Miva Merchant 5.5 PR8 Beta 2 (pr8-beta-2)
Posted by Wayne Smith, Last modified by Wayne Smith on 24 March 2011 05:46 PM
Miva Merchant 5.5 PR8 Beta 2 (pr8-beta-2)
      Note: These release notes are preliminary and subject to change

Bugs Fixed:

    * 5620: google checkout w/ CSSUI
    * 6059: User_Update assumes a missing Administrator sub-tag means turn the administrator privilege off
    * 6068: Affiliate_Add: Created affiliates always have an application status of "Pending"
    * 6071: MMUI Category: Errors when provisioning with multiple CatTree_Updates inside a single Module tag
    * 6072: buysafe: Non-fatal errors during install and uninstall on CSSUI
    * 6075: Template Based Order Email Name field displays HTML code
    * 6076: ProductImage update type provisioning function does not exist
    * 6078: Adding Page with invalid Template code produces a Fatal Error
    * 6087: MMUI: Applying css_fw then default_fw leaves several buttons with css_fw images
    * 6088: When generating bounded images, rectangular image constraints are not properly applied
    * 6089: Frameworks export images from page/component templates incorrectly
    * 6090: Product Batch Image Assign's autocomplete results aren't hiding correctly
    * 6091: Product_Add and Product_Update do not support SKU
    * 6092: templatebatchreports: Add Report dialog has "Add Email" title
    * 6093: Batch Image Assign dialog auto-complete remains open when field is tabbed off
    * 6094: attributemachine: MMUI-Specific CSS code should be in the HEAD tag template
    * 6095: reset stats link does not include the store code
    * 6096: ImageMachine needs its legacy fallback image setting set to full-sized by default
    * 6097: ImageMachine generates thumbnail images even if they are never displayed
    * 6098: Product Image Custom Fields module should use existing database functions
    * 6099: Multiple Image Dialog buttons are smaller than the rest of the UI
    * 6100: Add Image Type dialog should stay open after adding a type
    * 6103: Copyright Update on bottom of Main Screen
    * 6104: provisioningimport: "Unable to delete import file" error when running on Win32 systems
    * 6105: Images that GD cannot read get a width/height of -1, which causes constraint code to go haywire
    * 6106: Image-related components: Empty img src URLs cause 403 error responses from server
    * 6107: Runtime error in mm5/5.00/features/tui/tui_ut.mvc @ [00000034:00000114]: features/tui/ Line 1859: MvDO: Function 'GeneratedImage_Load_Bounding' is defined with 4 parameters and was called with 5
    * 6108: Image Type database functions fail to use DB_Compare_UPPER() when comparing codes
    * 6109: Race condition exists around Image_Insert
    * 6110: Image and Product Image insert functions should be centralized
    * 6111: File upload inputs should use the new ClearFileInputValue function to remove their values
    * 6112: Customer Passwords are trim'd in runtime but not in admin
    * 6114: Existing product image type displays needs to be updated when a new product image is assigned a type
    * 6115: Resized/generated images should maintain transparency and exact color palette
    * 6116: Add dialogs should implement the "Add +" button
    * 6117: Edit Image Type Dialog: button tabbing order is odd
    * 6118: Some images resize below the requested dimension, resulting in multiple sNN_GeneratedImage records
    * 6119: "Parser error:" when attempting to preview import in FireFox
    * 6120: Import modules should strip currency symbols from currency fields
    * 6121: imagemachine: Default settings for list screens results in broken closeup links
    * 6122: imagemachine: preload setting is not imported or exported with frameworks
    * 6123: Miva Submit Wizard Not Accepting Terms PopUp Dialog has " "
    * 6124: Runtime error during checkout: mm5/5.00/lib/util.mvc @ [0000007a:000001c4]: lib/ Line 3134: (in expression): Array index must be positive integer
    * 6125: Button "Add Image Type" needs to be displayed on the Edit Product > Additional Images tab
    * 6126: FireFox: Cannot upload images with spaces in their names
    * 6127: File upload drop zones need formatting changes
    * 6128: PR8 button improvements unintentionally removed delete confirmations
    * 6129: AJAX File Upload does not work in FireFox 4.0
    * 6130: Uploaded file extensions should be forced to lower case
    * 6131: Updated Links
    * 6132: cmp-mmui-prodlist: Closeup "close" link appears next to image in list mode
    * 6133: ImageMachine preloader doesn't do anything
    * 6134: ImageMachine closeup elements display with no image while loading

Other Changes:

    * New indexes and optimizations for multiple images to provide better performance with large amounts of data

Link to our community forums for PR8 ImageMachine Template Changes for CSSUI

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