AM
Bugs Fixed:
  • 5660: Affiliate URL includes session id of logged in affiliate
  • 5970: MMUI default_fw needs to be updated
  • 5971: CSSUI cssui_default_fw needs to be updated
  • 5972: MMUI css_fw needs to be updated
  • 6039: Manage Orders: Batch reports should prompt for order passphrases
  • 6066: Swatch template attributes are broken
  • 6074: ImageMachine throws JavaScript errors when element IDs are not found
  • 6075: Template Based Order Email Name field displays HTML code
  • 6087: MMUI: Applying css_fw then default_fw leaves several buttons with css_fw images
  • 6094: attributemachine: MMUI-Specific CSS code should be in the HEAD tag template
  • 6099: Multiple Image Dialog buttons are smaller than the rest of the UI
  • 6137: Domain , does not allow a value of 0
  • 6138: Image_ResizeIntoBoundingBox_gdImage does not support libgd versions less than 2.0
  • 6139: CSSUI: ToggleDetails.js relies on AddEvent, which is now in ajax.js
  • 6141: Batch Image Assign Upload Single invalid file type cannot exit Pop-up Window
  • 6142: Batch Image Assign pressing Enter allows Multiple Uploads of Image(s)
  • 6143: Batch Image Assign Unable to Mouse Select auto-complete drop-down
  • 6145: MySQL: Setting runtime pagination settings to "Do Not Paginate" results in exactly 1 item being displayed
  • 6146: We need a way to suppress the DOCTYPE and HTML tags when running batch reports
  • 6147: Errors when running reports are not properly handled and displayed
  • 6148: Date range calculation code goes into infinite loop when time_t overflows
  • 6149: Report_Add sets invalid date range with module that supports date range and no tag
  • 6151: Lookup dialogs don't work on import and report add/edit dialogs
  • 6152: Order Tab dialog does not properly resize in FireFox 3.0, 3.5, or 3.6
  • 6153: Modal Dialog displays that increase the scrollHeight of the page do not resize modal dimming frame
  • 6155: admin/ui.js: encodeentities() double encodes quotation marks
  • 6156: Single datapoint GD line charts are drawn as slopes
  • 6157: Edit Report: Best Sellers, Display says "Statistics"
  • 6158: 0-datapoint SVG line charts generate empty screen and JavaScript error
  • 6159: Sales Report: All Dates with no orders gives odd date range
  • 6160: Geographic Sales Report: No data results in empty popup window with no explanation
  • 6162: MMUI: Store Edit - Navigation Bar Tab and ORDS page - View Order Layout tab, "0" to "00" updates fail
  • 6164: Image upload dialogs show empty image preview for IE and Safari
  • 6166: AJAX dialogs: onenter behavior is not disabled with privileges
  • 6168: Manage Orders - Paste Encryption passphrase via Mouse, Continue button not enabled
  • 6169: problems updating paypal pages template to/from "0" to "00" and empty value
  • 6171: SVG Line Chart: 2 and 3 datapoint sets show vertical line at left edge of main chart and sparklines
  • 6174: JSON_Encode outputs encoded strings that violate the JSON standard
  • 6175: Address dialog's title bar is getting font-size:85% doubled in managed order screen
  • 6176: AJAX_Call should use JSON.parse() when it is available
  • 6177: XSS: Manage Orders and Manage Shipments display Customer fields unencoded
  • 6178: XSS: Order Details shows addresses unencoded
  • 6179: XSS: Additional XSS in AJAX dialogs
  • 6180: Image Machine does not call it's override function oninitialize when updating from a variant change
  • 6181: Invoice Basket Contents component does not load product images
  • 6182: Returned or RMA issued items are returned to inventory when an order is deleted
  • 6183: Order_Add with tag does not decrement product inventory
  • 6184: Product Image Custom Fields module is not properly clearing its cache variable
  • 6185: It is possible to double click on the New Order button and create two orders at once
  • 6188: New lines in Import messages get displayed as br tags
  • 6189: Cannot pass AJAX_Call_LowLevel a null content argument
  • 6190: Closeup Image missing when clicking thumbnail more than once
  • 6191: Closeup Image broken when thumbnails disabled
  • 6193: UTF-7 (and other character set) XSS issue in fatal errors
  • 6194: XSS: FileUpload_Form
  • 6196: CSSUI Product List: Default image size constraints are to large.
  • 6197: Affiliate Configuration Screen, Payouts Tab: items per page doesn't default to 1 when value is 0, or negative

Other Changes:
  • Miscellaneous small HTML cleanups in the administrative interface
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